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Does anyone have experience getting prescription safety glasses?

davepolaschek ,
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@rasterweb Not really. Just tell the optician what you need. There are different spec safety glasses, so knowing what kind of protection you want up front will be good. I don’t remember much other than I wanted impact protection, and didn’t need any other protection. I ended up with some polycarbonate lenses and titanium frames, because I could.

jpk ,
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@rasterweb I went with these, in black:
They're pretty basic, but more stylish than anything my local optometrist offered. While comfortable, I have found that while wearing them with my over-the-ear hearing protection for several hours straight, they cause some soreness behind my ears

tagesschau , German
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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Borrell fordert Stopp der Angriffe auf Rafah ++

Der EU-Außenbeauftragte Borrell hat Israel aufgefordert, die Angriffe auf Rafah zu stoppen. Spanien will dafür werben, dass alle EU-Staaten sich hinter das Urteil des UN-Gerichts in Den Haag zur Rafah-Offensive stellen. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-nahost-montag-142.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

N3r0 ,

@tagesschau aus Rafah wurden gestern Raketen abgefeuert Richtung tel Aviv .
Wo bleibt das Selbstverteidigungsrecht?

FrauZimt ,
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@tagesschau Aha, und setzt Spanien sich dann sich dafür ein das die Hamas die Angriffe auf Israel dauerhaft einstellt und alle Geiseln freilässt?

solene ,
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There must be a reason why IPv6 DNS entries are named AAAA


selea ,
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Thats the sound of people dealing with ipv6

scalzi ,
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The tech equivalent of "I thought that celebrity was already dead"


iju ,
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It was dead in spirit on the latest when mail.ru bought it.

As with livejournal.

bgrinter ,
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@scalzi @lisamelton long after we stopped using it I recall reading it was massive in Brazil and a few other countries and still the primary messenger used there

neurothing , Italian
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Hello, people!

For this , hosted by @HailsandAles , I want to retrieve a band that deserves more spotlight, IMHO.

I already gushed about Majesties' past year release. Before them, the founder has this band of melodic black/folk metal named Obsequiae, that gave us little pearls like this.

Less darkness and more epicness and magniloquence. Worth listen to it!

Obsequiae - Ceres In Emerald Streams

HauntedOwlbear ,
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@neurothing @HailsandAles

Fucking love Obsequiae

(who also get bonus points for not having any members with unaddressed sketchy side projects or dubious record label affiliations cough Véhémence cough)

hacks4pancakes ,
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The only catastrophe of this cross hemisphere trip so far is that I bought a $100 bottle of gin at ATLAS to bring home and the paper bag disintegrated in the rain and it shattered before I could even get in a cab. I guess I’m buying gin in Australia 🤷🏻‍♀️🍸😢

kcarruthers ,
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@hacks4pancakes ur gonna be so tired when you get to Sydney. Luckily we have lots of gin. 🍸

@Taco_lad @Unixbigot @daedalus

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36 minutes left to submit your lisp game jam entry! go go go!

(44 entries already, wow!)

mcc ,
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@cwebber Oh cripes oh geez 28 minutes um um

((lambda (x) (x x)) (lambda (x) (x x)))

Okay there's my game, it's called Infinity, it's uh,

It's an idle game

donkeyblam ,
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@mcc @cwebber '()

davidho ,
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Lamppost EV chargers are the answer to how you charge your vehicle in cities.

This is possible because when energy intensive street lamps were replaced by LEDs, there’s excess power for charging EVs.

All cities should do this. ⚡️

h/t Robert Llewllyn

Edjo ,
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@davidho @pluralistic and EV manufacturers should design charging port on curb side of car.

Looking at you Tesla

soviut ,
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@davidho Please do not drive your cars (EV or otherwise) into cities. It just causes congestion (often delaying transit), noise pollution and increases the number of fatalities to pedestrians. Use regional rail, take transit, and rent a bike.

jon ,
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Welcome to today's thread - South East Europe Day -01 27 May 2024 - Arrival of night ferry, Malmö C - Stockholm, onto night ferry

Crossing these borders:
Only sea borders

These borders on the borders map:

Today's routes on the routes map:

jon OP ,
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Malmö bike infrastructure. They’ve been learning a few things from that city across the Öresund 🙂

jon OP ,
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How to say you have enough passengers for a tram but not the political will to build one. Malmö

NDR , German
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Die Untersuchungen zur Ursache der Nord-Stream-Sprengungen wurden gestoppt.

Für die meisten Dänen kein Problem. Sie bewegt mehr der schlechte Zustand der Ostsee und das Ende der Bornholmer Fischerei.

Aber vielleicht hängt beides ein Stück weit zusammen.

👉📝▶️ https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/mecklenburg-vorpommern/Nord-Stream-Anschlaege-Deutschland-hat-Schwarzen-Peter,nordstream946.html?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2HIr-kGPYnCwFK87AqNjcqEZhHPWDl_ElzK0dR0qcx-oF0wG6gKHWUrB8_aem_ATyiIp8y5fJckysDKBsVWenQcyHvV4hluaA0Foqysrjuf5VsAlKi4xu3u95bHfewDNs2CmhrmTFh86n7lwZq77Re?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=NDR.de

VoordeMus ,
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Laut Elkjær hatte Russland kurz vor den Anschlägen sechs Schiffe im Seegebiet. Darunter das Spezialschiff "SS-750" - mit Mini-U-Boot an Bord und zwei moderne Mehrzweckschlepper, die in 70 bis 80 Metern Tiefe Operationen ausführen können, da sie mit Druckkammer und Bordkran ausgestattet sind. "Wenn ihr mich fragt, dann weiß ich, in welche Richtung der Pfeil zeigt", so Elkjær.

tagesschau , German
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Ukraine-Liveblog: ++ Baerbock: 60 Millionen Euro für humanitäre Hilfe ++

Die Bundesregierung stellt der Ukraine weitere 60 Millionen Euro an humanitärer Hilfe bereit. Präsident Selenskyj hat gefordert, Präventivschläge in Russland auch mit westlichen Waffen durchführen zu dürfen. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-ukraine-montag-372.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

katzengreis ,
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Schön wenn man Geld mit vollen Händen ausgeben kann, was einem nicht gehört....✌️🤔🤷‍♂️

GossiTheDog ,
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If Google starts responding to searches by telling people to install Linux, I will know they trained their AI from Mastodon.

d_olex ,
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DetersHenning ,
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@GossiTheDog if Google responds by suggesting you actually wanted to search for something else, then that's the smoking gun.

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AhnLab ASEC researchers investigate cases in which an attacker used SmallTiger against Korean domestic defence companies, as well as automobile parts & semiconductor manufacturing companies. https://asec.ahnlab.com/ko/65918/

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