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Twenty years ago today, demonstrators gathered in Miami, Florida to oppose the ministerial of the proposed "Free" Trade Area of the Americas. The brutal police response was unprecedented for that time. Nonetheless, the FTAA was ultimately defeated. Anarchists are the real opposition to capitalist globalization, not mendacious autocrats like Donald Trump.

Our report at the time:

The Miami Model, a documentary:

In 2003, the Chief of Police in Miami was John Timoney, a notorious bully who loved to do physical harm to protesters. He later helped the Kingdom of Bahrain suppress social movements. He died in 2016—not a moment too soon—and we got to write his obituary:

Police in Miami brutalizing demonstrators during the FTAA protests.
Armored mercenaries from the Miami police brandish batons as they reach a burning barricade in Miami during the FTAA protests.
A poster with an image of a mosquito reading "Free trade is a contradiction."

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