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Password-protected videos, video re-upload, storyboards, chapters...

We're proud and happy to present this year's work on v6!

Read and share widely:


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@peertube thank you very much. I love peertube

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@peertube I've read you removed WebTorrent. Does that mean that there isn't P2P anymore?

vampire_lord_red_fang , avatar

@peertube can you go more detail about the password protected video

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@vampire_lord_red_fang Yes: it is described in the blogpost!

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We need your help to ensure that (and all the actions of our not-for-profit) won't be funded solely by donations from the French speaking community!

We've got 5 weeks left to raise our 2024 budget: spread the word!


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  • Mehrad , avatar

    Why do you think only french speaking people donate to you? Here is a reason: because you take the money and then overload our mailboxes with french emails. I donated previously and everything was, and still is, in french. To the extent that even the URL you shared is in french! "" indtead of "".

    I genuinely am highly disappointed that my donation meant I will be exclusively sent emails only in french! This is bad PR from you.

    Mehrad , avatar

    French is a good language, sure, but don't ask for contributions in English and then from there after reply everything in French. In my book this is rude.

    Tbh, even beggars when they ask for money in English, they say "thank you" and not "merci" when they get donation (at least those that can remove their forehead from the pavement of Champs-Elysées).

    Imho, up your PR game. If you can write in Fediverse in English, you can also send emails in English.

    peertube OP , avatar


    Thanks for the agressive feedback.

    Our only English-first project is PeerTube. That's why if you subscribe to the PeerTube Newsletter, you'll receive it in English (with a French translation below):

    The Framasoft Newsletter is 4 to 6 emails/year. Is it fair to call it flooding?

    But the important think is: if you are not happy with who we are (we are not native in English, c'est la vie !) and what we do, it is important you stop giving us money!

    peertube OP , avatar


    To us, it is all about trust.

    You obviously don't trust us to reach your standards, and I (hi I'm Pouhiou) think that those standards are not adapted to Framasoft, meaning that I don't think we will earn your trust in the future (look at, it exists, an redirect to "soutenir", so it is not really what you'd expect).

    As a rule of thumb, we all should not donate to collectives we don't trust. And we should feel free (to trust, not trust, and be who we are).

    Mehrad , avatar

    I donate because I believe in your cause. But yes, I believe attitude toward non-french speaking donors is rude.

    How hard is it to translate those "4 to 6 emails/year" to English? How hard? Almost zero. You can send it to libretranslate, get the text, proof read it twice and you're done!

    peertube OP , avatar


    You have no idea how hard it is, and I should know: it's part of my job 😉

    Mehrad , avatar

    As you know (because it is part of you job), there is no excuse for bad PR. A good PR representative would have convey this opinion to the board to adjust policies, but hey, no expectations here 😉 Keep up the "good" work, but stop complaining why only french-speaking people participate in your campaigns.

    Just a funny remark:

    Just do it

    peertube OP , avatar

    In a perfect world with infinite money, time and energy that would be right.

    In our world, your uninformed remarks done without an ounce of empathy or without just asking how or why we proceed such way... will only have the effect of injonctions that would lead people to burnout.

    I understand you are a good person, with the good intention of giving good advice.

    But the way you deliver it can lead to the opposite, and that would be sad.

    ContentConsumer9999 ,

    @peertube Does your include anything that you don't post here? I'm interested to see how the instance grows but I'd prefer to keep all the news in my .

    peertube OP , avatar

    @ContentConsumer9999 @Mehrad

    We plan to develop both our PeerTube Newsletter and our mastodon account in order to promote the whole PeerTube ecosystem (so many instances, creators, contributions, side projects, etc... that are amazing and would deserve some spotlight.)

    We'll announce our plans for the future in a future blogpost, in 2 weeks ;).

    ContentConsumer9999 ,

    @peertube Blogpost? Can I see your blogposts here or are they hosted on a non-fediverse website?

    booteille , avatar

    @ContentConsumer9999 @peertube Hi!

    You can find it on or if you look for PeerTube specific related news, on

    peertube OP , avatar

    @booteille @ContentConsumer9999 That, and (obviously), we always toot several times our new blogposts 😉

    (Edit: and you can get the news on via RSS, newsletter, etc.)

    ContentConsumer9999 ,

    @booteille @peertube Thanks for the help! I'd love to watch the platform change and grow.

    Joris , avatar

    @peertube For some ironic reason, it redirected me to the French page instead of
    even though my browser sent 'accept-language: en-UK,en;q=0.5'

    peertube OP , avatar

    That's not normal, at the very least it should display you browser langage...

    Thanks, we'll look into it !

    Joris , avatar

    @peertube thanks, I soutenired!

    peertube OP , avatar


    That is so gentil, merci a lot ! ❤️

    Joris , avatar

    @peertube still a way to go in internationalisation

    peertube OP , avatar


    Looks like the default setting when you don't enter any contact info (or check the "anonymous donation" option).

    We left it a that as we don't need (nor want) to log infos on such donations.

    18+ Lamaskier , avatar

    @peertube I tried 3 different instances of peertube a few years ago. In favour to leave YouTube behind. But my videos disappeared within 24 hours from all 3 instances. I mean tried 1 disappeared went to the 2nd instance same thing. And same on the 3rd. How can I choose a good and reliable instance?

    18+ peertube OP , avatar


    it really depends on your content, how often you publish, if you do live-streams, etc.

    We have a tool that might help you find an instance here :

    But it is far from perfect, and lowering the step on finding one's instance is one of our future challenges.

    And a good rule with web hosting: thinking about trust (who would you trust to host your content, who would you trust as a "digital landlord"?), can help with finding the right one.

    astrojuanlu , avatar

    @peertube Most of @Framasoft sites are half translated or not translated at all, at the bottom of the support page there's a subscribe form for a French-only newsletter, and so on. Sure translation services exist, but these hints send the message that Frama caters first and foremost to the French-speaking community. Which is completely fine, but might explain the donations origin.

    Framasoft , avatar


    Yes, obviously, and we are fine with that, as most of our projects are limited to French speaking audiences by design (we don't know how to write a MOOC for non-profits in Hindi, nor how to moderate in German).

    Nor are we "reproaching" the lack of donations from the English speaking community (that would be... yuck).

    The consequence is that our one international project, @peertube, is mainly funded by Frenchies. We try to informe about it and change that 😉

    victorvicpal , avatar

    @Framasoft @astrojuanlu @peertube
    Ce serait cool aussi de pouvoir avoir une réduction d'impôt comme cela se fait pour les donateurs français mais au niveau européen. Je crois que @e_mydata ont essayé de faire quelque chose de similaire. Évidement, le donneur devrait s'en occuper, mais quelques conseils pourraient peut-être être donnés.

    D'ailleurs j'ai déjà fait une donation ( indépendamment de la réduction d'impôt) 😅

    Mehrad , avatar

    A newsletter or your website does not (and should not) contain legal technical text, nor they need moderation. I bet that is already crystal clear.

    What you said in response to @astrojuanlu is just beating around the bush for "naaah, we don't care about others and we only target french folks, and we will make that more obvious in future iterations 😉".

    Btw, have you heard of crowdsourcing translation? Regardless, read this:


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