w7voa ,
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

University of Pennsylvania president resigns. https://penntoday.upenn.edu/announcements/message-from-scott-bok

raiaren ,
@raiaren@universeodon.com avatar

@w7voa Good.

nilsskirnir ,
@nilsskirnir@kolektiva.social avatar

@w7voa Bok also resigned because of his disgust with the vileness expressed by members of Congress and some in the Jewish community.
We all know that countless people have called for the elimination of Palestinians and the proscription of Muslims, Hindus and others with no ill effect. Some were either President or powerful media members.

scentedmeat ,
@scentedmeat@norcal.social avatar

@w7voa @noondlyt To be replaced by someone who can defend the uni from assholes? Or by an asshole? Probably the latter. 😫

w7voa OP ,
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Gillybean ,


Stefanik has what she wanted.

TCatInReality ,
@TCatInReality@mastodon.social avatar

We are in a new McCarthyism when people are forced to resign after a single Congressional appearance because they ... Checks notes... Stood up for a nuanced approach to free speech.

noksucow ,
@noksucow@mstdn.social avatar

@w7voa the double standards are wild

CJPaloma ,
@CJPaloma@tooters.org avatar

@w7voa so a sociopath like Stefanik is taking moral high ground???

5 hours of being interrogated by corrupt, lying pieces of fascist grade school level assholes - who should not even be in charge of a box of crayons- relentlessly asking a bunch of stupid grade school level questions…eventually got adults -they already obviously consider enemies- to make missteps.

...I can easily imagine them high fiving each other, so proud they got a few gotcha answers. like corrupt pigs everywhere do.

donray ,
@donray@mastodon.online avatar

Gov. Shapiro was very quick to jump on Stefanik’s McCarthyism bandwagon.

w7voa OP ,
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

Update: Julie Platt, the vice chair of the Penn board of trustees, named interim chair. She is the board chair of the Jewish Federations of North America. https://penntoday.upenn.edu/announcements/message-penns-board-trustees-executive-committee

Madagascar_Sky ,
@Madagascar_Sky@mastodon.social avatar

@w7voa Mob frenzy claims another head.

pacanukeha ,
@pacanukeha@mstdn.ca avatar

@w7voa uh-huh

JustTooOdd ,
@JustTooOdd@lor.sh avatar

@w7voa Like many pendulum swings, this one is unnecessarily messy.

allynkhine ,

@w7voa Shapiro, wtf WERE you!?

cathyginter ,
@cathyginter@universeodon.com avatar

This was the inevitable result of going before the US Congress completely unprepared and out of touch with the pulse of the American people ~

Snowshadow ,
@Snowshadow@mastodon.social avatar

After yesterday's fiasco, I would hope so!

ChrisHolladay ,
@ChrisHolladay@mastodon.social avatar

Well ,it would have been a surprise if she lasted out the weekend 🤔
Israel f*cked up but still no need to call for genocide or anti semitism....Palestinians do have rights but not at the expense of others

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