mattblaze , avatar

Me: I do this thing this way. Other people do it different ways, sometimes quite well.

Mastodon: So you're saying those other people are doing it wrong? What makes you so special?

oblomov , avatar

@mattblaze “apparently, my reading comprehension capability”

viraptor , avatar

@mattblaze I wonder if there's space for some personalised message filter these days to auto-mute takes like that. Since good text classification is getting cheaper and easier for personal use... a new kind of spam filter?

mattblaze OP , avatar

The problem here - and it's on me to resist this - is that this online culture of trollish misinterpretation is pushing me to write overly defensively, to foreclose time-wasting claims that I'm saying something I never did.

It's good to be clear, but over-defensive writing reduces clarity. It sucks out life and nuance. And I try to stop myself from doing that.

cheesewz , avatar

@mattblaze I’ve reached a point where I just write what I want to and block all reply guys. I don’t have the time or energy to figure out if someone is acting in bad faith or if they are just stupid.

scubbo , avatar

@mattblaze I think of that as my Twitter voice. I'm trying to outgrow it in the same way as you.

obviousdwest , avatar

@mattblaze I try to trust my future self to be able to defend a poor interpretation of what I write today. Maybe there will be time to argue a nuance that day, or maybe not. But, yeah, I find myself filling in the “except if” section sometimes, then go back and delete it. What’s left is punchier. And doesn’t bore the audience. (We used to call that stuff “back up slides” when it was a presentation).

zakatak , avatar

@mattblaze let’s be honest, there’s a mastodon/fediverse problem too. @TechConnectify has referenced it recently as well, but there’s just a culture in this place that seems to pride itself on the behavior you’ve described. It reminds me of the internet I dialed into in the late 90’s looking for community, but my least favorable memories. I have no solution, but I do appreciate what you’re doing, especially the photography sharing.

CStamp , avatar

@mattblaze There are people who will "read between the lines," which means they will make stuff up to justify their own agenda. ;)

vlk , avatar

@mattblaze Not to mention it gives them ideas on how to quibble and cavil. Just do your thing, and damn the torpedoes.

copito , avatar

@mattblaze ChatGPT fixes this

[edit: above is a facetious joke based on the idea that some people think ChatGPT can be applied to any problem]

[edit: yes it it true that ChatGPT could be applied to the problem of making statements more defensive automatically]

[edit: yes ChatGPTs use a lot of energy and may infringe on rights]

edit: [ are ChatGPT]

drdrang , avatar

@mattblaze I write defensively in reports meant for litigation. It’s a skill I’ve made a living from, but it isn’t how I’d want to write anything personal.

zl2tod , avatar

Matt, please don't ascribe the actions of a very few to everyone on Mastodon.

mattblaze OP , avatar

@zl2tod Fuck off.

zl2tod , avatar

Ok, tread gently into mental illness.

shawnbrown , avatar

@mattblaze On a more serious note: Trolls and snarky drive-bys make me want to withdraw from interacting online. But I appreciate seeing the occasional post where you row upstream against the BS.

shawnbrown , avatar
DrGeof , avatar



Trolls deserve nothing else.

BernardSheppard , avatar

@mattblaze is it more that way now, or just the same?

Is Mastodon becoming entwittified?

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