georgetakei , avatar

Good for commuters, good for the planet!

Karl , avatar

@georgetakei Good. Now connect it to the airports.

Yoshi , avatar

@georgetakei The #1 value of this rail will be getting stupid, drunken, hungover, broke-ass tourists off the road between Las Vegas and SoCal.

grimm , avatar

@georgetakei just need $90 billion more

matthewclapham , avatar

Great to see the US investing in viable, modern rail systems. That does seem kind of slow, though. The Spanish AVE covers the 380 miles from Madrid to Barcelona in 2h30, for example. They might want to bring in some Spanish or French companies to help.
At that speed, high-speed rail becomes faster point to point than flying for distances of up to 500 miles or so, once you factor in travel time to/from out-of-town airport, security checks, etc.

lou , avatar

@georgetakei Follow the money. Gambling pays!

steinarb ,

@georgetakei Good for Californian gamblers also, maybe!

(Or... maybe not...?)

Hawkmoon , avatar


I think, once the US has one high-speed rail, the demand for more will come soon after.

dentednj , avatar

@georgetakei I wonder if this will be too expensive a ride for the average working man. Is this for the wealthy who want a luxury fast trip to Vegas to gamble with their spare thousands? I could think of many more uses for the 3B spent to assist Vegas Casinos.

HarveyEsq , avatar

"The Brightline West Project will receive $3B for a new 218-mile intercity passenger rail system between Las Vegas, & Rancho Cucamonga"

I hope Lost Wages is bankrolling this. They could make their money back in 6 years.

DenOfEarth , avatar
e_t_wright , avatar

@georgetakei And at least 30 years overdue.

dperkins , avatar

@georgetakei I guess it's good but then you would end up in Las Vegas, lol.

numbercrow , avatar

@georgetakei good for people who live in LA and want to gamble!

MarkBrigham , avatar


@nerd4cities had a really good video dissection of this project, and the travel options from LA to Las Vegas by plane, Brightline train, and automobile.

Upshot: Given how horrendously bad LA traffic and transit options are, it really depends what part of LA you're leaving from. If you live close to Rancho Cucamonga, great. If you're on other parts of LA, then getting to this new train will be an ordeal. LA needs to fix this shit.

sandhu , avatar

@georgetakei Now something I can get 100% behind. More of this than sending weapons everywhere.

gcblasing , avatar



teajaygrey , avatar

@georgetakei I concur!

Though I am already really concerned about how California has been completely flubbing the high speed rail that voters approved in 2008's "Proposition 1A (or the Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century)" so my optimism that $3 billion ear marked for something similar between CA and NV going smoothly, is awfully low.

The automotive/oil industry collusion seems really difficult for Muricans to overcome. ;(

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