marcelias , avatar

I'm sorry this pisses some people off, but it's true.

A vote for No Labels, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West or any other third-party candidate is effectively a vote for Trump. Not voting is as well.

stephengentle , avatar

@marcelias This is why y'all in the US need preferential (ranked choice) voting. You can then vote for who you want to, but if they're knocked out then your vote runs down your allocated preferences until you're voting for one of the final two contenders.

It actually gives other parties or independents a chance to be elected, because you don't have this exact problem where you need to directly vote for a bad candidate to try and stop an even worse candidate getting in.

not2b , avatar

@marcelias I am voting for Biden or whoever the Democrat is, because Trump must be defeated. But I am deeply, deeply distressed that the US is backing Netanyahu's slaughter and blocking any efforts to stop it. The leader of the brutal, heinous October 7 attack had his whole family killed by the Israelis in 2014, which probably contributed to how monstrous that attack was, and the current obliteration of Gaza will not make Israel more secure, because every survivor will be sworn to revenge. It must stop. If Biden persists, he may find that people of conscience refuse to vote for him. It has to stop.

ZillaMon , avatar

@marcelias Biden will lose and he has only himself to blame.

tadbithuman ,


So what are you/Biden trying to do to prevent people from staying home or voting for someone other than Biden? I appreciate all you do in the courthouses, but that's still leaving the disillusioned, disheartened, disaffected and discouraged voters at home.

I can be harsher/more real about why Biden's demotivating right now but I don't want to do that because I agree it will hurt.

Qbitzerre , avatar

@marcelias A vote against someone is a wasted vote. I'm sorry if some people are too stupid to understand how their promotion of mass capitulation destroys democracy and our planet. But it's true.

libramoon , avatar

discussing possible options long before the Conventions or even Primaries, including the possibility of Biden not running and other Democrats we might want is not a vote for Trump but the exercise of democracy

JakeQuokkaMCM , avatar

@marcelias Biden has made a real world class old school Biden misjudgment with Gaza. Notice that Trump is saying nothing about the situation, he's letting Biden sink in is own shit on this one. Unless he wakes up to this he and the rest of us are utterly fucked.

gmsizemore ,

@marcelias That is correct. However, the other side of that equation is that to vote at all is to perpetuate a system designed to keep most in economic slavery. You shouldn't say one side without the other. My solution was to not vote until there was a short-term compelling reason; 2020 and forward unless the Christo-fascists win completely. Or we return to the old Dem/Rep oligarchy.

thanksmurph , avatar

@marcelias Nah. People can vote for whomever they like. If Trump wins because you political activists couldn't resist the temptation to play these manipulative games, then you'll have the president you deserve.

cwwilkie , avatar

@marcelias It pisses me off only because it's been repeatedly proven wrong, and you persist in promoting it.

Geoffberner , avatar

@marcelias it's amazing how many people believe this without any evidence. Let's see some evidence that fringe weirdo voters are potential Biden voters? All these "sorry to be so pragmatic" nodding wisely people. But no evidence. Just that classic "It just makes sense". No, it doesn't. Stop obsessing about this tiny percentage of voters. My evidence says that the better a lefty weirdo like the Green Party does in a state, the more likely the Dems are to win it. Where's yours?

Iarcini , avatar

@marcelias a vote for Biden is an endorsement of the genocide in Gaza

janxdevil , avatar

@marcelias I’m also sorry if this pissed some people off, but any vote in San Francisco (or anywhere else in California for that matter) that goes to any of those candidates, and is therefore a vote for Trump, will not make a single ounce of difference in the selection of California’s delegation to the Electoral College, so maybe vote-shaming people here is a waste of breath.

firecat , avatar

@marcelias it’s not a voting problem, Biden is not giving young Americans a reason to vote for him, the debt college thing is for older voters. He has double standards on climate policy, bad governance on middle east, zero interest in Asia, zero support from LATM group, his select for vice president doesn’t do much and loses votes on males, etc.

Biden is just badly flawed and should be knowledge. Not defending him for his almost winning election reason.

Hunter , avatar

@marcelias I think the debate over that question a distraction from the real issue - like it or not, the truth is unless something changes many young people, Arab Americans, and others are intending not to vote or vote third party. Debating whether that is a vote for Trump isn’t going to help turn out the vote. Sure it will give the party/Biden people to blame if Trump wins. But it is unproductive in terms of trying to increase turnout and win an election.

saltpepperketchup , avatar

@marcelias Biden lost me when he supported killing Arabs. If you support that then go ahead. My state is in the Democratic bag so I will be doing something more productive on that day.

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