hacks4pancakes ,
@hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

If you ever get sick or injured, the place to do it is at a single 40-50 something American hacker’s house, because if you think moms are stocked for disasters just wait for the guerrilla medicine we are ready to do on ourselves when there’s nobody to help or drive us, and also nobody to tell us to not hold our beer and watch the homemade stitches, or use the three year old stockpiled medication.

ellie ,
@ellie@ellieayla.net avatar

@hacks4pancakes If international travel to the US is difficult, the 40-something backcountry camping lesbian canadian hacker aunties are also a great choice, eh.

(We tend to rotate through our first aid kit supplies on minor injuries so the FAK / crash bag stays fresh.)

Readsalot ,
@Readsalot@sphere.fx4.net avatar

@hacks4pancakes I’m in Earthquake country. Everyone has that crate of supplies & water in the utility room. (& meds don’t expire as fast as the bottle says, tho they may be less effective)

NorwayJose ,
@NorwayJose@geekdom.social avatar

@hacks4pancakes It may not need to be at the hacker's house. I've got first aid kits in all our vehicles (as well as a few essential tools).

JHudson ,
@JHudson@infosec.exchange avatar

@hacks4pancakes Well, since you put it that way...

t60n3 ,
@t60n3@mastodon.social avatar

@hacks4pancakes Folx from that age group all spent years without health insurance at some (or multiple) point in their lives. And took care of friends who didn't have it either.

birdpoof ,
@birdpoof@universeodon.com avatar


About the drug expiration thing--3 years is fiiiine 😂


hacks4pancakes OP ,
@hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

@birdpoof I think it’s more about self prescription

birdpoof ,
@birdpoof@universeodon.com avatar


Ah, fair. 🤔 Well, as long as it's stored well and people read the labels and understand side effects and allergies and drug interactions, should be fine! 😁

dymaxion ,
@dymaxion@infosec.exchange avatar

Then again, an ambulance ride is like €25 here, so this is just for emergencies

dymaxion ,
@dymaxion@infosec.exchange avatar

Just the basics in the house med kit here. (And again in the car, and again in the hiking kit that gets added to the trauma kit in the go bag...)

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  • masek ,
    @masek@infosec.exchange avatar

    @hacks4pancakes … usually with an expiration date that is 10+ years in the past.

    Just weeks ago I ditched some meds I bought during my time as army conscript (1985/86).

    The usual “still looks good” wasn’t really credible any more 😀

    eludom ,
    @eludom@fosstodon.org avatar

    @hacks4pancakes 60+ hacker and Appalachian Trail long distance hiker here. You haven't seen anything until you've seen the wonders duct tape can do to bleeding feet.

    neurovagrant ,
    @neurovagrant@masto.deoan.org avatar

    @hacks4pancakes i feel seen.

    starchild ,
    @starchild@meo.ws avatar

    @hacks4pancakes as a nearly 40 year old I feel both seen and attacked by this post xD.

    hacks4pancakes OP ,
    @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

    @starchild I drink and I know things

    SETIEric ,
    @SETIEric@qoto.org avatar

    @hacks4pancakes You should see my earthquake kit. If I could fit a complete operating room in 3x3x5 case, I'd do it.

    that_ac ,
    @that_ac@hachyderm.io avatar


    stitches, we don't have time for stitches... hand me that super glue

    alpenglow ,
    @alpenglow@mstdn.social avatar

    @hacks4pancakes and we have the best booze to get you through it

    continuity0 ,
    @continuity0@mastodon.social avatar

    @hacks4pancakes I fall well within the latter half of that age range and I pride myself on being the household nurse. I will always provide first aid care to anyone in the moment. I've had training in basic first aid and CPR (though it's been a while). But being able to be calm and able to execute and explain a process when someone sustains a minor injury that is more serious to them or just unfamiliar is invaluable.

    MobiusBlack ,
    @MobiusBlack@kolektiva.social avatar



    I'm on a prednisone taper right now because I got a bad sinus infection and the soonest ENT appointment is in early Feb. I tried urgent care but they wouldn't give me the real stuff, said I had to see a specialist so I'm using it from my kit. And I drank some Blue Moons with dinner since there's no specific contraindication. I'm not a hacker though?

    hacks4pancakes OP ,
    @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

    @MobiusBlack I mean I think at some stage we count as biohackers

    hacks4pancakes OP ,
    @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

    I am assuming 60+ year old hackers have more self preservation

    djf ,
    @djf@hachyderm.io avatar

    @hacks4pancakes hope you’re ok!

    hacks4pancakes OP ,
    @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

    @djf it’s kind of a perpetual state

    simonzerafa ,
    @simonzerafa@infosec.exchange avatar


    It's called being prepared! 😉🤷‍♂️

    Now which MRE meal do you want for breakfast? 🤣

    tjbutt58 ,
    @tjbutt58@infosec.exchange avatar

    @hacks4pancakes by the time we hit 60, Darwin has had a say. 😊

    SiliconFarmer ,
    @SiliconFarmer@mastodon.social avatar

    60+ hackers have the healed scars and bones that now ache as reminders to be a little more careful, hopefully the learned wisdom to get fewer going forward, and stockpiles that we started during the Cold War.

    simplenomad ,
    @simplenomad@rigor-mortis.nmrc.org avatar

    @hacks4pancakes Absolutely. Meds, first aid, MREs, solar panels, house batteries, EMP-hardened gear, and more - ready for major storms, grid outages, minor scrapes, major injuries, and dozens upon dozens of interesting entertainment scenarios.

    adb ,
    @adb@infosec.exchange avatar

    @hacks4pancakes By 60 we realize we are mortal and on the downslope, and have shed the assumption of immortality that led us into adventure in our younger years.

    HoffmanLabs ,
    @HoffmanLabs@infosec.exchange avatar

    @hacks4pancakes Quoting a Canadian sage: “You know you’ve reached middle age when the overriding consideration in any activity is comfort” — Red Green

    hacks4pancakes OP ,
    @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange avatar

    @HoffmanLabs I’m not sure home stitches are particularly comfortable

    HoffmanLabs ,
    @HoffmanLabs@infosec.exchange avatar

    @hacks4pancakes I’d expect not.

    Apropos of nothing:


    EMS providers have had various discussions with the docs about that over the years, too.

    I’d expect yet more discussions occurring among backcountry EMS providers.

    My preference for this (for most cases) was flushing and Tegaderm, as I could see what was going on with the wound without disturbing it, and transport times that were usually short enough. That stayed inside protocols, too.

    Some docs are willing to work with folks that are in special circumstances such as backcountry or some international travel, too.

    I trained several times with military medical folks. Folks that were both spectacularly good, and, um, a little bit crazy. The PJs had a contest to see who could get the lowest SpO₂ meter reading. Didn’t know the meters could read that low.

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