dansup ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

Over 100 people signed up for the @loops Android Beta!

https://loops.video is a federated TikTok I'm building, the beta is nearly ready for users.

Invites will be rolling out later this week!

Tealk ,
@Tealk@rollenspiel.social avatar

@dansup what exactly does tiktok do that mastodon or pixelfed can't?

dapurplesharpie ,
@dapurplesharpie@mastodon.social avatar

@dansup @loops i want in this beta SO BAD ;-;

mudboot ,
@mudboot@beige.party avatar

@dansup @loops Ooooo yes please

boreal7 ,
@boreal7@mastodon.social avatar

@dansup @loops why would you create a tiktok clone? The tiktok format is horrible for everyone involved.

fasnix ,
@fasnix@dresden.network avatar

What I'd love @loops to make possible (in a later version) is the possibility to take the video of another person and combine it with your own.

That way, on tiktok, people collaborate(d) in creating music videos together (remember the Wellerman Shanty, some years ago?).

I love this kind of :)

Thanks for your great work <3

dansup OP ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

@fasnix @loops We have that feature planned, it’s called Duets!

fasnix ,
@fasnix@dresden.network avatar

Way cool!! :))

cubeofcheese ,
@cubeofcheese@mstdn.social avatar

@dansup @loops hey I think I put my email down wrong when I filled out the form to beta test. I'm not sure if I got my response in early enough to join the beta but if so can I give you the correct email?

Ertain ,
@Ertain@mast.linuxgamecast.com avatar

Sounds good, @dansup

sb ,
@sb@fed.sbcloud.cc avatar

@dansup @loops

You are a force, my friend! Congrats on the new service!

Satya8806 ,
@Satya8806@fosstodon.org avatar

@dansup @loops how can I sign up !!?

jessienab ,
@jessienab@wetdry.world avatar

@dansup @loops i am down for the open beta!!

liammcbride ,
@liammcbride@mastodon.social avatar

@dansup @loops cannot wait to try this out!

retiolus ,
@retiolus@mamot.fr avatar

@dansup @loops how did they sign up if invites have not rolled out yet? 😭

dansup OP ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

@retiolus @loops Via a Cryptpad form

retiolus ,
@retiolus@mamot.fr avatar

@dansup @loops i did miss that

samxavia ,
@samxavia@lethallava.land avatar

@dansup @loops Is it an open Android BETA? or just a closed one?

dansup OP ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

@samxavia @loops Closed

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