foone , avatar

when I finally build my Workbench Keyboard, one of the weirder options I'm going to add is a way to paste pre-loaded text files from the onboard storage.

like you could have texts\serials\windows\win10.txt and you navigate to the that file and hit paste and it just types out the FCKGW- nonsense for you

JacGoudsmit , avatar

@foone So basically a virtual paper tape reader (and punch, I presume)?

PeterKratz , avatar

@foone Why not print them out as barcodes and use a barcode-reader (one of those keyboard emulating ones) to just beep them in?

hakfoo , avatar

@foone I tried loading the Navy Seals copypasta as a macro when testing out some custom firmware. It worked, but it lagged the system for like 20 seconds to type the whole thing out one emulated keystroke at a time. A 25 character license key is viable though.

mdwyer , avatar

I keep itching to create a keyboard macro containing my passphrase or my credit card number, and it is getting harder and harder to ignore that itch, even when I know that's an absolutely terrible idea.

Pyxaron , avatar

@foone Barcode scanners in "keyboard wedge" or HID mode are perfect for that, i've been abusing that option for years.

acsawdey , avatar

@foone USB keyboard that also shows up as a data storage device so you can put a config file with that sort of thing in it, then a 1-line display on the keyboard so you can navigate and dump?

foone OP , avatar

@acsawdey basically yeah

corsac , avatar
shanecelis , avatar

@foone Dang. I need to do this for some troublesome passwords. I feel a QMK patch coming on.

ralfmaximus , avatar


Right next to the Bee Movie Script macro?

foone OP , avatar

@ralfmaximus well obviously

immibis ,

@foone you could have a windows license key

foone OP , avatar

@immibis exactly! finally a use for that silly "windows" key

foone OP , avatar


foone OP , avatar

it would have been really handy back when I worked at that pc repair shop.
I had to memorize the win98 and XP volume license keys we used

calumn , avatar

@foone Puts the CD in the drive, immediately forgets what's written on the disk

MishaVanMollusq , avatar

@foone what?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

BenCurranDev , avatar

@foone for a long time I had both the Win95b and Win98 OEM keys memorised. All I can remember now is the Win95 one started with 13095 and a bunch of zeros

solemnwarning , avatar

@foone I still have the FCKGW key memorised.

Variaxocellus , avatar

@foone Okay I'm not an expert but wouldn't it be faster and easier to install Windows 20 once?

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