GottaLaff , avatar

👀”’s political operation said Thursday that it plans to deploy more than 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across battleground states to monitor — and potentially challenge — vote counting in November.”

chriswho , avatar

@GottaLaff I feel like it's more "Proud Boy I hope that ballot doesn't have a democrat on it" volunteers than "I have a law degree and am working for ethics" volunteers.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@chriswho Agree

tiamat271 , avatar

@GottaLaff This is completely my own speculation, and I may be feeling overly optimistic with liquid courage, but I have a feeling that trump’s monitors will be confronted by an even bigger group of pro-democracy monitors. And as we’ve seen from his trials, where literally TENS of people showed up in support, I think his turnout will be less than expected!

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@tiamat271 Maybe, but he’s aiming to gum up the results with legal challenges.

Barbramon1 , avatar

@GottaLaff Doubt trump can muster those numbers, but there will probably be an unusual number of challenges this November.
Be ready.

pokypinkdog , avatar

@GottaLaff 100,000 attorneys?? 🤨

poe1178 , avatar

@GottaLaff Do they have the funding for that? 🤣

bartvdpoel , avatar

@GottaLaff "Trump attorneys". I would be vigilant but not too worried.

gigglehurtz , avatar

@GottaLaff So, they think they're going to lose.

jhlibby , avatar

@GottaLaff How many of those attorneys know they'll be pro bono?

hannahshouse2 , avatar

Honestly, i'm much more concerned about the "volunteers" than the attorneys. That's an invite to every magat nut job in the country to stalk a polling place

Aviva_Gary , avatar

@GottaLaff 👀

cynblogger , avatar

But of course! Why should We the People get to fairly elect the candidate we voted for? Is this, after all, not Amerussia now?

monorailtimes , avatar

@GottaLaff lol, are they meeting at every Four Seasons Landscaping? It’s hard to take these people seriously anymore, done being scared by their dumb shit.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@monorailtimes Take it seriously. They can gum things up.

Osteopenia_Powers , avatar

@GottaLaff @monorailtimes
Trump appointed judges likely to grant injunctions! 😟

maddad , avatar


I don't think so....
Every lawyer in the country knows his financial situation and reputation for paying his bills ..
😂 😂 😂
If he's lucky, he might find 1

TheNovemberMan , avatar
Sablebadger , avatar

@GottaLaff Those lawyers know they are not gonna get paid, right?

TCatInReality , avatar

So, that will be 10-15,000 because everything they say is "truthful hyperbole"

skydog , avatar


That's 2000 lawyers by state.

PlasmaBeast ,

@GottaLaff The puppet man continues to try to win a battle that he doesn't need to win nor can he.

Even if he wins for a time, death will inevitably strike besides the point that he is 70+ years old and will likely be done in the future. I am still confused as to how someone who doesn't exercise AND eats lots of trash hasn't keeled over especially with his intense rage. I don't even know how he functions at all with all the above without being bedridden. Let us hope democracy prevails soon, :)

Eddiethebulldog ,

@GottaLaff hahahahahahaha ... they can't afford 100.

Pourroy , avatar

@GottaLaff I hope the dems are prepared with their own army of attorneys to counter.

darwinwoodka , avatar

@Pourroy @GottaLaff we've got @democracydocket

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@darwinwoodka @Pourroy (Marc Elias)

helderweb , avatar


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