rbreich ,
@rbreich@masto.ai avatar

The world's billionaires now hold a combined $14.2 trillion in assets.

That exceeds the GDP of every country in the world except the US and China.

And we’re supposed to believe the ultra-wealthy can’t afford a wealth tax?

CatDragon ,
@CatDragon@mastodon.world avatar

@rbreich you don’t get it. The billionaires are a country.

QueerInTheCountry ,
@QueerInTheCountry@mas.to avatar

@rbreich Why aren't you running for president?

98Percent ,
@98Percent@mastodon.nz avatar

@rbreich That's never going to happen while the world is run by and for those same billionaires. Have you ever noticed how oligarchy transcends political, national and religious boundaries with apparent ease? That makes it obvious who actually governs the world, and by the results, it's also obvious who the world is run for.

dvodvo ,

The only reason to accumulate such wealth is exactly that: to have power over everyone underneath it.

There is no way they - or their grandchildren - can consume all that.

Higher taxes is actually a kind way to address this matter.

Blinxeto ,
@Blinxeto@mastodon.social avatar


In 1792 the ultrawealthy in French also could NOT afford a wealth tax…


tadbithuman ,


Eat the predators!

tankgrrl ,
@tankgrrl@hachyderm.io avatar

@rbreich They should be paying us! Oh, wait, that's taxes!

gumpfloyd ,
@gumpfloyd@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich Greed has corrupted humanity and Man's world to its core.

enmodo ,
@enmodo@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich the crazy thing is if you took all of their money, doubled it, and you still wouldn't have enough to pay off America's public debt.

MyView ,
@MyView@aus.social avatar


What annoys me most about them is the fact they make so much money off the backs off those they consider lesser mortals ... and use the same infrastructure that they don't contribute to ...

Auxonic ,
@Auxonic@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich and we could « invade » them and reclaim that wealth for basically zero cost plus casualties measured in a day’s road deaths for the US.

skydog ,
@skydog@sfba.social avatar


The time is closing on taxing them.

Soon the time will come to take it from them.

PeachMcD ,
@PeachMcD@union.place avatar

@rbreich I really hate looking at ticks. It really cost me, psychically, to find that image. Sorry I can't fix it, but I think y'all have the idea

PeachMcD ,
@PeachMcD@union.place avatar


I want to normalize/popularize connecting with an image of a bloated

If can compare minority groups to , so can I

There's not really very many of those ticks, but they're sucking the blood out of our Body Politick
Out of our
Out of our
So many needed resources, hoarded for what?

Starbrother ,
@Starbrother@universeodon.com avatar

@rbreich The craziest thing is that they will still be wealthy. We are chattel and cattle to them.

TheNovemberMan ,
@TheNovemberMan@bookstodon.com avatar

@rbreich 👍💯👍

JorgeStolfi ,
@JorgeStolfi@mas.to avatar


Property is power.
The billionaires are the Medieval feudal lords, just rebranded.

timo21 ,
@timo21@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@rbreich The billionaires have enough money to make their own world government

helderweb ,
@helderweb@mastodon.social avatar


When it comes to the rich...

They will never have enough money. Their greed can never be satisfied.

LadyLiberty5591 ,
@LadyLiberty5591@mstdn.party avatar

@rbreich yeah fucking bullshit!!

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