christianselig , avatar

When you can’t find your Nintendo DS charger and Amazon won’t deliver until Sunday 🥲

AppleJuiceNerd , avatar

@christianselig I've been in this exact situation, but because I don't have nearly the same electrical knowledge as you do, I was stuck with no 3DS for a few weeks.

giuseppe , avatar

@christianselig amazing…

NeoNacho , avatar

@christianselig Delta fixes this, cc @rileytestut

christianselig OP , avatar

@NeoNacho @rileytestut Haha it does, and it made me want to play my DS games again

command_tab , avatar
MuseumShuffle , avatar

@christianselig Christian what on earth.

iryan , avatar

@christianselig did you plug in into a big ass external battery rather than a wall socket for... safety?

christianselig OP , avatar

@iryan So I could easily monitor the output with a screen 😛

rrigby , avatar

@christianselig @iryan 😂😂😂 and detect a possible short, in case the smouldering didn’t give it a way 🫣😅

skobkin , avatar

Those four sockets are really surprised by your solution.

_IanOfEarth , avatar

@christianselig my brother in christ

nileane , avatar
bleakfuture , avatar

@christianselig This is an impressive solution.

ismh , avatar

@christianselig Is... is that scotch tape

christianselig OP , avatar

@ismh Yeah so I can see the electricity duh

ismh , avatar
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