GottaLaff , avatar

'Night all. Having no Internet all day, fighting with all the Big Corps. involved with fixing (they didn't), and resetting stuff, I'm so over today.

But at least it's back, and ready for Monday's big doin's.

News will break. I will post.

tinkb333 , avatar

@GottaLaff thank you for yesterday's threads in the midst of your internet woes.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@tinkb333 YVW. What an exasperating day.

cookiesinheaven , avatar

@GottaLaff thank you for all your work. Appreciated. ♥️

GottaLaff OP , avatar
lednaBM , avatar

@GottaLaff As always and in spite of the difficulty, you performed admirably. Thank you for your service!

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@lednaBM Many thanks!

nycCatHerder , avatar

@GottaLaff Night! Sometimes a day without Internet is a blessing. Take advantage when you can.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@nycCatHerder I have to disagree. This was a Trump trial day!

nycCatHerder , avatar

@GottaLaff Good point. It was a big news day especially with the guy that lit himself ablaze. Crazy times.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@nycCatHerder Yeah, that was horrific.

cherold , avatar

@GottaLaff Impressed you kept feeding us the scoop with all the goings on. Thanks!

By the way, you always say when you're posting news, "if you comment, say NFL." Have you considered making people (who are bad at following instructions and forget things they mean to do, including me) instead have to specifically say they want to speak to you with a signifier like "YFL?" Then you could just ignore the rest.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@cherold Some do that. I didn’t make it up though, some thoughtful followers did. So it stuck.

bronakins , avatar


Thanks for all you do — and today you did a GREAT job under impossible circumstances’
KUDOS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🏆🏆🏆🎖️🥇🏅

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@bronakins ❤️

patcanfield ,

@GottaLaff Such a bitch being left with nothing but--maybe a window?

imcosta1 , avatar

@GottaLaff Have a good weekend! Next week is going to be interesting, to say the least!

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@imcosta1 And I’ll miss some of it! Got stuff to do.

tiamat271 , avatar

@GottaLaff Appreciate you today! I know it was tough

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@tiamat271 Thank you! it was hell

cynblogger , avatar

@GottaLaff 👏👏👏🌸❤️

CarlataOld , avatar


Have a good evening.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@CarlataOld ❤️

lillyfinch , avatar

@GottaLaff have a relaxing turned off weekend. Thanks again for all you do.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@lillyfinch ❤️

rlstone4dems , avatar

@GottaLaff Good night Laffy. And thanks again for keeping us up to date with the TFG trial.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@rlstone4dems ❤️

Callalily , avatar

You've had quite a day. Relax & enjoy your weekend. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

GottaLaff OP , avatar
noondlyt , avatar

@GottaLaff I hope your weekend is better🌞

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@noondlyt You and me both!

numbercrow , avatar

@GottaLaff I think you mentioned Frontier earlier in the day. Looks like they have shut down a lot of service in the past few days due to a cyber attack.

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@numbercrow Yeah, I’d posted that. This was a WiFi issue, not part of that, from what we could tell.

mastodonmigration , avatar


You are the best Laffy! So impressed that you soldiered on despite the hardship conditions! Most would have given up in frustration. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude for today and everyday!

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@mastodonmigration There’s a hole in my wall from banging my head on it.

Grant_M , avatar

@GottaLaff I missed a big day today by the sounds of it! Trump was pooped and he also pooped? :)

Rest well and see you on the weekend!

Robb_Munson ,

@GottaLaff night laffy, glad it's all fixed.

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