dangillmor ,
@dangillmor@mastodon.social avatar

A vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a vote for Trump. It truly is as simple as that.

Don't let anyone gaslight you on this.

TomSwirly ,
@TomSwirly@toot.community avatar


I'm a mathematician who has studied voting systems.

Your claim is absolutely false and you don't need a math degree to see it. Try it with poker chips!

Every single election for decades now this obviously false claim is made, and only by Democrats.

Lying to the populace in order to cause fear is what Republicans do. It's embarrassing when Democrats do it. Please desist.

TotalSonic ,
@TotalSonic@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor - I think RFK Jr. is a terrible candidate myself, but this post makes a false assumption that everyone that might vote for him would choose Biden if RFK Jr. wasn't on their ballot - whereas the reality is some percentage of them (perhaps even the majority) would vote for Trump, another 3rd party or independent candidate, or not vote at all. In fact some analyses of the crowd that RFK Jr. is attracting have come to the conclusion that he pulls from potential Trump voters a tiny more.

franktaber ,
@franktaber@mas.to avatar

@dangillmor I would put it differently. A vote for is a vote for someone who actively seeks neo nazi support for his causes and also supports far right authoritarianism around the world including supporting the far right in Israel and Germany. Not to mention his antivax crap.

Tegas ,

@dangillmor I always chuckle at post like this because the math is clearly wrong.

At most it's a half vote for Trump. 😆

Jwharrison ,
@Jwharrison@universeodon.com avatar

@dangillmor A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. Democrats keep deluding themselves that their losses were due to 3rd party candidates, rather than voter suppression, mediocre candidates, and failing to address core voter concerns.

OccuWorld ,
@OccuWorld@syzito.xyz avatar

@dangillmor remember kids, a vote for representatives is a vote for opulent class control. that’s the way it is.

until Direct Democracy. start now, no permission necessary.

justsusan ,
@justsusan@sfba.social avatar

@dangillmor I don’t know. I think someone who would vote for Kennedy would vote for trump over Biden anyways so that actually helps Biden.

Sonikku ,
@Sonikku@techhub.social avatar
frog_reborn ,
@frog_reborn@mstdn.social avatar


Do we know what people are inclined to maybe vote for RFK? Because to me it seems like he's pandering to a base that has much more in common with the average Trump voter than the average Democrat voter.

So in those cases, where one might vote either Trump or RFK, a vote for the latter would actually be a vote against Trump.

JKirkpatrick ,
@JKirkpatrick@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor Someone tooted , What does RFK stand for? ,Wrong answers only, and I thought of : Reckless, Feckless, Kook. Not sure if that was a wrong answer.

zaron5551 ,
@zaron5551@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor depends what state you live in and how it allocates electoral college votes. No matter who I vote for in Oregon it's a vote for Biden.

@GGMcBG@mstdn.plus avatar


Junior Bob is the human equivalent of JUST the yell that Howard Dean made. Nothing else of the man, just the yell.

Npars01 ,
@Npars01@mstdn.social avatar
jinnijoon ,
@jinnijoon@mastodon.social avatar

A vote for RFK, Jr. is a vote for Trump? Possibly. It's certainly a vote for Putin.


mickymorse ,

@dangillmor RFK is batshit crazy. Must be all that smack over the years.

Waterloosunset ,
@Waterloosunset@mstdn.plus avatar

@dangillmor Epstein

ischargedwith ,
@ischargedwith@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor what kind of emptiness of mind, would lead to a vote for Him?

KarunaX ,
@KarunaX@mastodon.world avatar

@dangillmor Time to dismantle this ridiculous "First Past the Post" system in that leaves a nation of 350 million people with a choice as leader of either a decrepit, confused old man with a penchant for warmongering - or an orange buffoon. Don't support this system. Vote for 3rd party - scrawl abuse of this system on your ballot papers. Nothing will change unless we voters change our behaviour. I am of course open to ANY suggestions of how to best do this.

Benthekillerrat ,
@Benthekillerrat@mastodon.cloud avatar

@dangillmor you mean Bob?

Legit_Spaghetti ,
@Legit_Spaghetti@mastodo.neoliber.al avatar


A vote for the Greens is a vote for Trump.
"Uncommitted" is a vote for Trump.
"Did not vote" is a vote for Trump.

I 100% empathize with people who feel upset about that, but them's the stakes.


Infoseepage ,
@Infoseepage@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor The overall effect may be in Trump's favor, but a person's vote is their own and not anyone else's and it is up to them to interpret what casting it means. It is THEIR vote. If they want to vote for Joe Biden, leave the circle blank, vote for the Easter Bunny, etc. that is their right. One person, one vote.

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