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Hit me with your worst Linux takes, I'm sure you've all got some bangers.

aeva , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux linux is kinda crappy but that's ok because everything is kinda crappy and linux is asymmetrically crappy which is just great because switching up what kind of shit you're drowning in every once and a while can be very refreshing

hexafoxide , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Distros should focus less on being beginner friendly and more on accessibility

TukanDev , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux linux from scratch is not from scratch since you arent writing kernel yourself, also arch and gentoo are only acceptable distros everything else is a government sponsored injection.

tarxz ,

@BrodieOnLinux If NixOS was more user friendly (better docs, more uppstream projects with docs and easy ways to do regular linux things like systemctl enable autmagically creating a entry in configuration.nix) it would become the default distro recommendation for everyone

TheFrenchGhosty , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux A take (and it's not even a bad one honestly) I had some weeks ago on Matrix:

NixOS/Nix looks so good yet so bad

An amazing idea in theory but a really bad implementation

I mean... it's literally worse than a install script / an ansible playbook

I mean... look at this

You install a whole group of software without knowing what's included... unless you go read the source code

TheFrenchGhosty , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Arch would be the best distro with the best tools... if only it had the same stability and the same packages default as Debian (so more downstream pre-configuration)

CEvans , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux There's nothing wrong with the documentation for NixOS, people just don't understand how to read it.

thatmoooocow , avatar

C++ is better than C, they should move kernel to that

suetanvil , avatar


Linux command-line tools should output their results as structured, serialized data objects (e.g. XML or Protobuf) instead of as lines of text in order to make scripting more robust.

aks , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux windows apps are easiest to distribute due to stable ABI.

(Neo)Vim configuration is not fun and takes too long and I don't want to spend hours to remap commands or install plugins. I did that once but it was exhausting.

While Linux DE's should always be themeable and hackable, often it's just way better to stick with defaults.

Arch is a noob trap that makes people dislike Linux devices because they think everything is unnecessarily complex because their Linux pro friend said "just use arch lol"

Debian stable is only for enterprise use. Debian testing is for home use.

Stable distros in general have been detrimental for home users.

Flatpaks would be nicer if the security-usability slider was way more at the usability side.

NixOS is not interesting.

phil , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Using Chrome or any derivative is actively anti-Linux because of the importance of the open web for OSs that aren’t the top 2 most popular. Allowing the web to ossify around a Google product gives Google control over your machine.

ytvwld , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux there are too many distros

FSMaxB , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Linux desktop systems would be subject to an endless flood of viruses and malware if they were more popular.

Linux_in_a_Bit , avatar

Packaging opinions:
Flatpak is the best packaging format, no contest.
Snap has an absolutely proprietary :stallman: backend and is rightly shamed.
AppImages are ok I guess...
I will hear nothing about Nix until someone can make an actually intuitive GUI for it.
Nobody should be recommending actually using the AUR (or anything Arch-related for that matter).

constancies , avatar

@Linux_in_a_Bit @BrodieOnLinux to be honest these are about average distro packaging opinions from what i can tell.

Does not make them bad ones though. I largely agree with what you’ve said.

SrEstegosaurio , avatar

@Linux_in_a_Bit AppImages have a worse UX than flatpaks in my experience since the latter trend to be way better integrated with portals and new stuff. @BrodieOnLinux

yuukayuuka , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux vim should not be the default for so many applications as for if you have limited mobility or missing hands, it’s basically impossible to use 

CorruptDropbear , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux There are too many distro spins nowadays. Please eliminate three. I am not a crackpot.

constancies , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Most Ubuntu users who complain about Snap wouldn't if the Firefox and Chromium Snaps had feature parity with their debs before the transition packages hit the apt repos.

efi , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux linux good and gay

rachaelspooky , avatar


  • the names of all the most used command line shit being random 2-3 letter nonsense is entirely understandable once it's been explained but telling people "oh just use [asdf]" when they havent heard of that program without telling people what the hell those letters stand for is one of the things that intimidates people away from linux and
  • a lot of the time when people say "just google it" is actively hostile, it's okay and good to be helpful to people on occasion, we all know how to google things, showing humanity and connecting with someone is a greater teacher and a more welcoming act than any wiki page
SrEstegosaurio , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Using nix flakes is sooo good that if your project does not have one I might not even try it.

Draconic_NEO , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux If there's one thing I could complain about here it would be the extremely poor floppy disk support, when I tried to format a disk in the UI it said that the Disk was too small for that file partition which is a stupid limitation and is obviously a lie since yes FAT file systems do support disks that small as it's the filesystem used by them.

It's very annoying because I do still have to format disks (both HD and DD) for use in older machines.

I feel like the linux community either has very little care when it comes to legacy support or they might actually hate it.

enthusiast101 ,

Projects should offer noninteractive one liner install commands (with curl piped into bash). This way KDE and some WM users can put it in the search bar and run it there. You don't even have tp worry about complicated terminal outputs since you can't see it.

This convenient install method doesn't need app stores or package managers to install. The installer can also create a service that automatically updates the program in the background like in Windows.

Linux_in_a_Bit , avatar

I'm much more hyped for Budgie 11 than I was for KDE 6.

askiiart ,

@Linux_in_a_Bit @BrodieOnLinux this counts as bad???

Linux_in_a_Bit , avatar

@askiiart @BrodieOnLinux
I missed that part :blobcatgooglytrash:

syphist , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux programs like vim should make you type the quit command at least once before allowing you to use the program so it stops being such a noob trap from all the terrible tutorials telling people to edit a text file with it specifically.

BrodieOnLinux OP , avatar

@syphist That seems like a pretty easy plugin to make

r000t , avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Windows is more secure out of the box.

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