Started running for the first time, and wanted to show my progress to someone.

Running distance over time. I still can't run 5k without walking about 20% of the way.

And it's not going fast either, but I'm still proud of the progress. The data is keeping me going.

EDIT: Thanks for the support! The legs still don't want to do, what I want them to. But they will learn, who's the boss eventually.

sveske_juice ,

Godt arbejde!💪

Late2TheParty , avatar

Nicely done! This is great inspiration for us, too!

Bronzie ,

Heck yeah dude!

Jeg er stolt av deg!

danekrae OP ,

Mange tak!

walter_wiggles ,

Don't let anyone gatekeep you about run-walking. It's a perfectly valid strategy/method for running.

Also if your knees are hurting you can try running on a softer surface. That's how I got into trail running.

hemko ,

Trail running is great. Knees won't hurt and it's not so damn boring as doing laps around the block or something

BetaBlake ,

I'm at this point now where I need to mix it up because running laps around the block has gotten super boring.

pearsaltchocolatebar ,

If your knees are hurting, your running technique is likely wrong. I know a lot of people start off running heel to toe, which is backwards and puts a ton of stress on your knees.

For those who don't know, you're supposed to land on the ball of your foot, which basically turns your lower legs into a shock absorber for your knees.

iAmTheTot , avatar

Awesome to see progress charted like this. Years ago I decided to tackle a Couch to 5k program. At the start of it I genuinely could not run 2 minutes without being winded. After a few months, I was able to get first place in my age category in a very small charity run. It's silly, but I'm very proud of it. I stopped running a while back but I really should try to get back into it this spring.

Plibbert , (edited )

How do I get my knees to stop hurting.

Edit: you guys are all fuckin awesome. Gonna start squats today.

danekrae OP ,

My calfs are getting better, but now the knees are starting at the end of the runs. Even with restitution periods.

So if you find a solution, I'm all ears.

MrZee , (edited ) avatar

Besides working on your form and making sure you have good shoes for your feet, as other ls have mentioned, I have another suggestion. Unfortunately, it is one that sucks to hear - you may need to decrease your distance, or at least hold your distance flat for a while. Often people are able to build cardio ability faster than their joints/tendons/muscles can adapt. Because of that, the general wisdom is that you need to increase distance slowly. Which, again, sucks when you are measuring your success by distance.

If it feels ok on your knees (and everything else), you should work on speed for a little while, which gives you a different goal to work toward while distance is on pause. There are lots of guides out there on speedwork.

And cross train - bike, swim, strength training…

As a last note: please for the love of god, don’t try to run through injures. A little discomfort is one thing, but if something starts to hurt or you feel sharp pain when running, stop. It took me way too many times to learn that lesson. Injuries are a guarantee in running (if you do it long-term). So learning to manage injuries is key.

Seraph , avatar

Find cardio without knee impact. Swimming or cycling etc

java ,

High cushion shoes and taking smaller strides are quick solutions. Losing weight is the real way though

giantfloppycock ,

Strength training in the gym helps a lot with running pains and injuries


I did a lot of lower body work before starting up (various weighted squats, etc) and I think it has helped. My shins are still on fire 🔥🔥🔥 especially for the first few minutes, but after a while you go a bit numb to it.

Are you able to get into physio? They could take a whole holistic look at your knee pain and come up with a plan

BetaBlake ,

Others have given good advice, for me making sure I had the right shoes and the right gate when I ran was important but also stretching well before hand, there's YouTube videos that'll show you proper stretches for running.

But the biggest thing was sticking with it, for me it took about 2 months of running/walking for my body to adjust to the impact and then I was fine. And don't overdue it, give your legs time to heal between runs.

funkless_eck ,

second the shoes thing. once I got some Brooks it was like night and day. get gait measured at a running store.

CrimsonMishaps ,

Great work! Keep going!

Zerlyna , avatar

That’s great!!

fujiwood ,

Great job! Keep going!

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