nucleative ,

A miniaturized version of the whole country on the wall using rocks.

settoloki ,

Oh you saw the post too

ninjaphysics ,

I'm so about this life.

KillingTimeItself ,

THIS is the fucking reason i love the internet.

reverendsteveii ,

geologically correct as in "from the area it represents" or as in "typical of the area that it represents?"

jabathekek , avatar

I would guess typical but also the right shape, which is why it took him 32 years to find the right Rock and Stone.

I_am_10_squirrels ,

For rock and stone!

HollowNaught ,

Did I hear a rock and stone?

Glytch ,

If you don't rock and stone, you ain't goin' home.

Swarfega ,

He wants to go viral. I'm sure he said exactly that

theangryseal ,

He might have. I know a couple TikTok grandmas that come on my store showing me shit all the time, “look at this guy, angryseal. He’s gonna go viral!”. It’s how I heard of calvingrindz who is fucking spectacular and on YouTube thank fuck.


It’s more likely he said, “I want a’body to see this ya wee bampot.”

Don’t hate me. I googled Scottish slang.

op_maroon ,

Very cool. Although he missed the Shetland islands which coincidentally are the most geologically unique part of Scotland.

Anticorp ,

Probably hasn't had the opportunity to get out there yet.

ArcaneSlime ,

Ahh don't bother, they're shetty.

jabathekek , avatar

The work is never over.

Blackmist ,

The police might be interested in the rock from Glasgow.

bazingabrain , avatar

dude rocks, literally lol

420blazeit69 ,

Rock dudes rock

elooto ,

I’ve heard the Outer Hebrides islands in Scotland have the oldest rocks in the world. Will you ask him if that’s true?

Anticorp ,

Okay, I asked him. He said your granpappy's stones are older.

survivalmachine ,

Maybe the oldest in Scotland, but that doesn't seem to make the list worldwide.

threelonmusketeers ,

Do you have reason to believe that fossilesque and Harry Jefferies are the same person? If they are not, it is unlikely that Harry will see your question.

littletranspunk ,

This is amazing. If anyone knows this Grandpa, tell them they did a great job

Engywuck ,

Is that the granpda? Is him actually 85? Jeez, he looks at least 30 yeras younger.

lugal ,

Maybe you stop aging when you have such a project?

Engywuck ,

Hopefully. I'll start collecting rocks ASAP.

0ops ,

Got it, rock collecting. That explains why childhood took so long

DragonTypeWyvern ,

The normal trick is to not drink or smoke, but...

nossaquesapao ,

Well, if I recall correctly, keeping yourself active and having hobbies is a known factor affecting aging.

SouthFresh , avatar

This is the most adorable Scotch on the Rocks

corymbia ,


BeatTakeshi , avatar

He rocks

owen ,

This is legit

Gradually_Adjusting , avatar

No spaces after full stops and random Capitalisation... Fuck I want to like this but I'm angry

Canadian_Cabinet ,

Even worse than double space… no space

lolrightythen ,

Shit. Now I can't recall if I double space or not. I'm sure I double spaced back when I studied things just for page length.

How long has this been going on?

Lol, it took me a minute to realize I am currently providing myself with the data I wanted. And it looks like my (semi)professional emails are about 50/50, depending if I'm responding.

Is it commonplace to single space after a full stop these days? Thanks!!

Also: that grandpa and his collection are awesome! It's inspiring - not that I'd travel my country (U.S.) to the same extent. Perhaps my state, but there isn't a huge amount of variation, nor do I have the desire to visit some of the areas.

naught ,

The double space is a relic from typewriters. It is not appropriate to double space anymore and honestly hasn't been since I learned to type in the early oughts

sqw , avatar

I do the double when typing with keyboard but cant be arsed to hit space three times on mobile. I simply prefer the style of the double-space though.

Syd ,

I was taught to double space, didn't realize it wasn't proper. Honestly I think it looks nicer on a page, it delineates sentences more clearly. Apparently it was the standard before computers were a thing, kinda weird that it was the standard where I went to school though.

makyo ,

I was taught to as well but entering the computer age then taught not to again. Apparently double space was related to the physical limitations somehow for typewriters? I dunno for sure but it is somehow anachronistic.

FuglyDuck , avatar

Part of it is ease of reading. Double spaces simplify things.

As for why manually add spaces on type writers… but not on computers? It’s simple. Fonts can be adaptive. You’ve got monospaced fonts like courtier knew that would show no difference in spacing unless you add a second space, or fonts like Calibri where the font’s spacing is… less fixed.

A (mechanical) type writer can’t adjust the font at will. It strikes the same spot on a page, in what is basically a grid. Same goes for printing press.

GenderNeutralBro ,

For a long time I thought the double-space convention was strictly limited to school, since I had never seen a professionally printed book, magazine, or newspaper that used it. I just took a look at my bookshelf and pulled out the oldest book I own (from 1909), and it does indeed use double-spaces.

I just looked it up, and it seems like double-spacing fell out of use in the early-mid 20th century. From :

Before the First World War virtually all English-language books were printed following standard typesetters' spacing rules. By the end of the Second World War most American books and an increasing proportion of English books were printed following the typewriter's English spacing approximation rules.[17] Around this time, the practice of single spacing became more prevalent. There were various circumstances which could have contributed to the change. For example, there was an increase in high-volume low-cost mass-produced printing (e.g., newspapers, pulp novels, magazines). Also, a significant innovation in the typewriter was the breaking of the typewriter "grid" in 1941.

Fun fact: HTML rendering explicitly squashes multiple spaces into one, so if you try to double-space your sentences, it won't display as such in a web browser. This sentence uses double-spaced words, and I'll bet it doesn't look that way to you.

roscoe ,

I see the double spaces but it seems like a lot of formatting doesn't work on jerboa.

GenderNeutralBro ,

Ah, that makes sense. I just checked my app and it shows the double-spaces too. The web client doesn't, since it's converted to HTML.

fossilesque OP Mod , avatar
BigWheelPowerBrakeSlider ,

Early to mid 20th century??! Dang, double space was seemingly still very much in fashion even after Y2K.
Welp, gotta go yell at some kids on my lawn.

GenderNeutralBro ,

double space was seemingly still very much in fashion even after Y2K

I think this is because it was still promoted by teachers for schoolwork long after it was the norm in professional printing.

I've seen a handful of people in my career write emails in this style, even recently, so it's not totally dead.

boredtortoise ,

There's one space. It's not even consistent

Wodge , avatar

It's twitter, maybe it's back when there was a 140 character limit, which spaces use up, so removing those spaces can save character limit, so you can finish what you want to say.

fossilesque OP Mod , avatar

They're Scottish, and their language is challenged as it is. Be kind.

stom , avatar

Pffft, if you can write in Scots then basic English punctuation is a no-brainer.

fossilesque OP Mod , avatar

I literally lived in Scotland lmao.

Anticorp ,

Is that English?

fossilesque OP Mod , avatar

When I first moved there I had trouble communicating with the person at the hotel, and even now I am not convinced.

reverendsteveii ,

purple burglar alarm

ClockworkOtter ,

Scots is English with better words.

IndiBrony , avatar

I can't forgive the lack of spaces after the full stops, but grandpa is clearly the Lord himself, therefore "He" is the correct capitalisation!

pop ,

You should join the grammar nazi brotherhood. Being annoyed at petty little things like this is what they do best.

Gradually_Adjusting , avatar

I don't think I've got the figure for Hugo Boss

jabathekek , avatar

Harry obviously worships his Grandpa.

riodoro1 ,

The only words capitalized are Scotland and he. Most of the time “He” is the first word of a sentence anyway but in some languages all personal pronouns are capitalized and that’s a common mistake in english.

Fuck the lack of spaces after full stops though.

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