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A Peek at Intel’s Future Foundry Tech


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US Department of Commerce announces CHIPS act preliminary agreement with GlobalFoundries, which will award approximately $1.5 billion to expand domestic production of semiconductors


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Solar and battery storage to make up 81% of new U.S. electric-generating capacity in 2024


pedalmore ,

Capacity and generation are two different things. Grid operators have capacity markets that ensure peak load can be met, and incude generations assets, demand response, energy efficiency, etc. Batteries absolutely coumt as capacity so long as they are managed to do so.

wmassingham ,

The headline seems to mean 81% of generation and storage capacity. When the article talks about battery storage, it only says storage, not generation.

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Bose introduces their new Ultra Open Earbuds. “Their cuff-like fit leaves your ears totally open so you can still hear the world around you”


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Seems like only the US is available. I am also curious about a product like this that'd deliver to Sweden.

Tattorack , avatar

Well, it turns out Telenor is selling that exact model here. Maybe check your phone provider?

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db2 ,

I thought Vizio was a Walmart brand like a decade ago.

givesomefucks ,

Vizio always had really good screens, but bad processers.

So when 1080 was the norm, Vizio was always a great bargain.

Their 4k is still decentish when your source is 4k, but they don't do a good job of showing 1080p upscaled to 4k

Since most people looking for a budget TV usually stream 1080, it can be a waste to buy a Vizio 4k, a 1080 would be pretty similar and a lot cheaper.

Or you'd want to spend the extra to get a 4k that's good at upscaling 1080 to 4k

Most people don't think about upscaling, and how much processing power it takes.

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How do I use this account on lemmy and vice-versa?
Is the upvote of lemmy the same as favorite of mastodon? (they do not sync) if not then what metric are these two uniquely gauged?

bamboo ,

Neat, I don't see your comment though in Mastodon. I assume only first and second level threaded comments are sync'd? I'm not too familiar with Mastodon, so maybe this is expected?

anamethatisnt ,

If you follow the OP link you should see our comment chain now. Federation isn't realtime. :)

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Here’s how WhatsApp plans to interoperate with other messaging apps


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It would be nice if those fines could be used to support free software development for alternatives

wewbull ,

IIRC it wasn't the signal protocol, just the encryption methods that were shared with WhatsApp. I don't think federation was ever on the cards.

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> NSA officials told Wyden that not only is the intelligence agency purchasing data on Americans located in the US but that it also bought Americans' Internet metadata.


Why do you need to spy, when you can simply... buy?

We gave up our data willingly and made it easy for all the 3-letter agencies of the world. We only have ourselves to blame. 🤷‍♂️

(Link HT: @technology)

OpticalMoose , avatar

I'm with ya on that. I could rant on and on about privacy, but this ain't the place for that, I guess. The gov't promised if we let ISPs and telcos turn over our data they could catch all the terrorists, and now 20 years later they can't even catch kids making prank phone calls (SWATting) or telemarketers.

I guess it's true, people get the leadership they deserve.

BobGnarley ,

No, their job is to spy on NON DOMESTIC citizens. A court ruled that what they did under Snowden was illegal as fuck and they pinky swore not to do it anymore. Them spying on American citizens that don't communicate with foreigners is supposed to be illegal. You said it so confidently, but you are mistaken.

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My 2.0 website tool is now available for your anti-fascist viewing pleasure!

Please share this around so I can finallly go to sleep 😫. I know people wanted to see it.

Servers not listed just had no readily-available data for me to grab. @technology

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Nice job with this excellent resource to quickly see the Threads interface status of Fediverse instances. It's really clearly layed out, functions well, and the color scheme is great.

sir_reginald , avatar

just a few days ago they enabled some limited one-way ActivityPub support.

It’s, of course, far from the whole thing, but they’re rolling it out slowly for testing purposes ig.

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I just finished my hour-long interview with Oxford University concerning their study of Mastodon and decentralized social media.

They were especially interested in what we’ve done here at Veganism Social, as we have our own fork with custom features that address common complaints such as content discoverability.

Veganism Social’s use case was exemplary of the benefits of decentralizion. Our moderation is uniquely anti-speciesist, and the community has a clear purpose beyond ‘general’.

My analyses of the technological and sociological benefits of decentralization are extensive. I (currently) have a deep understanding of Mastodon’s code-base, and how to use it. I also worked as a software developer for centralized social media, and now moderate a subreddit with 100k members.

I could not possibly exhaust myself of exhilarating insights to share.

Surely, the Oxford study will broaden awareness of how decentralized social media will benefit society.

Next time my wife asks me to stop info-dumping, I’ll banter that Oxford might think it’s worth listening to. 🤭

They’re sending me an Amazon gift card as compensation, and of course I’m spending it all on candy.

@technology @Gargron @Mastodon @feditips
@fediversereport @fediverse

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Where can we find a list of difference between the features in veganism social?

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Pretty wild to read this Mastodon post in a Lemmy community

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@arstechnica @technology

Does anyone else see bespoke batteries as a scam?

I noticed the difference in my xbox controller vs playstation. My woman had to keep hers plugged in because the battery was at end-of-life, I kept a set of rechargeable AA's and used them in my mouse, xbox paddle, razor...I forget what all else.

Why not standardize phone and laptop batteries?

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Someone @technology suggested this site, I’m a bit surprised by the services offered as alternatives to the big tech companies. Very nice overview.

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