Twitter goes down in Pakistan amid Election Results delay

Twitter goes down in Pakistan amid Election Results delay::As Pakistanis are looking for results and updates about the general elections, the polling for which concluded on Thursday, people are facing disruption of X, former Twitter, services. Users of microblogging platform reported outage across the country with internet watchdog organization Netblocks also reporting the disruption to the platform. ⚠️ Confirmed: Live metrics show a […]

clubb , avatar

What was Elon saying? Free speech platform was it?

wahming ,

Doubt this has much to do with Xitter, probably the local ISPs blocking traffic

MyDogLovesMe ,

Ohoo, there’s something wrong alright!

generalpotato ,

The military “geniuses” at work again trying to suppress democracy.

All_Your_Base , avatar

Masterful gambit, sir

Dasnap , avatar

I couldn't get in contact with Pakistani coworkers on Friday because their entire internet was turned off.

vexikron , avatar

If memory serves, this would not the the first time that Pakistan shut down its internet near or during an election.

Sky_Lobster ,

What's "Twitter?" Do you mean X? /s

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