0x0 ,

Tesla Karen strikes again.

Rai ,

Holy shit, that site is AIDS. I got multiple popup/redirects to fake malware scans even though I’m running a PiHole and Firefox Focus.

sandman ,

Bro, I was so confused because a supercharger is an alternative to turbo for forced induction.

MonkderDritte ,

when a Model Y driver approached him, "demanding to know why I was there,"

insisted that it was ILLEGAL for me to be there and that he was CALLING THE POLICE! I was taken aback by his extreme reaction," the Rivian driver writes.

You insulted his pride. 🤣

dsemy ,

This is an article about a dumb argument between two random people, not to mention the title is misleading anyway (the Rivian driver only assumes cops were called). Why post it here?

mPony ,

Why post it here

"Everybody's got to have
somebody to look down on
Who they can feel better than
at any time they please"

Kris Kristofferson

istanbullu ,

Are all Tesla users so pathetic?

neumast ,

Statistically speaking: no.

sandman ,

It's always okay to key a tesla.

spujb ,

genuine question: why call the police anyway? say the tesla driver was right and there was no compatibility. what were they thinking the rivian driver is gonna do? worst case scenario is they are gonna realize their mistake and… leave?

like how is this different from me seeing someone accidentally filling a minivan with diesel and calling the fucken cops about it? i feel there is something more malicious going on here than “a need for education” unless i am missing something.

warmaster ,

Maybe he thought he would fuck up the charger.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Just a Tesla bro being territorial.

spujb ,

reading these comments i didn’t realize there was a whole subculture around teslas and how pervasive and trending toward toxic it was. wild.

thank ya!

sandman ,

It's a cult. As with most capitalist cults, you're only accepted if you spend money how they want you to.

WoahWoah ,

I think they were just angry because the Rivian isn't designed for Supercharging and so was parked sideways across two parking spots.

elbarto777 , (edited )

'a need for better education and communication within the EV community'

That Rivian driver is being way too nice about the situation.

Imagine someone calling the police on you because you bought pepsi instead of coke. It's not about education and communication. It's about a fucking asshole doing asshole shit. You can't reason with people like that. You tell them to fuck off.

Edit: hm, he was taking two spots. Not exactly his fault, but I can understand 0.00001% more the Tesla driver. Still an asshole, though.

Edit 2: If I was in a charging station that said "For Ford vehicles only" and I saw a BMW coming in and using it, I'd be more like "How is that possible? Huh. Interesting!" Then I'd mind my fucking business.

ripcord , (edited )
@ripcord@lemmy.world avatar

The Tesla owner was complaining that he (incorrectly) thought Rivian wasn't allowed to charge there, not because he was upset someone bought a Rivian at all.

Also, from the article - am I reading this right? The guy just assumed that the other dude actually called the cops? After he left? There's no evidence he did?

elbarto777 ,

Yeah, I know that. But why get mad at that, though? Like, if I am in a restaurant that said "For Android users only" and I see an iPhone user being served, why the fuck would I care? I'd be puzzled and intrigued. Not enraged.

ripcord ,
@ripcord@lemmy.world avatar

I think it's more like - you're looking to charge your phone at an airport. You're a Samsung user and you bought a contract to be able to use special Samsung-provided kiosks, which used to be an exclusive feature for you.

As you look for a charger, you see a dude with an iPhone sitting across 2 of the charge stations. (Maybe there's only a couple other stations free. Idk from the article). You don't realize that Samsung recently opened the chargers to iPhone users.

You're also irritated because it's been common for people to be assholes and doing things like leaving their phones plugged in and hanging out for hours. Way linger than they need. Or people sitting at the chargers who are just waiting for their planes and not charging at all. So youre sensitive to people you perceived as being assholes and making it harder for Samsung users to use the service they paid for.

Tesla dude was clearly overreacting, in the wrong, and being a douche. At least, based on this one-sided ragebait article.

But I was mostly replying to your Coke vs Pepsi article, where you were making it sound like the Tesla guy was mad at the other dude simply for buying a Rivian.

GBU_28 ,

He played it cool cause why not? That's winning

carl_dungeon ,

What a fucking idiot, makes sense he drives a tesla

some_guy ,

No surprise that the Tesla driver is an asshole. They drive like assholes, so this was known.

someguy3 ,

Ultimately, the Rivian owner's adapter didn't work, so he decided to leave and head to a nearby EVGo charger. That's when the Tesla driver confronted him. Trying to "steer the conversation towards a constructive dialogue only seemed to aggravate him further," so the Rivian driver got in his car and left. "As I drove away, I saw him angrily talking on the phone, presumably to an unfortunate 9-1-1 operator."

Intrepidtron ,

Tesla owners: known to always be super chill people.

altima_neo ,
@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Wow, what a wack job. I wish I had that much free time to worry about petty bullshit.

Like how could he come to the conclusion that it's illegal for anything other than a Tesla to charge there? Tesla equipment is private property, owned by a private business. State law doesn't give a fuck about that.

WoahWoah ,

You just answered your own question lol

Ghostalmedia ,
@Ghostalmedia@lemmy.world avatar

This Telsa owner sounds like the BBQ Becky of EVs.

Fixbeat ,

Rivian driver is very diplomatic. I would have said tesla drivers are ignorant assholes.

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