FlyingSquid Mod , (edited ) avatar

Then there was the time Naomi Wildman's mom got left on some planet somewhere and everyone forgot she existed.

Edit: This gives me an idea.

Bonehead , (edited )
PutangInaMo ,

That is cool as fuuuuck thanks

SatyrSack ,

What does that answer?

Bonehead ,

How they keep encountering the same species 2 seasons after the first time despite seemingly moving vast distances past them.

tias ,

Same species possibly, but same characters?

Bonehead ,

Such as? The only characters that kept showing up were Seska and Cullah. But that happened within the first year of their journey (no, really, the first two seasons were only one year). And most of that was traveling through Kazon space with Seska set on taking over Voyager. So it makes sense that they'd follow and keep showing up.

Lath ,

They showed how they do it.
Each civilization had their own agreements and there was a lot of zig-zagging and going around stuff.

EmpathicVagrant ,

A squad, working together against a common enemy who wreaks havoc anywhere they go?

All in the name of something called “Coffee.”

They defend worlds from coffee.

EdibleFriend , avatar

Like that cardadian Who had surgery to look like a bajorin showing up like three seasons later.

Bonehead ,

That was "Worst Case Scenario", and Seska was a hologram in that episode.

EdibleFriend , avatar

Wasn't the one where she showed up with a kid that wasn't actually his several seasons later though?

Bonehead , (edited )

No, that was "Basics, Part 2", which was the first episode of the *third season and the episode where she dies.

Edit: correcting a mistake.

EdibleFriend , avatar

Ooooh ok yeah

Infynis , avatar

She and the Kazon she was with were crazy enough to actually just be following Voyager though

EdibleFriend , avatar

Good point

cybervseas ,

Yeah like DS9 having repeat characters makes sense because the station isn't going anywhere. How the heck do the same people show up on Voyager?

MaggiWuerze , avatar

Especially with some of the jumps through the sector they made with outside help

ummthatguy , (edited ) avatar

Unless the producers/audience reception is nonplussed, as with the Vidiians or the Kazon. At which point they fall back on old reliable Borg.

Sanctus , avatar

Sorry but the species growing massive nugs on their heads was a bad choice for reoccurring antagonists.

ummthatguy , avatar
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