Haus , avatar

The best kind of onion: Scroll, scroll, scroll... wtf?... scroll back, scroll back... ah!

ReallyKinda ,

I think she made it safely past 27 so she should be okay.

Tylerdurdon ,

Must have been one hell of a mechanic on that rebuild!

freamon ,

It'll be said for Taylor Swift's boyfriend if she doesn't make it. He probably won't be able to do whatever it is he'd normally do at a Taylor Swift Superbowl.

Kolanaki , avatar

As long as she doesn't board it with like 6 other musicians, I'm sure it'll be fine.

proctonaut ,

Bye bye Ms. Swifty, you died.
Drove my Chevy to the....and so on.

Kolanaki , avatar

If it's a bunch of bands nobody likes, the songs written of their loss would be of celebration rather than mourning.

proctonaut ,

I'm all for digging up the big bopper every year and crashing a plane full of his bones into a cornfield.

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