Bonehead ,

All I ever needed from my parents was an occasional “good job,” a pat on the back, or an extra scoop of ice cream. And sure, I never got those things, but how else was I gonna learn that I was neither special nor important?

That one hit a little too close to home. I think I'm going to call in sick to work this morning. And maybe go buy some ice cream.

klemptor , avatar

Take a "good job" pat on the back from me. I don't know you but I'm sure you deserve it.

Bonehead ,

Thank you, kind internet stranger. I'm still going to buy ice cream though.

Psychodelic ,

You did great caring for yourself with that ice cream, bud. Keep it up! You're doing it!

Texas_Hangover ,

There's that participation trophy!

Kit ,

As an adult with a pint of ice cream in the freezer for rough days, please treat yourself!


Damn, everyone's take-away seems to be therapists bad but I prefer the article's actual take

blanketswithsmallpox ,

Because sometimes therapists ask that you keep taking your meds rather than get off them at every chance you can get when you start feeling normal. What's the point if the goal isn't to be off meds and a perfectly healthy person without help!?

They also do dumb stuff like ask me to wait or think before reacting when reacting literally means I can't control it! They're so dumb sometimes. Like, why even tell me to force myself to exercise or take walks when the point of depression is that I could start sure, but I'm just going to stop anyway so why even try? Just because they can back up statistics saying to smile more even when you don't mean it will eventually make me happier doesn't mean I'm going to be some fake bitch like everyone else in the world. I want to feel good without going through the work first damnit!

No, it's definitely not me doomscrolling everyday, having a terrible external locus of control, or my sleep since I run fine on 5-6 hours as long as I get my coffee in the morning. It's all rigged against us anyway despite large swaths of people getting by or excelling just fine. That's just because they got lucky. I wasn't, so here I am. Shit posting on Lemmy again.

Carlo ,

Hey, I related to this comment pretty hard. Sometimes you hit a wall with therapy, and you need some help breaking out of your self-destructive patterns. I had a positive experience a few years back with a two-week Intensive Outpatient Program. I wouldn't say it fundamentally changed the nature of the struggle, but it definitely helped me get out of a hole, and helped make the subsequent holes I got myself into feel shallower and more easily escapable.

blanketswithsmallpox ,

Yeah it can absolutely suck for a lot of people. Thankfully I landed on one of the easiest rolls for ND. ADHD, mild-moderate depression, GAD, panic disorder in remission.

My fear of nothingness is far stronger than anything even severe depression could touch. Let alone being logical already, fairly well balanced, and zero qualms with getting help or keeping on stuff like pills.

Playing up that 80's mentality around meds and help though is something I still see all the time and it always just makes me sad and frustrated for them. So much of how they could be doing better is rooted in poor pride and anti-intellectualism.

Carlo ,

As a teenager, I was vehemently against any psychoactive meds. As I recall, I was very afraid of being zombified or brainwashed. Like an existential fear that I would become a different person. Not sure what to attribute it to at this point.

Nom ,

Because that’s what parents do: they withhold emotions so that you do whatever they say in the hopes that they will express even the smallest bit of love or approval, so… oh fuck. Yeah, never mind, Terry’s right.

They didn't read the conclusion it seems 🤷‍♀️

sqgl ,

I see it as ambiguous. Terry may have won in convincing the patient that the parents were "abusive" even though that is way too strong a term.

Ultragigagigantic , avatar
avguser ,

Whenever times get tough, come back to the rhythm of your breath. Remember to breathe.

Psychodelic ,

inb4: Have you tried breathing?

Seriously tho, I totally fuck with some mindfulness and breathing

melpomenesclevage ,

The real mental health care is crimes.

moosetwin , avatar

aw crap I tried to be truthful to my therapist and now I am being involuntarily committed!

tsonfeir , avatar

I just told mine, if I was going to do it… I wouldn’t be talking you you.

modifier ,

Your you? Or you you?

tsonfeir , avatar

You’s yous.

TheBat , avatar

All I wanted was just a Pepsi

melpomenesclevage ,

Okay this just went from funny-sad to 'way too real'.

eighty ,

You're mom's your best friend? What is she, a bad mom??

This phenomenon hits too real

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