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Aatube OP , in Is it just me, or has this instance been a bit slow lately?
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this appears to be fixed

melroy Mod ,
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peewf.. Good to hear.

melroy Mod , in Mbin v1.4.0 release
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Thanks for posting this time ;). Also after updating to v1.4.0. I would advise to update directly to v1.4.1. Which has some additional fixes.

Updating the messenger queue to our new layout is still required regardless of any new version after 1.4.0.

VulcanSphere , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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Looking forward for Mbin growth!

VulcanSphere , in Mbin is alive and kicking!
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Heya, VulcanSphere is here!

Looking forward for the growth of Mbin!

melroy OP Mod ,
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SuperSpaceFan , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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This is good news! I'm looking forward to more instances moving over

melroy OP Mod , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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I'm really impressed what we already achieved so far with our Mbin community, we did tons of GUI changes, bug fixes, introducing new features, improved Docker setup and documentation for both developers and instance owners alike. It's very impressive. I want to thank you all! I see this a beginning of a new journey.

Luckily, I think I'm no longer needed to setup the project. I will finish the C4 specification pull request, but apart from that I'm now "just" another contributor to Mbin. It's nice to see that everyone now feels more responsible for the project and hopefully more empowered.

JungleGeorge24 , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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@melroy I kinda gave up on it and moved to Lemmy (begrudgingly) but this sounds interesting :apartyblobcat:

Ashyr , in Mbin is alive and kicking!

I’m very excited for the future it mbin! Keep it up and keep us posted with new developments and ideas.

Ignacio , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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Good news. Although I'm satisfied so far with Kbin, it's true that development was slowed, or stopped. It's still too soon, but maybe I'll consider to migrate over there. I'm too lazy.

melroy OP Mod , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!
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I only wanted to add the following, this is my personal opinion: Even if Kbin suddenly is also changing to C4 WoW, the damage is already done. My trust is gone. My planning is not to merge anymore personally.

TheVillageGuy , in Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!

You did the best thing imaginable for Kbin, given the circumstances. Almost everybody was waiting for something to happen. Not everybody was as outspoken about it as I was, but the vibe was evident.

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