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Altofaltception , in Israeli Firms Are Working Overtime to Sell Stolen Palestinian Land to US Jews

If you needed proof the Gazan war was anything but a blatant land grab.

This is in the West Bank. Imagine all the real estate that will be available once the Gazans are eliminated.

Deceptichum , in Historic Portrait of Lord Balfour Slashed by Pro-Palestine Protestors avatar

It’s from the 20th century, and of the guy directly responsible for the mess in Palestine today as well as his shit in Ireland.

I’m about as outraged about this as I would be a Jew slashing a “historical” painting of Hitler.

I wonder if in a hundred years people will be upset over Trumps portrait getting ruined?

alvvayson ,

If we are going to shed tears for the loss of culture, then the loss of Roman era bath houses and early Christian churches in Gaza is quite a bit more concerning to me than this painting.

Hylactor ,

This is something I am woefully uninformed about. Can you provide additional information/resources?

Spiralvortexisalie ,
jubilationtcornpone , in An object from the sky smashed through my roof: Space debris is starting to be a problem

If only someone could have seen this coming.

Other than scientists who have been warning about the risks of excess space debris for years...

Zehzin , avatar

Space debris isn't real. And if it is it's not caused by humans.

tsonfeir , avatar

Is that because you think the earth is flat?

Zehzin , avatar

The Earth would be flat, if it was real. Wake up sheeple

ButtCheekOnAStick ,

I don't think they caught your joke.

Linkerbaan OP , (edited ) in Leaked NYT Gaza Memo Tells Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory” avatar

The Times memo outlines guidance on a range of phrases and terms. “The nature of the conflict has led to inflammatory language and incendiary accusations on all sides. We should be very cautious about using such language, even in quotations. Our goal is to provide clear, accurate information, and heated language can often obscure rather than clarify the fact,” the memo says.

“Words like ‘slaughter,’ ‘massacre’ and ‘carnage’ often convey more emotion than information. Think hard before using them in our own voice,” according to the memo. “Can we articulate why we are applying those words to one particular situation and not another? As always, we should focus on clarity and precision — describe what happened rather than using a label.”

Despite the memo’s framing as an effort to not employ incendiary language to describe killings “on all sides,” in the Times reporting on the Gaza war, such language has been used repeatedly to describe attacks against Israelis by Palestinians and almost never in the case of Israel’s large-scale killing of Palestinians.

In January, The Intercept published an analysis of New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times coverage of the war from October 7 through November 24 — a period mostly before the new Times guidance was issued. The Intercept analysis showed that the major newspapers reserved terms like “slaughter,” “massacre,” and “horrific” almost exclusively for Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians, rather than for Palestinian civilians killed in Israeli attacks.

Stamets , avatar

Despite the memo’s framing as an effort to not employ incendiary language to describe killings “on all sides,” in the Times reporting on the Gaza war, such language has been used repeatedly to describe attacks against Israelis by Palestinians and almost never in the case of Israel’s large-scale killing of Palestinians.

Thank you for bolding it because it is the only relevant part of the article. If they wanna use scaled back language then fine, I have no real issue with that but if you're breaking those rules for one side and upholding them for another then you're just a hot pile of biased bullshit.

Linkerbaan OP , (edited ) avatar

The banning of the terms Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Occupied Territory are also really important. The big difference is of course that the words slaughter, massacare etc can apply to both Palestinians and israelis. But their selective usasage does signify a massive double standard which proves the New York Times' bias in favor of israel.

And it confirms earlier suspicions such as NLP reports from Holly Jackson written about a month into the Genocide that this selective usage of loaded terms against Palestinians was not accidental. It is a deliberate propaganda campaign for israel.

Another important fact here is that New York Times was not alone in this significant propaganda effort. Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Guardian, Reuters, and more. All of them had this very obviously skewed usage of language biased in favor of israel. Passive vs active tone, Palestinians "died" and israelis were "brutally slaughtered".

mhague , in Iran sought mass casualties in Israel strike, U.S. officials say | Semafor

Does anyone believe that Iran thought they were going to incinerate Jerusalem, only to be caught off guard that Israel's allies swooped in to help?

Or that Iran is incapable of working out the effects of their military operations?

MrSpArkle ,

There is a delta between Irans military capabilities and Irans military commands.

Rapidcreek OP , in Iran sought mass casualties in Israel strike, U.S. officials say | Semafor

By suggesting that this attack was real, but was thwarted by a collective defense, means that there is no need for the Israelis to retaliate because they already “took the win” as Biden supposedly told Netanyahu. In other words, be satisfied with how you handled led this with our help but don’t get cocky and try it again anytime soon.

Deebster , avatar

That Jordan (who shot down some of the missiles) agrees that Iran gave warning, I think it's clear that Iran wanted to retaliate without escalating. Israel saying we'll reply when we're ready feels like they're happy to draw a line under it for now.

wintermute_oregon ,

It’s the same thing they did when they attacked American troops after we killed the general. It’s a show of force but trying to minimize casualties.
They want to show strength without escalating the situation.

Rapidcreek OP ,

Good to also add Saudi Arabia who also participated. This must have irked Iran.

jonne ,

Why would you think they weren't expecting that? Saudi Arabia and Iran have been rivals forever. That's what their whole proxy war in Yemen is/was all about.

gladflag , in Accused rapist who tried to clear his name loses blockbuster defamation trial against TV network | CNN

Accused rapist

FMT99 , in Israeli academics slammed for signing letter accusing Israel of ‘plausible genocide’

Man it must be tough working in politics. The constant slamming left and right would give me a headache.

Deceptichum OP , avatar

You’d think they’d be playing at Wimbledon.

Catoblepas , in Britain Is Leaving the U.S. Gender-Medicine Debate Behind

This is pay walled so I can’t read the whole thing, but some incredibly important context to the Cass report is that it examined 103 studies on trans youth and rejected 101 of them. Of the 50 studies on hormone blockers and 53 studies on hormone replacement therapy, miraculously the 2 they found to be ‘valid’ just happened to have inconclusive results.

Their excuse for rejecting them is that they weren’t double blind. But the thing is, it’s not always ethical or possible to do double blinds in medicine. If you have evidence that withholding medicine causes harm (guess what all those rejected studies found!!) then you’re never going to convince an ethics review board to let you withhold treatment. Even if it momentarily answers the “concerns” of terminally online transphobic freaks before they start hauling the goal post off somewhere else.

Anyway, Helen Lewis is a well known member of the terminally online transphobic freak club and has no background in any field of science to comment on any aspect of the Cass report, so here’s a breakdown of why the report sucks ass from someone who is qualified:

RustyEarthfire ,

NHS to discontinue delivery of babies until double-blind study is done vs just leaving it in there.

Passerby6497 ,

That study is like the "if Google was a guy" meme come to life

AVincentInSpace ,


GrymEdm , (edited ) in Israeli Firms Are Working Overtime to Sell Stolen Palestinian Land to US Jews avatar

Here's a 2-minute video Rich Seigel, a brave Jewish man from New Jersey. In that video he protested what he called the illegal property sale (perhaps one of the ones mentioned in the article) of Western Bank homes in a racially-restricted event. He also succinctly describes how the March 10th event broke both US and international law and why he refuses to let ethnicity = justification. "As Jews, we don't get to fly under the radar and break the law and hide it in a synagogue."

Aceticon ,

Not a single self-proclaimed "liberal" politician in the West ever complains about how, by trying to pass itself as "The Jewish Nation", Israel has been slandering the image of all Jews, including those Humanists who happen to be Jews, a large part of them being highly educated Westerners who are very much the opposite of the old-style ultra-racist religious supremacists that dominate in Israel.

If there is one thing this whole situation has made painfully clear is that if indeed it's all about "shared values" as we've been hearing from Western politicians for decades, then the values they share must be those of racial supremacism, as they're clearly not Humanist values.

Unsurprising you see the likes of Germany choosing "good jews" from "bad jews" (like how recently a german university revoked and invitation to an American Jew professor because he had criticised the acts of Israel in Gaza), same as in the old days.

GrymEdm , (edited ) avatar

Yes, I've noticed a lot of No True Scotsman fallacy as well, where dissenting voices are determined to be "not true Jews" or "antisemitic, self-hating Jews". In December the US Congress passed a law that explicitly states anti-Zionism = antisemitism, even over the objections of many members (mostly Democrats) including Jewish member Jerry Nadler. Here's a short video of Nadler calling the bill "either intellectually disingenuous or factually wrong" and explaining how Jews he has represented oppose Israeli policy without being antisemitic. Netanyahu has stated multiple times that anti-Zionism (in context = opposition to his policies) is the exact same thing as antisemitism.

There is an official, governmental, international battle to standardize what Jews are allowed to think. It completely disregards the fact that Jews are like any other ethnicity in that they represent a huge spectrum of beliefs and moralities, from saints to villains and everything in between. It's been proven time and again that judging people based on genetics or birthplace/residence only leads to injustice and suffering.

Aceticon ,

As I said in another post, the real problem is the cohalition of closet racist supremacist that has formed around Israel, who simply support genocidal white supremacism and colonialism (and remember, Israel has been heavilly portratraying itself as a Western nation for decades, so they're treated as "whites" at least when it comes to a conflict with those deemed non-whites such as Palestinians)

The reaction of most of Western power elites has nothing to do with Humanism or treating people fairly (Jews or otherwise) and all to do with Racism, especially Islamophobia, so you end end up with shit like non-Jews deeming actual Jews as anti-Semite (the kind of "traitor of the race" slander that the Nazis so loved)

I suppose that, for anyboy who hasn't been really thinking about it and observing the theatre of Western politics with a skeptical eye, the biggest surprise is how Liberals - who have always portrayed themselves as anti-Racism - turn out to be heavy supporters of genocidal racist supremacism.

nonailsleft ,

There's a lot of shit governments calling themselves islamic, christian, hindu nations. Smart people won't let themselves be baited by any of these fucks

Aceticon ,

Couldn't agree more.

Maybe the thin, thin, "oh so thin" silver lining on this big black cloud which is the Israeli Genocide in Gaza and the behaviour of Western power elites with regards to it, is that more people with humanist principles who, because of being part of the majority etnicity in their country (thus unlikelly to have been the target of racism hence not quite as keenly alert to its many faces) let themselves be swindled by certain self-proclaimed anti-racist western elites, will become keenly aware of all the racial bating and profound racism still around us at the highest levels that's portrayed as natural and even as "positive".

Take away the bullshit that's been spinned around the subject in the West to make it "politically correct" and you get to the core, which is that judging or treating people differently because of their etnicity is racial descrimination, and doing it on the "positive" side is as much racial descrimination as on the "negative" side.

The NAZIs themselves didn't only do negative discrimination, they also did "positive" discrimination towards various favoured races, especially the Arian Race, so maybe people should be having a good hard look at the people with discourses excusing and supporting even the most evil of deeds of the governments of nations who are self-proclaimed representatives of "favoured" etnicities.

The entire mental architecture of racism is alive and well in the modern West, and in it's modern clothes it remains wrong, no matter how much some closet racists try and paint their kind of discrimination of judgement and treatment on racial grounds as "positive".

febra , in Germany bans Greece ex-finance minister from speaking at events over pro-Palestinian views

German democracy is dying. Think about Varoufakis whatever you want but when the far right will have the same tools that this government has put in place it won’t be just greek lefties they’re going after

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

No need for the far right. The Nazis supporting Genocide are running Germany right now. They are full steam ahead on anti-Semitism and round up Jews that speak out against it.

Didn't need to wait for the AfD to win. The Social Democrats already converted to National Socialists.

febra ,

Yeah. They also arrested a jewish guy for flying a sign with "jews against genocide". Apparently for the german police that counts as "hate speech". This country is becoming a joke

PlexSheep ,


chknbwl , in China supporting Russia in massive military expansion, US says avatar

“Our view is that one of the most gamechanging moves available to us at this time to support Ukraine is to persuade the PRC [People’s Republic of China] to stop helping Russia reconstitute its military industrial base,” the official said.

Nooo... I think sending the weapons to Ukraine instead of Israel is one of, if not the, most gamechanging moves available. What the fuck do I know, though.

disguy_ovahea , (edited )

Maybe if the House could do their job and cool it with the partisan infighting we’d see that happen. Watch what Representatives vote against Ukraine aid and vote them out of office.

Beetschnapps ,

…if the republicans stopped infighting. There was never an issue with aid while Democrats were in the majority.

locke OP , (edited )

Why not both, though? In fact, China could also send weapons to help Ukraine.

avater , avatar

Well since China is actively supporting and allying with the Russkis they are also part of the problem and technically the enemy...

Chee_Koala , in Three killed after high winds pull them out of their apartments in China

Well holy hell! That's is really scary and hardcore. I can only imagine the windforce it must have taken...

cybersandwich ,

You don't have to imagine. They said it was level 10-12 winds which is 55-83 mph. That's a category 1 hurricane.

And to be honest a cat 1 hurricane seems like it shouldnt be able to rip people out of their houses. I guess they are built different over there.

ickplant , avatar

We currently have winds of over 75 mph in Colorado. Driving was a nightmare, but I can’t imagine this pulling me out of a window of a building. Maybe there was a huge gust?

Excrubulent , avatar

If you were going to look out the window to see the crazy storm, and you only opened the window just enough to lean out - which makes sense because of the wind and the rain - and you completely filled the window gap, then I could see it happening. Especially if the windows were near the corners where the flow would speed up and lower the pressure even more, and the wind happened to gust just at that moment, and you were high up where the winds would be stronger. It wouldn't happen a lot - maybe something like three times in a city of millions of people, just to pull a number out of my arse.

It just takes a moment of bad luck, especially if you weren't holding onto anything.

can ,

Among them were a woman in her 60s and her 11-year-old grandson, yanked from their apartment windows by strong wind together with their mattresses, according to CCTV citing media reports

Mattress was taking a peak too I guess.

Excrubulent , avatar

Oh wow, I guess not then. That only makes sense if the windows broke suddenly, which fits with the fact the other victim was in the same complex. They also say air-conditioners were blown off.

That's terrifying because there really wouldn't be any warning.

teamevil ,

Cat 1 hurricane winds briefly....those buildings are poorly constructed.

Tja , in Three killed after high winds pull them out of their apartments in China

Did Boeing build the apartments?

NatakuNox , avatar

Only a hand full of people died, so no. Boeing building wouldn't even still be standing

Marsupial , avatar

Chinese builders put Boeing to shame.

Gork , in Wanted American man flees to Russia, signs military contract

So how long until we see this guy pop up again, but in FPV drone footage, seconds before his demise?

fuego ,

“He liberated Avdiivka fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Russians.”

“I definitely would do it again, I’d go back if I could,” Puello-Mota says in the video as he recounts his experience fighting in an “international brigade” alongside the Russian army.

What does it take for you to admit when you're wrong?

khannie , avatar

Let's see if he lasts the war before calling them wrong, eh?

I'm sure the Russians will protect their little American paedo trophy though.

fuego ,

The guy I was replying to was implying he would be dead quickly.

You're now moving the goalposts to "he won't survive the war."

This is how those indoctrinated by propaganda operate.

But let me guess: you're immune to propaganda because the only propaganda is coming from Russia.

khannie , avatar

What he said was "let's see how long he lasts". You're the one inferring the fast death.

I didn't move any goalposts. In fact I thought I made it clear that Russia wouldn't let their little paedo trophy die.

Of course I'm not immune to propaganda. Neither are you as you've made abundantly clear.

fuego ,

“Let’s see how long he lasts" implies that he won't last long.

If you can't understand this, then you need to improve your reading comprehension.

I think you can understand it, you just don't want to admit he's wrong so you're moving goalposts like I said from the very beginning.

Neither are you as you’ve made abundantly clear.

Correct, I thought Ukraine actually had a chance of winning at first.

khannie , avatar

Yeah maybe you're right about what was implied by them, but you keep conveniently ignoring the fact that I said Russia will keep him alive while parotting "shoulder to shoulder" propaganda and making out like I think I'm immune.

I thought Ukraine actually had a chance at winning at first.

Oh. Hello again. Didn't like being called out in your last account so decided to create a new one. Lol.

fuego ,


You're too far gone. Sorry.

khannie , avatar

Lol. Nothing on them keeping the American paedo trophy alive.

See you when you come back with your next account to repeat that Ukraine has no chance and that you used to think they did.


BassTurd ,

Based on the voting response of your comments, it might be your reading comprehension that could use some work. "Let's see how long he lasts" doesn't imply anything but an undefined timeframe. Just because you inferred something from that doesn't make you right.

fuego ,

People are downvoting me because I don't show unwavering support for Ukraine.

It's how tribalism works and you can't see it.

deft ,

no because your argument is fuckin dumb lol

"you said he will die soon and he didn't!"

like wtf? support the pedophile all you want kiddy diddler

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