K1nsey6 ,
@K1nsey6@lemmy.world avatar

You mean exactly what we have in the US with antiBDS laws? Except the part where we can disparage our own government, but not he government of a foreign Zionist nation

Kusimulkku ,

Doesn’t sound exactly like that, no

  • Russia preparing ‘loyalty agreement’ legislation
  • Foreigners may be forbidden from criticism of state policy
  • Russia could forbid criticising Soviet history
  • Contravening ‘family values’ would also be forbidden
AllNewTypeFace ,
@AllNewTypeFace@leminal.space avatar

Russia goes towards full Juche.

K1nsey6 ,
@K1nsey6@lemmy.world avatar

Nothing like the US where its illegal in 32 states to criticize Israel

OttoVonNoob ,

WKUK nailed this concept… youtu.be/eg3_kUaYFJA?feature=shared

Kusimulkku ,

What about criticizing state policy, history or “family values”?

5BC2E7 , (edited )

I honestly think every country should do this. at least make them sign an agreement stating they will not advocate for hate or violence against residents of the nation or face deportation.

Edit by this I don’t mean copy russian values and their definition of allegiance but rather something consistent with the nations values

Ranvier ,

Sure, but that’s not what this is. This forbids any criticizing of any official policy of the country. It also includes “family values,” which means they’re building yet another excuse to throw lgbt people in jail. This is just yet another horrific authoritarian policy of Russia’s, add it to the pile.

5BC2E7 , (edited )

It’s actually better than what I expected from them. I thought their “loyalty agreement” was actually modern slavery/serfdom.

EDIT: wow i never expected that people would be upset that russia is not forcing immigrants into serfdom. wtf tankies.

floofloof ,

wtf tankies.

You’re misunderstanding why you’re being downvoted. It’s more probably because you seem not to see anything wrong with laws that are a pretext for jailing LGBTQ+ people.

5BC2E7 ,

The fact that doesn’t surprise me doesn’t mean it’s right. That assumption is not on me.

crandlecan ,

Hate and violence? Sure. This? Hell nah boy

5BC2E7 ,

I guess that you are also against germany deporting antisemites.

crandlecan ,


autotldr Bot ,

This is the best summary I could come up with:

MOSCOW, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Russia’s interior ministry has prepared draft legislation that would force foreigners to sign a “loyalty agreement” forbidding them from criticising official policy, discrediting Soviet military history, or contravening traditional family values.

Since President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has introduced a slew of tough laws that outlaw discrediting the military, and courts have handed down long jail sentences to opposition activists.

The TASS state news agency reported on Wednesday that the draft legislation had been prepared by the interior ministry and would force all foreigners entering Russia to sign an agreement that essentially restricts what they can say in public.

The Kremlin said earlier this month that some measure of censorship was needed as Russian troops were fighting in Ukraine, and cautioned those who wanted to criticise the military to think carefully before they did.

For the draft to become law, it has to be introduced to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, and to go through committee review and several readings before being submitted to Putin for signing.

“The draft law on the so-called ‘loyalty agreement’ with migrants entering the Russian Federation is in a high degree of readiness,” Leonid Kalashnikov told Interfax.

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