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This is more than a little off-topic, but that man is wearing two watches.

answersplease77 ,

Same and worse was said by the prisoners who came from Israel. Some kid who were in Israel’s prisons came back with broken hands, fingers and skulls while Hamas prisoners went back fine. This picture says all:


goat OP ,
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i too am convinced by social media posts

SoupBrick , (edited )

Well that is a pretty stark contrast from the testimony from the HAMAS hostages.

Obligatory: I do not condone violence from either side and want the violence and apartheid to end.

Edit: changed a word as to not cause confusion

goat OP ,
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What was the testimony from hamas prisoners in israel?

SoupBrick ,
goat OP ,
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Her husband still remains captive. Seems pretty obvious she’s saying nice things for her husband’s safety. Gurantee you she’ll change her tone after he’s released.

SoupBrick , (edited )

Yeah, those were very nice things she said about HAMAS when they initially kidnapped her. That still doesn’t change the fact that overall the testimonies are very different.

The US government has significantly more influence over Israel than HAMAS. HAMAS was formed, at least in part, from the hate created by the apartheid state Israel is enforcing. If I can influence one person’s decision on whether or not to go to a protest, I will. That is my reason for interacting with these posts. To show how terrible Israel’s actions are when, I don’t know, maybe comparing how they treat their hostages vs how a terrorist organization does?

5BC2E7 ,

They are hostages not prisoners. The difference is not small so your choice of words says all we need to know about your perspective.

SoupBrick ,

Congratulations you correlated semantics with intention. Are you saying there is not a difference between the testimonials? Because that is the point in my comment. I want the unnecessary civilian deaths to stop. What are you arguing for?

5BC2E7 ,

NO. I SAID THAT CALLING HOSTAGES PRISONERS IS DISINGENUOUS BULLSHIT. you might as well tell us they were lost and now have been found.

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

Most hostages released during a six-day-old truce have been rushed to hospitals out of sight in a country still reeling from the shock of their abduction during a Hamas rampage on Oct. 7 in which Israel says 1,200 people were killed.

The families of two girls who were held together found it hard to hear their children on their return home because they spoke only in whispers.

Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, abducted on Oct. 7 and set free two weeks later, said she confronted Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar while in captivity and asked him how he was not ashamed for having acted violently against peace activists like herself.

Ahal Besorai said his niece and nephew, Alma and Noam Or, 13 and 16, and a woman in their room had shared a diary, but the children were prevented from taking it when their captors removed the two of them.

He told CNN the children thought they were being taken to the toilet but the militants “handcuffed them, blindfolded them, (and) took them to the car that took them to the place where they were being handed over to the Red Cross.”

One Israeli mother, Daniel Aloni, wrote to thank Hamas’ armed al-Qassam Brigades before her release with daughter Emilia.

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