Arghblarg , avatar

Remember, this guy's entire family, the DeVos family, has their claws in lots of US policy.

scarabic , (edited )

Good god and I had only just forgotten about Betsy Freaking DeVos and her disastrous turn as Secretary of Education. What an asshole.

poplargrove ,

Erik Prince appeared on Breitbart Radio to allege that Hillary and Bill Clinton laundered money and frequented a “sex island” that was home to “underage sex slaves.”


Roflmasterbigpimp , avatar

Lemmy User RoflmasterBigPimp calls for Erik Prince to shut the fuck up!

wildcardology ,

The U.S. can't even take care of the 50+ they already have. You want to add more?

homesweethomeMrL ,

Why isn’t this fucker in prison? Again?

WhatAmLemmy ,

Because our "democracies" are a charade and most of our politicians are wholly pwned and financed by oligarchs like this megalomaniac psychopath.

TL;DR because he's a member of the oligarchy!

SeaJ ,

Why is this guy still walking around free?

SinningStromgald ,

He moved to Abu Dhabi and rich and most importantly he's white.

maness300 ,

I'm all for this.

wildcardology ,

Tell me about the 50+ states and territories the US already have.

maness300 ,

They're some of the most valuable and prosperous places to live on Earth.

DragonTypeWyvern , (edited )

Vermont has the lowest GDP of any state at 41 billion dollars.

If Vermont was an independent country, that would make it the 101st largest economy in the world.

I realize that terminally online weirdos with an ideology to grind like to pretend America is some third world dystopia, but the reality is that Eric Prince isn't talking about adding states, he's talking about outright conquest so it's just a bad angle you're trying to attack with regardless.

Like, the man is literally openly discussing horrors beyond human comprehension and your take is "American healthcare isn't great for poor people?"

Good news, dumbass, he's got a plan for that, it's called a slave economy, maybe focus on that?

PeckerBrown , (edited )

Too late, bitch-tits - China's already doing that.

driving_crooner , avatar

When did the US took off the imperialist hat?

DarkGamer , avatar

As if this mercenary fuckwit speaks for the entire US.

aniki ,

He's not American any longer

Infiltrated_ad8271 , avatar

They pretend otherwise, indignantly, when it comes to paying or assuming responsibilities they don't like.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

There's soft imperialism, and there's classical imperialism, and he's not arguing for controlling policy with fiscal incentives.

Mr_Blott ,

Erik, they got their cunts kicked by the rice farmers then the goat herders, have you learnt nothing?

Hegar ,

Yes, he learned how to make bank on imperialism.

Earthwormjim91 ,

That’s kind of irrelevant though because the US wasn’t colonizing them. And in both, the US had complete dominance during the entire occupation.

The south Vietnamese and the Afghan governments were weak and corrupt and caved as soon as the US withdrew. In a colonial situation, the US would have not pulled out at all and would have implemented a permanent occupation.

aniki ,

Captain lead paint chips needs to be shut up

originalucifer , avatar

what century does this guy live in?

Vikthor ,

The same as putin.

neidu2 , (edited )

To give you a hint: He suggested that an international coalition should take over Afghanistan permanently for its natural resources, and install him as an overseer, preferably with the title Viceroy.

bobs_monkey ,

"Is that.. legal?"

neidu2 , (edited )

Very much no

RealFknNito , avatar

Depends on who is making the laws that day.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

The thing about sovereign nations is that "legality" just doesn't apply.

"Banned by treaty" is a better term, but points to the obvious flaw that a nation can just withdraw from them even if just ignoring it stops working.

PugJesus , avatar

"I will MAKE it legal."

beansbeansbeans ,

Sounds like he watched War Inc.

vexikron , avatar

The corporate neofeudalism century, same as the rest of us.

soren446 , avatar

For a second my brain read this as Eric Prydz and I got hella confused. Fuck this guy and fuck Blackwater.

neidu2 , (edited )

"Call on meeeeeeeeeeee the viceroy of a neocolonial outpost."
*Local rubber farmers doing pelvic thrusts in the background *


I read it as de-colonize, and was wondering why the comments were mad

autotldr Bot ,

This is the best summary I could come up with:

Erik Prince has been many things in his 54 years on Earth: the wealthy heir to an auto supply company; a Navy SEAL; the founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater, which conducted a notorious 2007 massacre in the middle of Baghdad; the brother of Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s secretary of education; a shadow adviser to Trump; and the plaintiff in a lawsuit against The Intercept.

Prince and Serrano either do not know or do not care that previous bouts of the European flavor of colonialism led to the deaths of tens of millions of people around the world.

The book’s narrator, Charles Marlow, describes his voyage up a river into the interior of an unnamed African country that is obviously Congo in the process of being colonized by Belgium.

March 27: “I ask Mississippians of all faiths to pray for all our coalition forces and the Iraqi people as they engage in an intense but noble battle against what is nothing but sheer evil.”

Serrano at least is more in touch with the grimy reality of what they’re talking about, and he excitedly mentions how America could bring lesser nations “the professionalism they need to capitalize on their natural resources.”

In any case, Prince’s words illustrate that we are living in a time in which many of humanity’s worst ideas, ones we thought were long dead and buried, have risen from the grave and are now staggering about again.

The original article contains 857 words, the summary contains 239 words. Saved 72%. I'm a bot and I'm open source!

aniki ,

He wasn't a Navy seal

mortemtyrannis ,

He was technically, if Wikipedia is to believed.

He was a Naval Special Warfare Officer so not a SEAL Operator but technically that still is a Navy SEAL.

I know nothing about this person other than their wiki but I’m sure they conveniently leave off the fact they weren’t an Operator when saying they are a Navy SEAL.

afraid_of_zombies ,

What's the difference? Really asking, I don't know this stuff.

mortemtyrannis , (edited )

I’m no expert but as I understand it, a SEAL Operator is the SEAL you think of when you think of a Navy SEAL aka the guy in the frog suit with the gun rising out of the water to take a beach.

A Naval Special Warfare Officer is part of the support staff to the SEAL Operators effectively. I don’t know what specifically their function is (you can google it) but they probably do battlefield tactics for the actual Operators, they don’t go into actual battle.

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