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Business titans privately urged mayor to use police on protesters, chats show

A chat started by some wealthy after the Oct. 7 attack reveals their focus on Mayor and their work to shape opinion of the war.

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Well well well

"A handful of powerful businessmen pushed New York City Mayor Eric Adams to use police to crack down on pro-Palestinian student protesters at University, donating to the politician and offering to pay for private investigators to help break up the demonstrations, based on leaked WhatsApp conversations"

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"Universities have even gone so far as to suspend leading student groups, like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), organizing against ’s genocide in . Yet, students across the US and the world have remained defiant and steadfast in their demands against their universities' complicity with Israel’s genocide."

speaks w/ / student


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"So instead of continuing to entertain bad faith negotiations, we chose to strike at the heart of the prevailing order. We liberated Hind’s Hall."

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Why Opposition to is Not Antisemitism

article contains links to a statement by over 1,000 [ professors opposing equating with . Also contains link to a statement by Jewish students of with the opposite position]

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"What started as a student encampment at University in New York City three weeks ago has now turned into a global , expanding to Europe, Australia, Canada and beyond. We’ll get the latest from the campus grounds and ask what is next for the global ."

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But wants us only latched to allegations of the anxieties of Zionist :

“interacting with admin as a Palestinian student feels like choking on my own food at a fancy dinner table with all of them pretending not to notice. and then later finding out that they poisoned the food.”

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Freelance Journalist (and labor activist) Talia Jane:

This morning, students at University picketed outside the homes of three trustees.

At two of the three locations, random harassers suckerpunched student picketers. At one, a car drove into a student. NYPD arrested the victim.

The attacker is Reuven Kahane, a cousin of Meir Kahane, the late fascist founder of the JDL and the murderous movement in occupied Palestine

Student picketer who was struck by Kahane this morning was detained and is in the hospital, handcuffed to a bed, awaiting x-rays. Early reports of a wrist injury.

but wait... it gets worse...

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    from [gift article below]
    The One-State Solution
    By Edward Said
    Jan. 10, 1999

    This is an article by the late . He was a - American philosopher, academic, literary critic, and political activist. and a professor of literature at University.

    It spells out his position that only a binational state based on equality will work in - .

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    Latest comic: Where's the crisis?

    (Drawn before events of last week, but still relevant!)

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    From to , Professors Nationwide Defend Students as Politicians and Police Attack

    University faculty have put their bodies and livelihoods on the line amid a brutal, violent response to student protests for

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    "The campus crackdown, at both and schools across the nation, is indefensible. But when you are defending the indefensible, you need a spokesman like Adams, as prolific an inventor of fables as Scheherazade."

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    Nearly 90 members of Congress release a letter, addressed to President Biden, expressing concerns that Israel's conduct violates the Foreign Assistance Act.

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    Any single one of those protestors who faced down violence from the zionist thugs, the neo-nazi thugs and the police thugs, and peacefully kept their ground, or was wrongfully arrested, deserves the USA Presidency more than either or his comedic bloated mafiosa fool of an opponent.

    People should vote for the or an independent as a way of pursuing against US complicity in

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    I’ve Covered Violent Crackdowns on for 15 Years. This Overreaction Was Unhinged.
    When police attacked student , a lone trash can was the only damaged property I saw around City College of New York.
    Between and , over 200 protesters — almost all — were arrested before the night was out.
    Brutal policing and groundless excuses are nothing new, nor is bipartisan support for the crackdowns.

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    The in particular, and in general, are such fucking clowns.
    They're claiming the thick chains protestors at used when occupying a building are proof that the protesters weren't real students.
    In fact, not only are those chains widely used by students all over the city... Columbia itself sells them to students.
    Don't fall for the NYPD's attempts to manufacture consent for violently attacking peaceful protesters.


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    Over 1,000 American college students have been arrested as a pro-Palestinian protest movement rocks campuses this spring.

    The @Flipboard editorial team curated this collection of stories on what the protesters want, how the activism compares historically and how it's all impacting this year's U.S. elections.

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    Students in New York City marched between all five student encampments in NYC.

    📸 TW: @probablyreadit


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    The NYPD severely beat and brutalized people as they arrested them last night.

    Multiple students arrested had to be taken directly to the hospital.

    This was a cop riot.

    The cops worked to remove as many press people from the encampment prior to the sweep as possible.

    📸 TW: @ColumbiaSJP

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    There's a TON of footage of brutal take downs, cops dog piling people who are already down, and of course dragging them while beating the crap out of them to make it look like their reaction to being dragged is them "resisting".

    But, first I think you should see this meme!

    📸 TW: @probablyreadit
    🎤 IG: @noshu4me

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    Quick refresher, the student's named their liberated building after Hind. A young Palestinian girl whose finally moments were caught on an EMS call.

    In the call Hind can be heard discribing how here family had just been murdered by an IDF tank crew. Her final words are snuffed out but the sounds of IDF machine gun fire.

    Hind's body was eventually recovered from her family's car as well as those of her parents and the EMS crew dispatched to rescue Hind.


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    One instance of police violence captured at Hind's Hall was a cop in tan pants throwing a person down a flight of stairs.

    This incident was caught from several angels and feels like the sort of thing there will likely be law suits over.

    📸 TW: @taliaotg


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    Given 's unwavering support for and its genocidal apparatus, I am thinking of starting to transition out of its ecosystem.

    It's gonna be challenging, primarily because I use an Android smartphone, and because I have been using a Gmail account for ages.

    I welcome your tips!

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    @ThinkIsrael @DropBear @Mary625 @PeterLG @gee8sh

    Educate yourself with the Palestinian struggle of apartheid and the conditions they are 'surviving' in the world's largest open air concentration camp.……

    if the links don't resolve, change to……

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    @ThinkIsrael @fmors

    Who assaults Palestinians on daily basis violating everyday? NNiMF neo Nazi israel murder force.

    Who deliberately targets non combatants men, women, children, toddlers, humanitarian aid workers, UN staff, journalists, food convoys then calls all those killed terrorists? NNiMF neo Nazi israel murder force ordered by neo Nazi copycat war criminal pedophile netanyahu.

    Educate yourself with the Palestinian struggle of apartheid and the conditions they are surviving in the world's largest open air concentration camp.……

    if the links don't resolve, change to……

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