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Pro-Israel billionaires urged New York crackdown on Gaza protests

A handful of powerful businessmen pushed New York City Mayor Eric Adams to use police to crack down on pro-Palestinian student protesters at Columbia University, donating to the politician and offering to pay for private investigators to help break up the demonstrations, the Washington Post has reported, based on leaked WhatsApp conversations.


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After Raids, Denied Student Water and Food in Jail

Two college protesters were placed in solitary confinement, according to Columbia professors who worked in real time to support jailed .

by Akela Lacy
May 6 2024

"Students arrested during the police crackdown on protests at universities in New York City last week were denied water and food for 16 hours, according to two faculty members at ’s who collected reports from students who were inside.

"Other students reported that they were beaten by New York City Police Department officers after their arrests and taken to the hospital for injuries before being returned to central booking. Photos of the injuries were provided to The Intercept.

"Police arrested 282 protesters at Columbia University and the of New York. According to the professors, they ended up at one of two jails downtown: NYPD headquarters or the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse.

"'The conditions we’re hearing about are inhumane. They take away the dignity of every person in there.'

"Students arrested during the crackdown said at least two of them were put in solitary confinement for three hours and others reported much longer stays, according to Barnard College professor and a tenured faculty member who asked for anonymity to protect their livelihood. The faculty members were working to support jailed students. (The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

"Other students reported that they were held in mouse-infested cells, along with the general population of the jail. The students told the professors that they weren’t given water or food for 16 hours and that at least one student was left without shoes for the same period of time.

"'The conditions we’re hearing about are inhumane,' Mitra told The Intercept. 'They take away the dignity of every person in there.'

"Police forces and state troopers raided university protests at dozens of campuses across the country last week. Nationwide, police have arrested more than 2,500 people, according to an arrest tracker from The Appeal."

Read more:

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Rashid Khalidi; Students have always been on the right side of history." @palestine

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"Fifty years ago I was here to end the Vietnam war TODAY I am here to say FREE PALESTINE!"


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Pfffft, someone parroting Zionist talking points didn't like having facts thrown at them and figured misgendering me was the move to make.

Anyways, you'll notice a ton of Christian Zionists are also TERFs. Hell, when you see folks talk about eliminationism in either group, the similarities are astounding.

Just one more reminder for trans folks too that we're all fighting the same struggle and should stand together!

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Hey disabled folks, remember how the only reason we got rights in the United States was because we occupied a federal building for 28 days straight?

So you'd better not say one damn word outside of support for these encampments right now and figure out how you can show support.

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You'd better realize disability justice, Palestinian liberation, and SO many more causes are all tied together in this one movement and show solidarity.

Without the Black Panthers, we disabled people would not have succeeded in this occupation of a federal building.

These same people also called for the liberation of Palestinians. From a press conference in 1970, “We support the Palestinian’s just struggle for liberation one hundred percent. We will go on doing this, and we would like for all of the progressive people of the world to join in our ranks in order to make a world in which all people can live."

Even back then, people claimed these Black folks were "racists in reverse" and called them antisemitic. This pattern would continue to be used to silence people. Hell, remember when the BLM movement came under fire for its support of Palestine while Palestinians painted murals of George Floyd?

When you come to realize Black people have higher rates of Disability than the white population because of garbage our police state puts them through, you should start to get it. We ALL must fight against colonizers across the world.

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P.S. Let's not forget when Netanyahu himself sent cops to beat and arrest disabled protestors in Israel who were occupying roads, buildings, and even set up a one week encampment at one point, to fight for basic disability rights from 2017 to 2019.

Oh wait, did you never hear of the Disabled Panthers movement in Israel? Wonder why that got hushed up! Anyways, did you know the NYPD trains with the IDF? Who gave them the idea to beat folks occupying buildings and starting encampments do ya think, was it the guy calling for cops to be even more brutal to protestors this very week?

In all seriousness, all of these movements are the same movement in the end. We all want liberation, justice, and fair treatment. We're all tired of fascist police states taking that from us. Remember the 3.5% rule and let us all be a part of those numbers together to liberate the world!

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The isn't over, it isn't the first, and it won't be the last.

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Who is Hind Rajab, the Palestinian girl Columbia University protesters named a hall after?

Students at Columbia University say they renamed a building they occupied as Hind Hall in memory of Hind Rajab, a Palestinian girl who was killed by Israeli forces in Gaza City on January 29.

Hind was just six years old when the car she was travelling in with her family came under Israeli fire.

See ALT text for more


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Hind's photo of graduation from kindergarten, age 6.


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Hamilton Hall was raided by the pigs on April 30th, 1968, a Tuesday. The students stood for justice against racial violence and the imperialist war. Now, on April 30th, 2024, a Tuesday, Hamilton Hall has once again been raided by the pigs, ordered to suppress resistance from students who are standing against imperialist genocide, here and now.

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Minouche Shafik, the president of Columbia University has asked New York police Tuesday to remain on campus until May 17 to “ensure encampments are not reestablished”, the AFP news agency is reporting.


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New York Police Department officers in riot gear break into a building at Columbia University, where pro-Palestinian students were barricaded inside, in New York City on April 30, 2024 [Kena Betancur/AFP]


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NYPD entering Hamilton Hall on Columbia’s campus.


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Do these people even understand what it is they're doing by entering a campus to stop protest?
Have any of them ever read a history book??
Oh god, what am I saying...of course they haven't.

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“I’m horrified by the decision-making process here. This isn’t Moscow. This isn’t Tehran. This is New York City. We should be able to protest peacefully.”

Members of the New York Police Department strategic response team move towards an entrance to Columbia University, on Tuesday night, in New York City [Julius Motal/AP Photo]


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Protesters hang banners on the exterior of Hamilton Hall building after barricading themselves inside the building at Columbia University, after an earlier order from university officials to disband the protest encampment supporting Palestinians, or face suspension in New York City, U.S., April 30, 2024

Update: The police has since moved in.


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What the student protesters lack is a vision for a future beyond . Their demands are aligned with Hamas and neglect any patience for the negotiation.


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Columbia student protesters face expulsion after taking over campus building
The occupation of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University, renamed Hind’s Hall to honour a child victim in Gaza, unfolded as other universities stepped up efforts to end the protests.

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TikTok CEO has said the company will take the fight against the new law to the courts, but some experts believe that for the , national security considerations could outweigh protection.

While is a global phenomenon, it represents a small fraction of 's revenue, according to analysts and investors.

ByteDance says 'no plans' to sell TikTok after US ban law

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Hundreds of police officers entered on Tuesday evening to clear an academic building taken over by students the day before, as tensions surrounding the students’ campus encampment for have roiled the New York school for two weeks.

Dozens arrested at Columbia University as New York police disperse Gaza protest |

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officers move on to campus on Tuesday evening to clear out building taken over by protesters, with reports of more arrests at City College of .

Hamilton Hall was one of several buildings occupied during a 1968 and protest on the campus.

Dozens arrested at as New York police disperse protest |

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The board specifically recognized the work of at , where the Pulitzer prizes are located, for documenting the events on campus as raided student-led encampments on 30 April.

board recognizes work of US student journalists covering protests

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The Columbia president 's reputation is toast. End of the road for her.

This is a clear warning by the DOE to other university presidents to remain even handed.

The (DOE) announced on Thursday that it will be investigating for anti-Palestinian against students.

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