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The funny part about the removal of networking from the default package on , is that they did it for "security" reasons, without thinking that the MOST INSECURE way to transfer a to your is via the CLIPBOARD. Absolutely every running app or service can read the clipboard! And yet, that's the default way they expect users to do it now!

That maintainer didn't think it through at all.

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How to add an IP alias to an EC2 instance (or any cloud instance or VM) on /

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Endless OS 6 Is Here Based on GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”, Here's What's New

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DNSCrypt-proxy is an open-source and free software designed to encrypt DNS traffic, thus protecting it from eavesdropping and manipulation. Let us see how to install DNSCrypt-proxy on a 11/12 with Adblocker or Malware blocker

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I see some people are really disappointed about Debian packaging a stripped-down version of KeePassXC. But hey, I actually wish there was also a minimal @thunderbird package without integrations of IRC or Matrix etc, just with core email functionality.

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How to enable 12 Backports repository Learn how to enable, install, and search for packages from the Debian Linux 12 "bookworm" Backports repository in this quick tutorial.

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Giorno, devo mettere una distro per un nuovo utente, cosa mi consigliate? Volevo mettere una con e snapshot integrati..

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Security Advisory DSA-5681-1 fixes the following CVEs in the kernel: CVE-2023-6270 CVE-2023-7042 CVE-2023-28746 CVE-2023-47233 CVE-2023-52429 CVE-2023-52434 CVE-2023-52435 CVE-2023-52447 CVE-2023-52458 CVE-2023-52482 CVE-2023-52486 CVE-2023-52488 CVE-2023-52489 CVE-2023-52491 CVE-2023-52492 CVE-2023-52493 CVE-2023-52497 CVE-2023-52498 CVE-2023-52583 CVE-2023-52587 CVE-2023-52594 CVE-2023-52595 CVE-2023-52597 CVE-2023-52598 CVE-2023-52599 CVE-2023-52600 CVE-2023-52601 CVE-2023-52602 CVE-2023-52603 CVE-2023-52604 CVE-2023-52606 CVE-2023-52607 CVE-2023-52614 CVE-2023-52615 CVE-2023-52616 CVE-2023-52617 CVE-2023-52618 CVE-2023-52619 CVE-2023-52620 CVE-2023-52622 CVE-2023-52623 CVE-2023-52627 CVE-2023-52635 CVE-2023-52637 CVE-2023-52642 CVE-2023-52644 CVE-2023-52650 CVE-2024-0340 CVE-2024-0565 CVE-2024-0607 CVE-2024-0841 CVE-2024-1151 CVE-2024-22099 CVE-2024-23849 CVE-2024-23850 CVE-2024-23851 CVE-2024-24857 CVE-2024-24858 CVE-2024-24861 CVE-2024-26581 CVE-2024-26593 CVE-2024-26600 CVE-2024-26601 CVE-2024-26602 CVE-2024-26606 CVE-2024-26610 CVE-2024-26614 CVE-2024-26615 CVE-2024-26622 CVE-2024-26625 CVE-2024-26627 CVE-2024-26635 CVE-2024-26636 CVE-2024-26640 CVE-2024-26641 CVE-2024-26642 CVE-2024-26643 CVE-2024-26644 CVE-2024-26645 CVE-2024-26651 CVE-2024-26654 CVE-2024-26659 CVE-2024-26663 CVE-2024-26664 CVE-2024-26665 CVE-2024-26671 CVE-2024-26673 CVE-2024-26675 CVE-2024-26679 CVE-2024-26684 CVE-2024-26685 CVE-2024-26687 CVE-2024-26688 CVE-2024-26689 CVE-2024-26695 CVE-2024-26696 CVE-2024-26697 CVE-2024-26698 CVE-2024-26702 CVE-2024-26704 CVE-2024-26707 CVE-2024-26712 CVE-2024-26720 CVE-2024-26722 CVE-2024-26727 CVE-2024-26733 CVE-2024-26735 CVE-2024-26736 CVE-2024-26743 CVE-2024-26744 CVE-2024-26747 CVE-2024-26748 CVE-2024-26749 CVE-2024-26751 CVE-2024-26752 CVE-2024-26753 CVE-2024-26754 CVE-2024-26763 CVE-2024-26764 CVE-2024-26766 CVE-2024-26771 CVE-2024-26772 CVE-2024-26773 CVE-2024-26776 CVE-2024-26777 CVE-2024-26778 CVE-2024-26779 CVE-2024-26781 CVE-2024-26782 CVE-2024-26787 CVE-2024-26788 CVE-2024-26790 CVE-2024-26791 CVE-2024-26793 CVE-2024-26795 CVE-2024-26801 CVE-2024-26804 CVE-2024-26805 CVE-2024-26808 CVE-2024-26809 CVE-2024-26810 CVE-2024-26812 CVE-2024-26813 CVE-2024-26814 CVE-2024-26816 CVE-2024-26817 CVE-2024-26820 CVE-2024-26825 CVE-2024-26833 CVE-2024-26835 CVE-2024-26839 CVE-2024-26840 CVE-2024-26843 CVE-2024-26845 CVE-2024-26846 CVE-2024-26848 CVE-2024-26851 CVE-2024-26852 CVE-2024-26855 CVE-2024-26857 CVE-2024-26859 CVE-2024-26861 CVE-2024-26862 CVE-2024-26863 CVE-2024-26870 CVE-2024-26872 CVE-2024-26874 CVE-2024-26875 CVE-2024-26877 CVE-2024-26878 CVE-2024-26880 CVE-2024-26882 CVE-2024-26883 CVE-2024-26884 CVE-2024-26885 CVE-2024-26889 CVE-2024-26891 CVE-2024-26894 CVE-2024-26895 CVE-2024-26897 CVE-2024-26898 CVE-2024-26901 CVE-2024-26903 CVE-2024-26906 CVE-2024-26907 CVE-2024-26910 CVE-2024-26917 CVE-2024-26920 CVE-2024-26922 CVE-2024-26923 CVE-2024-26924 CVE-2024-26925 CVE-2024-26926 CVE-2024-26931 CVE-2024-26934 CVE-2024-26935 CVE-2024-26937 CVE-2024-26950 CVE-2024-26951 CVE-2024-26955 CVE-2024-26956 CVE-2024-26957 CVE-2024-26958 CVE-2024-26960 CVE-2024-26961 CVE-2024-26965 CVE-2024-26966 CVE-2024-26969 CVE-2024-26970 CVE-2024-26973 CVE-2024-26974 CVE-2024-26976 CVE-2024-26978 CVE-2024-26979 CVE-2024-26981 CVE-2024-26984 CVE-2024-26988 CVE-2024-26993 CVE-2024-26994 CVE-2024-26997 CVE-2024-26999 CVE-2024-27000 CVE-2024-27001 CVE-2024-27004 CVE-2024-27008 CVE-2024-27013 CVE-2024-27020 CVE-2024-27024 CVE-2024-27025 CVE-2024-27028 CVE-2024-27030 CVE-2024-27038 CVE-2024-27043 CVE-2024-27044 CVE-2024-27045 CVE-2024-27046 CVE-2024-27047 CVE-2024-27051 CVE-2024-27052 CVE-2024-27053 CVE-2024-27059 CVE-2024-27065 CVE-2024-27073 CVE-2024-27074 CVE-2024-27075 CVE-2024-27076 CVE-2024-27077 CVE-2024-27078 CVE-2024-27388 CVE-2024-27437

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This page provides instructions on installing and enabling Bash auto-completion on versions 10, 11, and 12 to increase productivity by writing custom bash code

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Somewhat embarrassing broke in unstable:

Setting up python3-samba (2:4.19.6+dfsg-2) ...
File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/samba/", line 25
SyntaxError: expected ':'
File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/samba/", line 25
SyntaxError: expected ':'
dpkg: error processing package python3-samba (--configure):
installed python3-samba package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of samba:
samba depends on python3-samba (= 2:4.19.6+dfsg-2); however:
Package python3-samba is not configured yet.


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I'm so glad that I got rid of (actually ) and .

Now, I need to get rid of as well, despite having invested (too) much effort. 😞

is my true and only safe heaven, as it seems.

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moving away from .deb is a good idea on paper to get them less reliant on . It's just the fact of how bad has been as a package manager and no one seems to like it but they're still going full steam ahead.

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Just bought an Arc 310, the lowest end Intel GPU. I've had an card before that but it's too much of a trouble with . Except the artifacts in 40 under with the official driver, it doesn't wake up from sleep after 2-3 sleep-wake up cycles. The driver is too slow for 2D/video (and buggy with 's official appimage), so I decided, that's it, time to move on from nVidia.

Also decided to try out as my main distro to replace Fedora.

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Do you experience unexplained crashes or freeze-ups on your Ubuntu (or other) Linux based home theater PC or gaming system? Here is a possible fix!

After installing Ubuntu 22.04, Kodi on a home theater PC would frequently freeze. This issue, applicable to various Linux distros, can be resolved by increasing the vm.max_map_count value in sysctl.conf. This setting controls the maximum number of memory map areas a process may have, crucial for applications like Kodi that use numerous memory-mapped files.

Jerry , (edited ) avatar

The first post of this new account on this instance may have resolved a problem I've been trying to figure out for over 2 years! Fingers crossed!

While I'm not using Kodi, I have been having these random crashes.

My sysctl.conf didn't have a value for vm.max_map_count, but when I ran "sudo cat /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count" I saw it was set to the default of 65,530.

I followed the instructions in the post.

Now I wait and see with great hope!

twosortoftechguys OP Bot , avatar

@Jerry Hope that little tip fixed your problem - we sure wish we'd known about it a couple of years ago!

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How to configure AWS SES with Postfix MTA on 11/12

This is something work demands. At a personal level, you don't need this.

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Here is how to fix the "The repository ‘ buster-backports Release’ no longer has a Release file." error on system 👇💥

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I could be happy running either or . I think that's a good place to be.

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There apparently is a local privilege escalation in kernel module . You may want to stop the module from loading for now:

echo -e "blacklist n_gsm\ninstall n_gsm /bin/false" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/0-stop_n_gsm.conf


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Hello les fedigens ! Je m'adresse tout particulièrement aux . Je dois changer mon hdd de partitions de données, j'en profite pour faire une réinstallation totale. Fidèle à depuis 2007, je voudrais changer, j'aime pas snap et cie. Pour ne pas être trop dépaysé, je pensais à , ou , kekchose de solide, pas prise de tête, à jour, sous . Pour un laptop gamer de 10 ans d'âge. Usage : Steam, astrophoto, internet...
Votre avis, autre à conseiller ?

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The xz backdoor storm isn't over yet and the next storm seems coming up: in the 5.15 to 6.5 (at least):

Affects at least 12 Stable and 22.04 LTS (including HWE kernels).

(Via and

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