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A Night Different From Others as Campus Protests Break for Seder

Pro-Palestinian protesters, many of whom are , prepared dinners at college protest encampments.

[a very moving article, which rebuts the falsehoods about widespread antisemitism in the protests]

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Warned Against Anti-Palestinian

Said’s legacy reads today as a scathing condemnation of the hypocrisy of U.S. liberal institutions, their moral corruption, and the hollowness of the very values that they profess to teach.

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US College Students Demonstrate in Solidarity With Palestinians, Protesters

" made a huge mistake calling the cops on student protesters," said one educator. "It has transformed the activism of hundreds of students into a student movement of thousands."

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  • Students Arrested Over Campus Rally May Face Other Consequences -

Students who camped in tents to protest the war in , including the daughter of Representative , may be barred from finishing the semester.

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No Columbia University certificate or degree may provide those students as much political credibility as proof of their arrest.

History will reward the brave and those who take common matters more serious than their immediate personal benefits.

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from [gift article link below]
, Free Speech and the Coddling of the American Right

"...many students reported receiving emails informing them that they were suspended and temporarily barred from their dorms, effectively rendering them homeless."

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