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Joe Biden could still turn this around and not lose to Trump by defunding Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. If he doesn’t, there will be only person to blame for Joe Biden losing to Trump in six months and that’s Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden.

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Educate yourself on the , 70% of Germans are unaware of it, possibly similar numbers are true for the rest of the western countries.

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The New York protests about the in are being violently crushed by police. In the “land of the free”, where “free speech” is sacrosanct?

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The case against Israel has just collapsed
Revised civilian death figures expose the lie behind claims of ‘genocide’.


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@RememberUsAlways @palestine @israel

This is why civilians are barred from the safety of the tunnels, even though the whole population would fit inside them. This is why they do not have a single air raid shelter. ’ leaders have been doing their best to get their people killed on camera, then fabricated the figures. They've been doing so to brainwash the international media, political leaders, celebrities and the protesters on our streets, to believe the lie of

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/ Coalition Criticizes Meta's Lack of Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation Amid Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A coalition of Palestinian and global digital rights groups has expressed concerns over Meta's response regarding its content moderation practices during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The coalition claims that Meta's response failed to provide sufficient transparency and concrete steps to identify and mitigate the negative human rights impacts of its policies and actions. Particular concerns were raised about the potential for over-moderation of Palestinian and Arabic content due to temporary safety measures, such as lowered automated moderation thresholds and algorithmic bias against Arabic language content.

Furthermore, the coalition accused Meta of failing to outline specific actions to prevent the spread of incitement to , especially from Israeli government officials and politicians, despite international orders and the recent provisional measures issued by the .

While welcoming Meta's efforts to allow accountability mechanisms to request extended content retention, the coalition criticized the exclusion of civil society organizations and the lack of transparency on retention timeframes, which could hinder investigations and accountability processes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The coalition’s response concludes:

[…] Meta must demonstrate a genuine commitment to upholding human rights and protecting all voices on its platforms in these precarious times.

H/t @milennialzero


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Today in Labor History May 18, 1781: Tupac Amaru II was drawn and quartered in Plaza Mayor del Cuzco, Peru. Tupac II had led a large indigenous uprising against the Spanish conquistadors. As a result of his heroic efforts, he became an inspiration to others in the fight for indigenous rights and against colonialism. The uprising began because of “reforms” by the colonial administration that increased taxes and labor demands on both indigenous and creole populations. However, there was also an ongoing desire to overthrow European rule and restore the pre-conquest Incan empire. And though this would merely replace one feudal power with another, there were also Jacobin and proto-communist elements to the rebellion. Most of the Tupamarista soldiers were poor peasants, artisans and women who saw the uprising as an opportunity to create an egalitarian society, without the cast and class divisions of either the Spanish or Incan feudal systems.

The uprising began with the execution of Spanish colonial Governor Antonio de Arriaga by his own slave, Antonio Oblitas. Tupac Amaru II then made a proclamation claiming to be fighting against the abuses of Spain and for the peace and well-being of Indians, mestizos, mambos, native-born whites and blacks. They then proceeded to march toward Cuzco, killing Spaniards and looting their properties. Everywhere they went, they overthrew the Spanish authority. Tupac’s wife, Michaela Bastidas commanded a battalion of insurgents. Many claimed she was more daring and a superior strategist than her husband.

However, despite their strength and courage, the rebels failed to take Cuzco. The Spaniards brought in reinforcements from Lima. Many creoles abandoned the Inca army and joined the Spanish, fearing for their own safety after seeing the wanton slaughter of Spanish civilians. In the end, Tupac was betrayed by two of his officers and handed over to the Spanish. However, before they killed him, the Spanish forced him to watch them execute his wife, eldest son, uncle, brother-in-law, and several of his captains. They cut out both his wife’s and son’s tongue before hanging them.

As a result of Tupac’s leadership and success against the Spanish, he became a mythical figure in the Peruvian struggle for independence and in the indigenous rights movement. The Tupamaros revolutionary movement in Uruguay (1960s-1970s) took their name from him. As did the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary guerrilla group, in Peru, and the Venezuelan Marxist political party Tupamaro. American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur, was also named after him. Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, wrote a poem called “Tupac Amaru (1781).” And Clive Cussler’s book, “Inca Gold,” has a villain who claims to be descended from the revolutionary leader.


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Joe Biden's claim that Hamas’s October 7 attacks were “driven by ancient desire to wipe out the Jewish people" is ahistorical and dangerous. In fact, Jewish history shows that antisemitism is a Western problem.

@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel Good grief!!! Nothing justifies the by , and murder of a people. Nothing.

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« 📣 se défend des accusations de et rejette l’ordonnance de nouvelles mesures conservatoires par la . 🇿🇦⚖️🇮🇱

Comme promis, je vous résume brièvement les plaidoiries israéliennes d’aujourd’hui. 🇮🇱👇»

🧵 par , juriste

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Despite the announcement of the suspension of Turkish trade with Israel, a large number of ships continue to import and export daily between Israeli and Turkish ports.

@palestine @israel


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Foreign ministers from 13 countries warn Israel against Rafah assault

Foreign ministers from 13 countries have signed a letter warning Israel to halt its ground invasion of Rafah and to allow more aid to reach the Palestinian population.

The letter was signed by the foreign ministers of the G7 states: Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan and Canada, as well as their counterparts from Australia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea and Sweden.


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@LauraKT @AJEnglish @appassionato @palestine 17 countries can sign petition against the & in but as long as , , continues to supply the and to do so why should stop?

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LIVE: Israel responds to South Africa’s ICJ appeal for Rafah attack halt | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Israel argues it facilitates the passage of aid to Gaza
  • Noam: ‘There is no genocide’
  • Israel claims South Africa’s demand for Rafah withdrawal shows support for Hamas

... and much more BS from Israel's lawyers, if you can stomach reading it.


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@Miro_Collas @palestine

Tried watching livestream of trying to justify to the but couldn't stomach it so

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What did ICJ ruling mean in South Africa's genocide case against Israel?

The UN's top court has resumed hearings on a case brought by South Africa accusing Israel of genocide in the Gaza war and seeking an emergency halt to its offensive in Rafah.

The words of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have been subject to intense scrutiny since South Africa brought its case and it’s centred around the use of the word “plausible” in the ruling.

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"The strategy utilised by the Zionist Establishment within Jewish communities and outside these communities, particularly, in the United States, England, France, Germany and Australia is to engage in an intentional falsification of history and contemporary reality when it comes to the supposedly intractable conflict between Israel and the Palestinians."
"As the world witnessed in the case of the destruction of the highly probable victory of Jeremy Corbyn becoming British Prime Minister, these campaigns of destroying opponents of Israeli ethnic cleansing have been extremely potent and successful.

It is, therefore, imperative that all people opposed to this war of annihilation of the Palestinian people must make sure that this current campaign which aims to destroy any opposition to the Gazan genocide is decisively defeated."


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The Zionist lobby is rich and influential @TanyaGKasim
They must be exposed and controlled.

@palestine @israel

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The Fediverse seems thrilled with Jews leaving the platform through continued widespread antisemitism.


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Not all Jews are like you @galad
That's evidently a truth that you find hard to accept.

The roots of Zionism can be traced to the early 17th century. Until very recently, it was a gentile concept. Jews didn't start using the term in relation to themselves until very late in the 19th century.

Jewish Zionism comes in many forms. The form that spawned Israel is characterised by racism and bloodlust, as evinced by the current prima facie genocide.

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/ Settlers looted and desecrated food intended for Gaza in front of soldiers, peace activists were attacked, and two trucks were set on fire

Dozens of settlers and far-right Israelis looted yesterday the humanitarian aid trucks making their way to the Strip through the Tarqumiya crossing near Hebron. The humanitarian aid was blocked at two points in the area south and west of Hebron Hill - near the Tarqumiya checkpoint and near the Negohot settlement. After being blocked and looted, two trucks were set on fire near the Tarqumiya checkpoint.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

B'Tselem stated that the looting continued for hours, "in front of soldiers and police officers, as well as security personnel at the crossing, who did not lift a finger to stop the desecration of food. This conduct by the Israeli authorities grossly violates the interim orders of the International Court of Justice, which demanded that Israel allow the supply of humanitarian aid to Gaza."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

H/t Zoha


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I think it's more fundamental than that @peterbrown
From the beginning in the 19th century, when those who eventually created Israel combined aspects of Christian Zionism with aspects of Judaism to create their ideology, they denied the existence of Palestinians. When Palestinians stubbornly continued to exist, that ideology denied their humanity. Eliminating the existing population of Palestine is fundamental to the very essence of Israel.

@JapanProf @oatmeal @palestine @israel

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@oatmeal @palestine @israel

Destroying food deliveries for a people in dire need already struck by shows a form of ethnonationalistic violence which is out of reach for any moral judgement.

Keeping to oneself and ignoring world hunger is so common as the normality of social darwinism in capitalistic market societies. But taking away food from the hungry and destroying it in front of their eyes is a murderous barbaric aggression

that remains hidden from the general public out of practical reasons

  • it negates everything that value based societies who support Israel's in need to legitimize their imperial dominance.
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With a greenlight from Biden to continue the its invasion into , despite evidence of war crimes, is now calling residents of eastern to evacuate to the “humanitarian zone” in the coastal al-Mawasi region in southern . Similarly IDF called residents of Jabaliya and Beit Lahiya, two neighborhoods in northern Gaza, to evacuate to western Gaza City.

H/t Jack Khoury


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/ Israel making mockery of the ICJ

Cat to the mouse: "there is a tragic war going on, but there is no " [taking place here]


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