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Offset Announces The Second Year Of His "Toys 4 The Nawf" Christmas Toy Drive

> announced his newest charitable endeavor and it's an even bigger version of the toy drive he began last year.


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: Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back


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: Buga Kingz - Bugalicious


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Yeah, this feels about right for Jack Harlow
All the energy of a local opening act


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Well, throw out your whole meal plan.

Quavo Drops Free Cookbook Full Of Family Recipes For Thanksgiving

> has released a loaded with "family recipes" to help fans out ahead of their dinners


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I just want a full version of this song, minus the product placement
ft Shaq

I Wish (I Was a Little Bit Smaller) | x Pepsi Minis



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While looking for texts on the Puerto Rican connection to the invention of (yep, we were there on the ground floor in a big way) I found two specific books "New York Ricans from the Hip Hop Zone" by Raquel Z. Rivera and "From Bomba to Hip-Hop" by Juan Flores. While these are incredible works of thought and research, the language is massively academic and inaccessible. Then I stumbled upon "Can't Stop Won't Stop : A History of the Hip Hop Generation" by Jeff Chang. Wow! Super easy to read, and Chang dives deep into the world Kool Herc inhabited in Jamaica and that he brought with him to the Bronx to help kick start the birth of this amazing culture. But he also unpacks the gang cultures, dominated by Puerto Ricans and the political and socio-economic context of the time that set the stage for Hip Hop's birth. A truly monumental and necessary history book. Can't recommend it enough.

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Diddy Blew Up Kid Cudi's Car, Cassie's Lawsuit Alleges

> Cassie appeared in court today to file a against for alleged , also accusing him of destroying 's car.


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I don't pay attention to , and I have no idea about it either. You know, me = as long as I have something to wear, that's good.

Thus, I had no idea until a few hours ago that pants, jeans especially, is making a comeback for both men and women.

Not only wideleg but too.

As a Gen (1975/8 to 1983/5), and from the where my era was all about / , my taste has always been wideleg and bootcut + waist or low waist.

It's good seeing our era in fashion is making a comeback. I mean, we won't hear Gen Z and Gen Alpha whispering or when we're outside. 🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😅😅

✅ Philippines

How is it in your country? Same thing?

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I ain't forget about Dre

André 3000 announces debut solo album, 'New Blue Sun'

> 's is making his triumphant return to music with the upcoming release of his debut solo album, "New Blue Sun."


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Producers filling they Amazon cart, bout to replace they whole studio

Blue Sun


Ocarina That Zelda shit
Pan Flute
"The Flute Book"

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good morning once again and welcome to this week's edition of my music thread! please give me a bit to compile the first few songs i'm gonna post—in the meantime, let's fucken goooooooo~ 🧵👇🏾

@BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

digging in the tape stash dot gif

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I'll do a proper intro message now as I know more what I'm doing. I'm fed up of Twitter/X being all hate speech & fake accounts so I've come here to discuss music, & . Yeah I'm one of those! 😀

My music taste is wide so I'm into & even some .

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So I've finally joined Mastodon after being hassled by someone who will remain unnamed. Joined here to get away from the toxicity of other social media platforms. I'm mostly here to discuss music. I love all forms but particularly . All forms of really & I love

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Drake is cranking out his eighth studio album titled “For All the Dogs.” Does the five-time Grammy-winner deliver the hits? The Ringer discusses:

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