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"A full 54% of Americans (and 56% of registered voters) now want Congress to pass 'a law that keeps abortion as legal and accessible as it was nationwide under Roe v. Wade,' according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll."

Yahoo News reports: "That is the highest level of public support for making Roe the 'law of the land' since Yahoo News and YouGov started asking about the issue in spring 2022."

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I am starting a thread on killing at warfare:

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The internet is embroiled in a vicious polycrisis: child safety, surveillance, discrimination, disinformation, polarization, monopoly, journalism collapse - not only have we failed to agree on what to do about these, there's not even a consensus that all of these are problems.


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


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When , Canada's largest news publisher, struck a profit-sharing deal with Google, they killed their longrunning, excellent investigative "Defanging Big Tech" series.

A privacy law would also protect access to healthcare, especially in the post- era, when Big Tech surveillance data is being used to target people who visit abortion clinics or secure medication abortions. It would end the practice of employers forcing workers to wear health-monitoring gadget.


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The agreement between the israeli government and Hamas provides for the release of 50 women and children held hostage in Gaza during a four-day pause in the fighting, in exchange for the release of around 150 Palestinian children and women held in Israel.
The stakeholders thus avoided an exchange of all captives.
You can be angry at anyone who tells you that the Israeli government chose to sacrifice the other kidnapped. If you do not push for a permanent ceasefire, you're on the side of violence, not on the side of the kidnapped and their families. Hamas responsibility is irrelevant to this discussion.

Dr. Assaf David works at ‎The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute - מכון ון ליר בירושלים‎
He teaches political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
He wrote on 2023-11-18 (machine-translated from Hebrew):
“Six weeks from the cursed Saturday it is already clear that the government of failure led by Netanyahu and led by the extreme right has made a strategic decision: the main objective is to injure Hamas, and along the way the Gaza sword and killed many thousands of uninvolved. The secondary goal is to return the babies and children, women, elderly, officers and female soldiers from the basements and tunnels in the southern strip.
The meaning of this strategy is twofold: first, complete abandonment of the abducted male citizens, and next to the captives men and women of the army, to murder, to torture, to disappear between the ruins of Gaza or to long sufferings in captivity without an expiration date. Second, the abandonment of the group of women and children kidnapped to Hamas's sickening games: the murder and disappearance of some of them, and the release of the other part at large ranges and with assurance of Russian life. Al-Kassam spokesperson's message this evening about "losing contact with some of the prisoner guard squads" is just a taste of what to expect.
Anyone who calls for the continuation of the fighting in Gaza is actually supporting these horror scenarios. Anyone who recites proverbs about the importance of releasing the hostages and does not understand that the meaning must be a long ceasefire actually supports these horror scenarios.
It's fucked up, it's frustrating, it's unbearable, but it's the reality. Nearly 240 kidnapped and prisoners that Hamas, other organizations and Iranian civilians have laid hands on are an equal breaker in this war. Disgusting but that's how it is. Security experts and negotiation experts with decades of experience said from day one: All against all. Empty the jails in Israel from Palestinians in exchange for all the kidnapped, prisoners and bodies held in Gaza. This is the lowest price we will pay for them, and it will go up daily.
Unless, of course, you believe in the far right and the paralyzed government, and support the strategy of the person in charge, that he will do everything he can to continue the war that will extend his reign. In such a case you have already decided, and you just don't like telling everyone, to destroy Gaza and eliminate everything possible from Hamas until you have to leave, worth the lives of the kidnapped and prisoners. In such a case, you are simply a continuation of the threatening failure that brought us here.
Everything that can be done to Hamas (within the limits of reality) and we still haven't done will have to wait. If we do not return them all immediately we are not worthy of the title of a state. Wish for yourself that you will never have to be in a situation where your children or loved ones are kidnapped into some hole and you are forced to look at the horror in your country, and in a large part of your society, sacrifices them without hesitation in exchange for dubious military achievements that could have been achieved later by military means or in combination with the exercise of force and correct policies.
This is a valuable decision. Stand behind it. They said: We hope to be able to eliminate Hamas, and we understand that the meaning is to give up the hostages and captives. Don't lie. And after that pray hard that next time the roulette of terror will not visit you. Because if it happens, you are alone.”

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Marking the anniversary of the decision overturning v. Wade with a re-read of this @bykenarmstrong @ProPublica piece on Matthew Hale, the 17th century witch trial judge whose work is cited by Alito in the majority opinion:

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It's been one year since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, giving states the right to ban abortion. NBC News reports on how the ruling has reverberated around the nation.

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