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"How does non-violent protest turn to violence at the hands of the ? How have national politics driven the responses to ? As university space has become more contested, particularly by political forces on the right, what do violent responses to protests mean for university values of ?"

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In the first 56 min, Max Blumenthal destroys Jake Sullivan and the State dept, talks about America First becoming Israel First, the GOP bill where the US cannot pause weapons to Israel, the new censorship measures targeting media, Juan Cole, Jewish Voice for Peace. The US will get to the point where anybody criticising Israel will be labelled as "terrorist organization"...Full blown McCarthyism happening right now.

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Facebook just took down roughly 100 pages and profiles for violating the site's rules that prohibit “militarized social movement,” including militia groups that take personal responsibility for defending their communities from a variety of perceived threats.

These 100 pages are just a tiny fraction of the thousands of militia groups Facebook has previously kicked off the site, supposedly permanently.

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There’s nothing groundbreaking about protesters’ tactics of taking over university buildings or erecting encampments on college lawns.

These students – knowingly or unknowingly – are part of a long history of radical student organizing. There are echoes of both the protests against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 70s and more recently, of South African apartheid in the 1980s.

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But check out the ad which Robert De Niro did for Biden. It's featured in this segment from MSNBC.

If anybody from the Biden campaign is reading this, why does it take FOREVER to upload ads at YouTube on your channel there? Relying on Twitter/X leaves out a lot of people who have quit that platform.

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Putin, really: “Now that the US aid is arriving, let’s freeze the lines and let us regroup, K?”

🫵 🍽️ 💩 & ☠️

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“The choice facing the nation this November is much older and deeper than Trump. A determined minority has been trying to shape the foundations of American governance for their own benefit since the inception of the republic. ... In 2024, the country is once again immersed in a pivotal battle over whom the political system should serve and represent.”

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America has been consumed by reproductive rights battles since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade two summers ago.

@RollingStone has curated a collection of stories about abortion issues on @Flipboard

(Subscription may be required)

For more coverage, follow @abortion-ElectionCentral

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U.S. Supreme Court approves South Carolina congressional map previously found to dilute Black voting power.

CNN reports the court rejected "the argument raised by civil rights groups that lawmakers impermissibly used race as a proxy to bolster the GOP’s chances. But the high court also said that the civil rights groups that challenged the maps could continue to pursue one part of their claim, a move that will likely delay the battle over the districts for months."

For more coverage of the U.S. Congress, follow @the-house-ElectionCentral

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For the Women Who Accused the Campaign of Harassment, It’s Been More Harassment

Trump is well known for publicly bullying his rivals, but the former president’s campaign has also used similar tactics to launch private, relentless attacks against some of its own workers.

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"Trump’s campaign used similar tactics against its own workers. These fights have been waged out of the public eye against with few resources to stand up against the campaign’s battery of , paid from a seemingly bottomless trove of ...

Supporters are giving him money earned with “blood, sweat a& tears,” Denson said. “And it is being turned around to terrorize people.”"

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    in Context: A Collaborative Project

    Rising: Dismantling Repression, Imagining Futures Part 1 | A Conversation with Representatives

    Students from DC/MD/VA/NY+ in conversation with


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