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»Klickt man in der TikTok-App auf einen Link, der in TikTok (etwa in der Kanalbeschreibung) gepostet wurde, wird dieser mittels des In-App-Browsers geöffnet, wodurch zahlreiche Daten an TikTok übermittelt werden, die mit dem User oder der Userin verknüpft werden, beispielsweise die vollständige URL, Zeitstempel und den Verlauf der Seiten, die im Browser aufgerufen werden.«


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A friend in the Seattle protest community went to work for the city to help them improve police accountability.

She worked AND succeeded at lobbying the city to pass a city law requiring research into police shootings and how they affect families.

The city hired her to be part of this new workgroup but never paid her EVEN though the budget was allocated!

Please consider donating and taking action 👇🏿


Venmo: @C-Lite

📸 @TooMeanToBean


nullagent OP ,
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Tired of watching cops brutalize protesters?

You know what's even worse? Until a court ruling PROVING the cops at fault it's unlikely anyone's medical bills will be paid for by the government.

What if I told you a Black organizer already passed a law to fix this?

Check this out 👇🏿


Venmo: "C-Lite"
Cashapp: $CLitee

📸 @TooMeanToBean


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New app update: a few fixes and small improvements plus, finally, image descriptions, including text recognition!
I'll add automatic AI image captioning if this post gets enough traction.
(I'll probably add it anyways so don't feel obligated to boost 😆).

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Krebstherapien sind gut und wichtig. Aber, weshalb die App »Krebs Therapie Assistent Mika« unmittelbar nach dem Start personenbezogene Daten (Google-Advertising-ID) übermittelt, ist fraglich. Die Einwilligung dazu wird erst später beim Consent-Banner abgefragt. Leider zu spät.

rother_stuebs ,
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Join this on ! Discover more about its features, inner workings & creation of https://www.youtube.com/live/qNGw8IKaqc0?si=YQ7PunQWcA0pueZc

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Arbeitsminister Heil plant Bürgergeld per App

In Zukunft soll es möglich sein, das Bürgergeld per App zu beantragen. Das Konzept ist Teil einer Digitalisierungsstrategie von Arbeitsminister Heil. Die Idee: Prozesse vereinfachen und die Behörden entlasten.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/innenpolitik/buergergeld-app-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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GOSIM 2024 Europe Will Be Held in the Netherlands on May 6th: Embrace the Global Open Source Wave and Build a New Era of AI Here comes the GOSIM 2024 Europe!

For more information please visit: https://europe2024.gosim.org

Scan or register here:

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Hey everyone! We are trying to reach out to Google to stop their anti-competitive search practices which are harming Tuta.

Please boost and spread the word on Twitter/X if you still use the platform.
👉 https://twitter.com/TutaPrivacy/status/1780212042055782773

Thank you. 😍

fast_junkie ,
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@Tutanota you're not getting a similar response here as on #x. I actually put the entire text of your description into a ...

On top was a link to your on 🙄

BUT... I scrolled though many results... you're there... I mean serious, just not there.

Your account comes up well before anything remotely ...

comes in so many forms... seems people who speak the are always beat down.

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Hello all, I'm trying something new to get a better vision of users, what you like in the app, what you don't like and miss.

(yes, it's a survey 😶)

You can find it here: https://forms.gle/QbVhVQDnuShfvhUB9

Since it's the first time I'm doing this exercise, don't hesitate to give me any feedback about the process by itself!

Also, boosting for visibility will be highly appreciated. 🙂

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Unsere inklusive „Urformen. Eiszeitkunst zum Anfassen“ bietet nicht nur sehbeeinträchtigten Menschen einen Zugang. In unserer App haben wir gleich vier verschiedene Touren im Angebot:

  1. Audio-Tour 👂
  2. Audiodesriptive Tour 👂👁️
  3. Einfache Sprache 📖 👍
  4. Deutsche Gebärdensprache 👐

Infos zur & zum Download:


Ansicht in der App: jeweils zwei Kacheln für Auswahl einer der vier verschiedenen barrierefreien Touren.

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We've immensely improved our encrypted Tuta Calendar recently. 📅

Would you like to see the as a separate

Please take a moment & share your opinion. Thank you! 😍 🙏

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Wir starten Morgen in den Urlaub. Wird also ruhig die nächsten zwei Wochen.

Aber @IzzyOnDroid hat für euch einen lesenswerten Gastartikel vorbereitet, der am 25. März erscheint. Thema: "Android-Apps auf dem Seziertisch: Eine vertiefte Betrachtung". Ich spoilere mal: Wird F-Droid nicht so gefallen. 😉

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The foundational tenet of "the Cult of Mac" is that buying products from a $3t company makes you a member of an oppressed ethnic minority and therefore every criticism of that corporation is an ethnic slur:



If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on pluralistic.net, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:



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  • 18+ pluralistic OP ,
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    Among the apps that Apple also refuses to allow on Ios is third-party browsers. Every Iphone browser is just a reskinned version of Apple's Safari, running on the same antiquated, insecure Webkit browser engine. The fact that Webkit is incomplete and outdated is a feature, not a bug, because it lets Apple block web apps - apps delivered via browsers, rather than app stores:



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    Das geplante Tutorial zu für das erste Quartal 2024 ist auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben. Auch Version 0.5.5c ist mir persönlich noch zu buggy bzw. es treten seltsame Situationen/Schwierigkeiten im Betrieb auf. Da muss noch etwas Fleiß und Arbeit reinfließen, bevor ich dazu ein Tutorial erstelle.

    tagesschau , to Random stuff German
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    Warum der Akkuzustand beim E-Auto oft für Rätsel sorgt

    Gebrauchtwagen mit Elektroantrieb lassen sich schwer verkaufen. Denn ihr Herzstück, der Akku, gibt Kaufinteressenten Rätsel auf. Die Branche will mit Batteriechecks Durchblick liefern. Nur wie? Von Juri Sonnenholzner.

    ➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/elektroautos-batterie-akku-test-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

    roy_baer ,
    @roy_baer@norden.social avatar

    @tagesschau Hä? Die Frage „nur wie?“ beantwortet und , die bei jeder Hybrid-Inspektion einen durchführen, ein Protokoll erstellen, dem Kunden aushändigen und zu dem Auto in Toyota-Portal hinterlegen und damit in der abrufbar ist. Wo genau, soll also da ein Problem liegen, wenn es einer der größten Autohersteller weltweit es bereits seit langer Zeit macht?

    Jawaka , to Linux
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    A desktop app for @protonmail and it works on Linux? Why, I don't mind if I do!

    pluralistic , to Random stuff
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    Another characteristically brilliant Kashmir Hill story for The New York Times reveals another characteristically terrible fact about modern life: your car secretly records fine-grained telemetry about your driving and sells it to data-brokers, who sell it to insurers, who use it as a pretext to gouge you on premiums:



    18+ pluralistic OP ,
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    Eliminating competition doesn't just deprive customers of alternatives, it also empowers corporations. Liberated from "wasteful competition," companies in concentrated industries can extract massive profits. Think of how both Apple and Google have "competitively" arrived at the same 30% app tax on app sales and transactions, a rate that's more than 1,000% higher than the transaction fees extracted by the (bloated, price-gouging) credit-card sector:



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    Wow, this looks really cool!! @phanpy has a new feature called that I only found just now. It shows a really nice-looking overview over the last hours in your timeline. You can filter by original posts, boosts, followed hashtags etc.

    And it even gives you the most mentioned links in that time period. I'm pretty sure, that this will now become my go-to feature in the morning to get up to speed.
    You can try it out in your browser.

    Well done, @cheeaun!

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    @pluralistic you're gonna love this one, a wheelchair that uses extortionware (pay 300€ to unlock 8kph!) https://tech.lgbt/@umbraroze/112053751033766928

    johnlogic ,
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    @huxley @pluralistic

    The Alber e-motion M25 power wheelchair paywalls much of its utility through its app.

    Upgrading your phone shouldn't cause you to lose functions.

    Had you paid for these options before?

    Did they paywall them when introducing a new version?


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    Ich frage mich schon so langsam, warum viele kleinere Software-Schmieden es in kürzester Zeit schaffen, eine zu entwickeln, aber eine Institution wie es einfach jahrelang nicht gebacken bekommt

    @thunderbird @mozilla

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    kuketzblog , to Android German
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    Bitte lasst die Finger von den Wetter-Apps im Play Store. Die meisten sind voll mit Tracking und Werbung. Wenn ihr eine aus dem Play Store nehmen wollt, dann die App »WarnWetter« vom Deutschen Wetterdienst. In F-Droid gibt es Alternativen. 👇


    nadiaalbelushi , to Art
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    Honest to God, I'll never ever get tired of SpaceEngine.

    Vladimir Romanyuk is an absolute angel for creating this wonderful astronomy/planetarium software.


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