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FL is a toxic place to live bc of & GOP lawmakers. They won't admit CC or mitigate...

The backyard would flood & the toilet would gurgle & the smell of sewage hung thick in the air -she worried about what pathogens might lurk in the tainted waters, what it might cost to fix the persistent problems & whether the ever-present anxiety would ever subside. Residents in neighborhoods around hers have similar tales to sh-.

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Searing heat in India today.
Max. recorded temp: 49.8°C
Many central regions of the country with above 40°C temperatures.
May tends to be the hottest month in India.
Source: India Meteorological Department


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"Heat has become more intense in the past decade and is usually accompanied by severe water shortages, with tens of millions of India's 1.4 billion people lacking running water.

Climate experts say extreme heat in South Asia during the pre-monsoon season is becoming more frequent and the study found that extreme temperatures are now about 0.85 C hotter in the region because of climate change."


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"Embrace AI or be left behind" is a condescending and heartless ultimatum. A false dichotomy that reeks of debunked social darwinist horse-fuckery.

Tech should adapt to people's needs.

Not the reverse.

Roundcat , avatar

@shiri @mmby @Daojoan I haven’t seen any reason to be optimistic about . Under all I see are dead arts, replaced jobs, and the loss of humanity. I think it’s naive to believe otherwise.

That’s not even getting into its impact on

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A mother uses her fingers to give water drops to her child during a hot summer day as a heatwave continues, in Jacobabad, Pakistan. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro


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Hello @bookstodon . The TLDR answer is: It depends. However, there are some interesting points in the article if you are curious to measure your own reading carbon footprint.

What’s better for the climate: A paper book, or an e-reader?

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@nobs Guten Morgen, Auf der Suche nach Podcasts bin ich über diese Episode gestolpert mit der Architektin SAMANEH MOAFI. Musste sofort an dich denken, habe die Folge allerdings noch nicht ganz zu Ende gehört.


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US will lease public lands for conservation under new policy

"The administration finalized new measures to protect the health of U.S. , including by leasing acreage for ... The regulations will help guard nearly a tenth of America's land base from the impact of and enable industries to offset their environmental footprints... The rule was welcomed by conservation groups"

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A tornado in southwest Oklahoma stayed on the ground for nearly an hour.

MugsysRapSheet , avatar

The predicted high temperature in Monday is 102' with a of 109'.

If that happens, it will break the record for the highest heat index ever recorded in Houston for the month of May.

Summer begins June 20th.

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People sleep on the Yamuna river bed under a bridge on a hot summer day in New Delhi, India. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi


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A woman, leaning out of a train window, receives water on her head to cool off during a hot and humid day at the Hyderabad Railway Station in , Pakistan. REUTERS/Yasir Rajput


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Big Tech thinks it can plant trees better than everyone else. 🌲

@theverge reports: "Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce launched a new coalition to try to cancel out their greenhouse gas emissions."

For more science coverage from The Verge, follow @science-news-theverge

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Meet Anna Schulz, Flipboard curator and head of global climate law, policy and governance at the International Institute for Environment and Development (@rivertravel).

Follow Anna's Water Magazine where she tracks stories about water issues around the world.

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There's a crisis in Mexico, but most MSM journalists haven't covered it, or the reason for the suffering, :

MX’s drought, heatwave & water shortages have gotten so bad that even police blocked traffic in protest Wed. In recent months, residents of some MX City neighborhoods have regularly taken to forming human chains to block boulevards to demand water. In Apr, complaints about contaminated water sparked a weeks-long crisis in one upscale neighborhood.

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Plastic can release toxics into the stomach, according to a new study.

Material left to float in seawater may turn it cloudy potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the water, and could do the same in stomachs.

When left in the water for six months, the pristine plastic also appeared to cause a kind of scum to form on the surface, turning the mix into a “soup”.

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"Venezuela is the first country in modern history to lose all of its glaciers after climate scientists declared its remaining glacier little more than an ice field."

AccuWeather reports:

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Not just the waters that are cooling all of a sudden...

Waters off Scotian Shelf are cooling, but scientists can't say for how long

Lower temperatures have scientists wondering if decade-long warming trend is over

Paul Withers · CBC News · Posted: May 08, 2024

"Since 2012, ocean temperatures off Nova Scotia at depth have been consistently warmer — by about two degrees above normal.

"For example, near-bottom warming anomalies were detected in the Cabot Strait between Cape Breton and Newfoundland, Misaine Bank off Cape Breton, Emerald Basin on the Eastern Shore and Lurcher Shoal, Georges Basin and Georges Bank off southern Nova Scotia.

"The large and abrupt warming was enough to constitute a regime shift, said Dave Hebert, an ocean climate scientist who has run the Maritimes survey twice annually for many years.

"Regime shift indicates a persistent change in the structure and function of the ocean ecosystem."

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Batten down the hatches: The Atlantic hurricane season begins soon. 🌀 🚨

@arstechnica reports that one reputable forecast team predicts 33 named storms this year.

ScienceDesk , to Animals doing stuff avatar

Huge jellyfish invasion could disrupt Arctic ecosystems as waters warm.

New Scientist reports: "The Arctic could see a surge of jellyfish as climate change leads to warmer waters and less ice – a process known as 'jellification.'"

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Today I'm collecting Fediverse climate denialists




This last one is also a white supremacist, so, yeah. I think their account is suspended from my instance but still active on, but I could be wrong. Update: I have been informed that Infosec has indeed suspended this account. Thanks!

Also observe these accounts interacting with a couple of somewhat well-known faux leftist accounts: Flexghost and RadicalEgoCom. Recommend those for a block as well.



#ClimateDenial #ClimateChange #Climate

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"The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea rules carbon dioxide is an ocean pollutant"

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George Monbiot says: "Trashing the planet and hiding the money isn’t a perversion of capitalism – it is capitalism."

Capitalism is not, as its defenders insist, a system designed to distribute wealth, but one designed to capture and concentrate it.

The story capitalism tells about itself – that you become rich through hard work and enterprise – is the greatest propaganda coup in human history.


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Pope Francis: "Climate change at this moment is a road to death"

Pope Francis says the climate crisis has "gotten to the point of no return" as the planet continues to see the effects of global warming and world leaders have an even greater responsibility to take action.

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I submitted a comment to the FCC regarding my disapproval of direct-to-cell satellites. Please consider adding your voice to help preserve the night sky and the sensitive environments of Earth’s upper atmosphere and low-Earth orbit. You can find specific details on what you can do at The FCC is open to taking comments from individuals around the world, not just in the USA.

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