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Hello everyone, it's Friday, and we have some exciting news: between and today, our donations were +84% and donors have doubled compared to the same period last year!

Midway through our campaign to bring back our Newsroom Fellowship, we still have a long ways to go.

Give now and see your impact tripled:

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Today is and .

Support Freedom of the Press Foundation with a donation and have it matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $150k. Crypto included:

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Today is ! As a nonprofit, The GNOME Foundation relies on your financial support. Please join our fundraising event today, November 28, as we take part in the Giving Tuesday movement:

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Almost a million children in the UK do not own a book

The Scottish Book Trust has a Christmas appeal so that kids can have a book of their own for Christmas

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I've been MIA with work/travel things (mostly good!). If you're a type of person, here's the thread I made for the Flickr Foundation about our mission and vision.

If you have the ability, help out where you can today and every day.

Image from US National Library of Medicine on Flickr Commons. 💗

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🚨 This , we have great news!

A few generous supporters have pledged to match donations, dollar-for-dollar, up to $150,000, to help your gift to Freedom of the Press Foundation go even further.

Donate today!

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This consider donating to @internetarchive. They operate and maintain the Wayback Machine, allowing everyone to access historical versions of websites for free.

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"Giving Tuesday" you say? How about this: KPhotoAlbum, KDE's fast and efficient image organizing and indexing app, releases its 20th anniversary edition 🎂

If in all that time you a haven't used KPhotoAlbum to classify and cut down searching times, you have been seriously missing out.

Give it a go!:

Want to give back to KDE? Become a Supporter already:

Or donate to KDE:


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PeerTube v6 est publié, et conçu grâce à vos idées ! – Framablog

> C'est (« jour des dons »), donc nous vous offrons PeerTube v6 aujourd'hui ! PeerTube est le logiciel que nous développons pour les créatrices, médias, institutions, enseignants… Pour gérer leur propre plateforme vidéo, comme une alternative à Youtube et Twitch. 🦆 VS 😈 : Reprenons du terrain aux géants du web !

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💛 “GivingTuesday, Our Human Family, and You”

Give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.


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To support our instance at this consider a monthly contribution on and keep :elmo_fire: billionaire-proof social media servers alive and :mastodondance: well federated.

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Q: Where does the money go, Dave?

A: All donations on my ko-fi go straight to paying our subscription which will cross the threshold of $99/mo next year after originally launching with only $9/mo of capacity just over a year ago.

Screenshot from admin showing our subscription plan and cost of $89/month

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Q: How much does it cost per user per month to run your mastodon instance on

A: We have a small group of around 100 consistently active members who generate significant interactions, a few with high follower counts. Next year, the budget is $1 per active user per month to run so presently a subset of generous members are supporting our local community and the more broadly.

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If you love , but are kind of put off by the various happening around this past weekend (with Black Friday and Cyber Monday), I do have the fix for you.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. This is the time of year charities ask you to help them do the work they do.

In Coffee, one fantastic charity is Food 4 Farmers. Read up on them here, and donate during their event. Even $5, the price of a latte, goes a long way.

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is only a day away.

Will you support Freedom of the Press Foundation with a tax-deductible donation to fuel our work?

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💛 “GivingTuesday, Our Human Family, and You”

Give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.


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💛 “GivingTuesday, Our Human Family, and You”

Give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.


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In the spirit of Mr Rogers, "be the helpers" this holiday season.

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On this , if you can, please consider chipping in to any of these romancelandia-centered fundraisers:

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Embrace the spirit and support !

💙 Giving Tuesday is next week, but why wait? Start giving today and join us in making Plasma 6's launch a spectacular success by becoming a supporting member.

Contribute now:


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