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Unless I'm misunderstanding this, Mozilla states "With the latest version of Firefox for U.S. desktop users" and subsequently links to "en-US" download to seemingly make an equivalency. [1]

I wonder if the smart people in management there actually understand that the "en-US" download is the default for many non-US countries and they're setting themselves up legally. It's also bizarrely disingenuous to equate the locale setting to mean US users.


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127 Enters Beta Testing with Updated Screenshot Tool, New "Close duplicate tabs" Option, and Other Changes

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Standardmäßig ist Firefox leider nicht besonders datenschutzfreundlich. Wer nicht die Einstellungen durchsuchen möchte und sich nicht bei jeder neuen Version Sorgen über neue Funktionen von Mozilla machen will, kann auf Alternativen zurückgreifen. Zum Beispiel für den Desktop und für Android. Beide Varianten entfernen unter anderem die Telemetrie-Funktionen.

LibreWolf gibt es hier:
Fennec über F-Droid:

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I see some people are really disappointed about Debian packaging a stripped-down version of KeePassXC. But hey, I actually wish there was also a minimal @thunderbird package without integrations of IRC or Matrix etc, just with core email functionality.

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Giving the Waterfox browser a try. I like Firefox but it seems to be starting to get a little bloaty, and I want to continue using a browser that’s not Chromium based. Waterfox is basically an even more privacy-oriented fork of Mozilla’s Gecko, but not to the point of breaking the web like some highly privacy-oriented browsers might.

After importing all my bookmarks and settings, installing my usual extensions, and even recreating my custom theme in Firefox Color, Waterfox is visually identical to my Firefox experience, just minus the analytical tracking in the background. And I have full access to Firefox extensions and themes. Using Waterfox from here on out seems like an easy decision. It even has some features that Firefox doesn’t.

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Mozilla please stop making things 'opt-out' or 'on by default' I'm begging. I'm on my hands and knees begging

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    Mike Conley is a Firefox developer and creator of the long-running video series "The Joy of Coding". You can follow the videos at:

    ➡️ @mconley

    If the videos haven't federated to your server yet, you can browse them all at

    You can also follow Conley's general account at @mconley

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    125.0.3 is out now to fix a text corruption bug when dragging text containing Unicode characters on systems, an issue with an extra blank tab with an address of appearing when attempting to launch Firefox when it's already running, an issue that could cause incorrect font selection in some situations for users with the Japanese locale set, and two other bugs

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    Ooo? reverted to mainline ?

    I wonder why. Hmm…

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    The current version of is 125.0.2 is still stuck at version 124.0.1 & from is at 124.2.
    Not sure, why both of them are not getting any further updates? Have they already given up? Time to switch back to vanilla ?

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    125.0.2 is out now to revert the new feature that proactively blocks downloads from potentially untrustworthy URLs as it caused unexpected problems with downloading files in some situations. It will be re-enabled in a future release once it works as expected!

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    It’s time to start using a privacy focused browser! 👩🏻‍💻🔐

    The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is forcing Apple to give users a default browser choice.

    Which default browser did you pick and why? 💻

    Read more here:

    mrnail , avatar

    @Tutanota Firefox on all devices. I started using it in 2007 tried since then Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, Brave, Falkon, Epiphany/GNOME Web, Edge (and DuckDuckGo on mobile) but always returned to

    9to5linux , to Linux avatar

    Weekly Roundup for April 21st, 2024: 125, Plasma 6.0.4, 2.0, running Touch, prepares for ARM64 Linux binaries, Firefox 126 enters public beta testing, 24.04 LTS adds Snap installation monitor, gets Linux 6.8 and 6.9 support, and more

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    Firefox 125 Released: Here's What's New and Improved

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    mozilla , to Random stuff avatar

    Firefox 125 is now available! 🎉

    Before you hit that update button, make sure you update to version 125.0.1, because it comes with some amazing updates. 🤩

    🖼️ AV1 codec support

    ✏️ Text highlight on PDF viewer

    📌 Firefox View now displays pinned tabs

    AndersBaerbock , avatar

    Right now the domain lacks an IPv6 address. This omission goes directly against Mozilla's stated mission.

    If you uphold the artificial scarcity created by the depletion of IPv4 and thus promote the artificial need to pay for an IPv4, then you stand clearly against making the internet «a public resource that is open and accessible to all».

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    You've got questions, and we've got answers! We took feedback from recent social media, mailing lists, and in-person conferences, gave it to our team in last month's office hours, and then turned those answers into a blog! 📖

    So if you want to know more about Thunderbird for Android features, or when full sender names are coming, read this short and sweet post full of information! 💡

    indubitablyodin , avatar

    @thunderbird I really appreciate Thunderbird's team, and these updates are going to finally put it into the running with other modern offerings. I migrated to using it as my daily driver for email management a few years ago, and I'm glad I did, but I'm also so excited to be looking at desktop improvements and an android app.

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    126 Enters Public Beta Testing with a Revamped Dialog for Clearing User Data and Trending Search Suggestions

    9to5linux , to Firefox avatar

    125 Web Browser Is Now Available for Download with URL Paste Suggestion Feature, PDF Highlighting, AV1 Codec Support for Encrypted Media Extensions, and More

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    In the fast-paced world of generative AI, staying ahead means moving swiftly and smartly. ⏩

    That's why we've embraced Gradio, the low-code prototyping toolkit from Hugging Face, as our go-to for bringing new ideas to life.

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    @mozilla @tlodato

    Why exactly are you using and promoting Figma when @penpot exists?

    What happened to the Manifesto?

    "Free and open source software promotes the development of the internet as a public resource ... promote the Mozilla Manifesto principles in public discourse and within the internet industry."

    thunderbird , to Android avatar

    When Thunderbird for Android is ready for release, what will the upgrade path from K-9 Mail look like? Will both apps co-exist? Where does Mozilla Sync fit in?

    Alex answers some of your burning questions about our Android plans in this short clip from our recent Community Office Hours session.

    nick , avatar


    I don't like the mentioned stuff (like accounts and Sync).

    Will this kind of features limited to the version of the code base?

    mauve , to Random stuff avatar

    The shutdown is also exactly why communities should be investing in tooling. Had they gone with a fully distributed model there would be no central service to close and the communities using it could have kept doing so regardless of Mozillas involvement. Instead they went "cloud native" and initially relied on a specific cloud platform which basically locks everyone into a final shutdown regardless of who "owns" the cloud.

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