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[Bias alert - NYT usually favors Israel]
Liberal Democrats Urge ‘No’ Vote on Aid to Pressure Biden on

House progressives who oppose unfettered military aid to Israel are pressing their colleagues to vote against the $26 billion bill, which is likely to pass, to send a message to President .

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, Free Speech and the Coddling of the American Right

"...many students reported receiving emails informing them that they were suspended and temporarily barred from their dorms, effectively rendering them homeless."

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"A full 54% of Americans (and 56% of registered voters) now want Congress to pass 'a law that keeps abortion as legal and accessible as it was nationwide under Roe v. Wade,' according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll."

Yahoo News reports: "That is the highest level of public support for making Roe the 'law of the land' since Yahoo News and YouGov started asking about the issue in spring 2022."

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It's time for our weekly !

Here's the first question: Expected tax revenues from which product have fallen short of projections in several U.S. states?

See how well you've been following the news this week:

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Catch up on everything the March/April 2024 issue of Texas Observer magazine has to offer:

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    "The Armed Forces of the is waiting on India’s delivery of BrahMos medium-range supersonic cruise missiles, expected to arrive this week at the Clark International Airport in Pampanga City. Bulletin quoted an undisclosed source as saying the missile system, which costs 19 billion Philippine pesos ($375 million), will be used to counter ongoing Chinese aggression in the region"

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    A man apparently set himself on fire outside Manhattan court minutes after full jury seated in Donald Trump's "hush money" trial.

    CBS News reports: "It wasn't clear whether the act was related to the former president's trial, where jury selection is being finalized."

    Few details are available at this time.

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    • World leaders urge calm after Israeli drone strike on Iran ratchets up tension -

    Tit-for-tat attacks have breached taboo of direct strikes on each other’s territory but has no ‘immediate’ plans to retaliate

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    • 'The Opposite of Leadership': US Vetoes Palestine's Membership -
      's permanent observer at the said the resolution's failure "will not break our will, and it will not defeat our determination."

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    If you want the latest news and analysis of the Middle East crisis, consider following these Magazines:

    @politico-israel-hamas-war-POLI from Politico

    @israel-AxiosNews from Axios

    @israel-hamas-war-media-literac from the News Literacy Project

    @israel-hamas-war-thenewsdesk from Flipboard's News Desk

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    Fighting fire with beavers: How dam-building rodents are deployed to prevent megafires, restore scorched wildlands

    amgine , avatar

    Much of once had massive -maintained .

    Now we have serious , .

    But even where we no longer have beavers, or they are inappropriate, humans can, and do, build similar water-slowing structures and ponds.

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    • Why I Delayed Biden’s Motorcade for -

    As an American Jew, I am compelled to embrace the power of my own voice, and refuse complicity with collective violence.

    has a section about [ disallowing a investigation of on Oct. 7.]

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    please boost--thank you.

    A "natural supplement" containing a hidden painkiller ingredient could be catastrophic!!

    *read article for more info.
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    🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

    The harbormaster in Gloucester, MA, is alleging corruption in that city after being forced out of his job (link in replies).

    Israel launched missile strikes into Iran, military official says.

    Bitcoin is going to "halve" soon, slashing production of the cryptocurrency in half.

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    Iran fires at suspected Israeli attack drones near Isfahan air base and nuclear site.

    AP reports: "The facility at Isfahan operates three small Chinese-supplied research reactors, as well as handling fuel production and other activities for Iran’s civilian nuclear program."

    For more coverage of the conflict, follow Israel Hamas War, curated by @Flipboard: @israel-hamas-war-thenewsdesk

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