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software-architektur.tv: Objektorientierung – Was ist das eigentlich?

Eberhard Wolff nimmt in dieser Episode seines Videocasts das Thema Objektorientierung unter die Lupe und diskutiert die verschiedenen Ansätze und Umsetzungen.


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'Most Thorough Legal Analysis' Yet Concludes Committing Genocide in

The report also stresses that other nations are legally obligated to "refrain from recognizing Israel's breaches as legal or taking any actions that may amount to complicity."

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1st Appointee to Resign Over Quits on Day

"I can no longer in good conscience continue to represent this administration amid President Biden's disastrous, continued support for 's genocide in Gaza."

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The 2024 Class of : The Students Have Done Their Part

[Eloquent and moving article summing up what the student protests for Gaza have been and where they fit into history. Includes links to 3 very moving videos]

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Get the latest in U.S. politics delivered straight to your home feed by following these Flipboard Magazines.

Politics: A product of The Christian Science Monitor, focusing on the ideas and values behind political headlines.

Politics: The biggest stories in U.S. politics from Semafor's Principals and Americana newsletters.

Politics: The Intercept's coverage of U.S. politics and corruption.

Politics and Society from The Conversation U.S.

Top Stories in Politics: Editor's political picks for Flipboard's "Daily Edition" news digest.

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Moves Forward With 'Immoral' $1 Billion Arms Shipment to

The new shipment was announced "right after the admits Israel has 'likely' used -supplied weapons in violation of humanitarian law," said one journalist.

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Glimpse of next-generation internet

“The Harvard team established the practical makings of the first quantum internet by entangling two quantum memory nodes separated by optical fiber link deployed over a roughly 22-mile loop through Cambridge, Somerville, Watertown, and Boston.”



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'A War Crime': Rights Group Details 's Use of Children as Human Shields

" treatment of children, the way they see them as well as how they abuse their bodies, is genocidal," said one journalist.

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U.S. Department of Justice: Two Brothers Arrested for Attacking Ethereum Blockchain and Stealing $25M in Cryptocurrency
The charges in the indictment arise from an alleged novel scheme by the defendants to exploit the very integrity of the Ethereum blockchain to fraudulently obtain approximately $25 million worth of cryptocurrency within approximately 12 seconds.

"These brothers allegedly committed a first-of-its-kind manipulation of the Ethereum blockchain by fraudulently gaining access to pending transactions, altering the movement of the electronic currency, and ultimately stealing $25 million in cryptocurrency from their victims"

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🌞 Hello ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 69F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The managed to stay in it by winning Game 5 and staving off elimination in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Trump and Biden agreed to their first debate in June.

Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira could face new charges after hearing in military courtroom at Hanscom yesterday.

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Listen up 🔊

The platform is getting some quality of life upgrades, snuck in right before the 4.3 feature freeze 🥶❄

Read the :

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She Campaigned for a School Board Seat as a Hard-Liner. Now She’s Rejecting Her Party’s Extremism.

Courtney Gore, a Granbury ISD school board member, has disavowed the far-right platform she campaigned on after finding no evidence that were being indoctrinated by the district’s curriculum. Her defiance has brought her backlash.

New, from @JeremySchwartz


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Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot and taken to the hospital.

@euronews reports the incident took place in Handlova, Slovakia, about 150km northeast of Bratislava, the capital.


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: Major mortgage lenders are sharing sensitive user data with Facebook.

If you’ve been on the market for a , the platform could know about your credit, your address, and more.

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President Joe Biden plans to send an additional $1 billion arms shipment to Israel, despite the U.S. being opposed to a full-scale invasion by the Israeli military on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

BBC News has the latest: https://flip.it/KZ5Rwb

Do you think the U.S. should halt all weapons shipments to Israel until there's a ceasefire?

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Episode 98: Clean Architecture

Eberhard Wolff und Johannes Seitz sprechen mit Tom Hombergs über die Vor- und Nachteile von Clean Architecture im Vergleich mit anderen Ansätzen.


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With some universities canceling or modifying commencement ceremonies over protests or fear of protests, an anthropologist reminds us that there’s a lot more at stake than just a line of seniors getting a fancy piece of paper.

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AG Sues Contract-for-Deed Seller Who Allegedly Targeted Community

The complaint, which alleges violations of lending and religious discrimination, follows a ProPublica and Sahan Journal investigation.


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It's happening for a second straight year: Dozens of wildfires are burning across Canada and sending unhealthy smoke blowing into the northern U.S., and at the same time, the southeastern U.S. is getting smoke from fires in Mexico.

Is this the new normal for summers? Why air quality scientists say yes:

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