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How do I attract more worms to my compost pile?

I've been working on composting using another method besides trench composting for about two months now. I've enjoyed it so far, and been honestly trying to compost anything that is possible to compost. One thing I noticed though, as a moved from my brief time using a bucket (there were some holes), to a pile, is that I didn't...

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My pile is on the soil (I actually have two right now, but I'm referring to the main one). It just rained not too long ago so the pile is decently wet as of now, but I think it generally stays at a decent moisture level. I try to aim for the wrung out towel level recommended by the infographic on the main page.

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Yea I think the balance is fine lol. There was a period when I was shredding up a lot of browns, but I think I have readjusted enough

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I was just looking at Monarda didyma on Wikipedia and here it pops up on Lemmy. How you support your local ecosystem is inspiring

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