There is a political heart inside Lemmy

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An illegal war with Houthis isn't stopping the Red Sea crisis ( responsiblestatecraft.org )

Although the White House has insisted that President Biden has the legal authority to take military action against the Houthis, several members of Congress have refuted its claims. At a Senate hearing in February, several senators called attention to the War Powers Resolution, which establishes that the president cannot continue...

Hextubewontallowme , (edited )

1st, I don't think it takes a person to know that what Israel's mitliary is doing in Gaza that the U.S supports, quacks like a humanitarian crisis akin to genocide, regardless of whether you agree or not. The article indicates that

It doesn't take facts to know that these are bad optics, mon liberal ami...

2nd, lemme tell you this... if the Saudis dealt with Yemenis and couldn't bomb them out of existence and cause famine, why do you think an overstretched U.S army can deal with them?

Can't they finish their Ukraines and Israels before Yemen?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

You mean demogogery?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

What's the other?

I mean come on, demagoguery and populism shouldn't be subsects of each other... they practically are synonymous, but one has a more neutral connotation...

Hextubewontallowme OP , (edited )

They’re both negative. Scapegoating an outgroup is another form of demagoguery, so is decrying experienced political institutions as corrupt while claiming to be a reformer.

Pardon me if I find this confusing but this seems to be case of "There's actually zero difference between bad and good things." without context...

Have you fully thought through your words to type this out? 😔

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

meat crayons

Now, that's a colorful right there

Mental hospital : Napoleon factory (credit to Robert Heinlein)

Why wouldn't we want more Napoleons tho?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Tbf, western tourists kinda be like that tho...

Hextubewontallowme OP , (edited )

decrying experienced political institutions as corrupt while claiming to be a reformer.

Someone can just see a theoretical event happening like that and just write and TITLE the news as:

Man leads a pro-democracy movement against corrupt one-party-rule and its institutions...

That being said, scapegoating an outgroup is indeed a demagoguery...

Do you take me for bad-faith arguer?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Well, ykw, agree to disagree... I'll kill the convo right here, I'm sorry...

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Catholics are Christians, but Christians are not necessarily Catholic. For example, Orthodox Christians are not Catholic. Being Catholic requires, at the bare minimum, agreement with the Holy See and implicitly the dogma he endorses. Even this “minor” difference can be used to find non-Catholic Christians.

I know that, but if you ask me, it's like saying Sunni and Muslim, one kinda emphasizes, if not "otherizes" (orientalize or occidentalize) the other... usually in a not good way...

Hextubewontallowme ,

Egh, a drinking fountain still sucks... better be a water faucet with control if I'm bein' honest

Then, I can fill up my water.

Hextubewontallowme , (edited )

Modern right-libertarians are just the right-wing of liberalism taken to their most extreme, specifically in their propertarianism, especially in a settler colonial society like U.S, Australia, Northern Ireland, and Israel....

I call them right libertarians because the term "libertarian" has been co-opted to hell by them

“One gratifying aspect of our rise to some prominence is that, for the first time in my memory, we, ‘our side,’ had captured a crucial word from the enemy . . . ‘Libertarians’ . . . had long been simply a polite word for left-wing anarchists, that is for anti-private property anarchists, either of the communist or syndicalist variety. But now we had taken it over...”

  • Murray Rothbard
Hextubewontallowme ,

Don't just simply vote... use their rules against them...

Hextubewontallowme , (edited )

Hasn't America mostly been a pure-bourgeois settler-colonialist society, based on the subjugation and genocide of natives and then slaves?

Even without that, it has stored many an anti-communist emigre population

That's why for every IWW you have, you got 2 Knights of Labor-like and AFL-like organizations that want to keep the bare scraps from their ruling western capitalists while simultaneously dividing the working class and other progressive forces.... it's by design

Not to mention, the unequal exchange of the Global South... read Jason Hickel if you want to know why historically the West's labor force aren't necessarily in solidarity with the Global South/3rd world

For example,

Our results indicate that most of the North’s excess consumption (58% of it) is sustained by net appropriation from the global South; without this appropriation, material use in high-income nations would be much closer to the sustainable level.

As I say to you, there cannot be socialism with anti-imperialism...

A true post-western left or progressivism must oppose western-dominated neoliberalism, neo-conism (hawkish foreign policy), and cultural reaction of bigotry that seeks to uphold this all.... (orientalism included)

Hextubewontallowme ,


I won't give em the term...

Hextubewontallowme ,

Aye, go vote for your life, my bon sir....

Hextubewontallowme , (edited )

Then why are you here then? Go complain to @dessalines directly...

I thought this political activity was another purpose of lemmy.ml, besides FOSS?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Uh I had to copy admittedly from Bro Code but here...


It's basic but understandable and functions as usual... the thing is I need to show progress over time...

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

I need to show the sum increasing over time... just look at my example in my post over there, ight...

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Well, ok, from memory

Correct me if I'm wonrg..


Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Well, I was trying to learn in g-10, at the start (when I was in-class, not online) , I had some previous computer classes before (I did Virtual Basics and Scratch, html even) but I didn't do Python (and this is supposed to be an intro, regardless of previous experience) ... wtf you expect me to do?

Plus, why do you assume this of me?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Thanks, but my project requires also the results between the first and the last year the investment was increased...

As a base, I'm testing $600, 5% interest, and 6 years to wait, so I need to show the amount for years 1-5 as output, before I see final result of the 6th year...

I can't just put:

total1 = principle * pow((1 + rate/100), 1)

print(f"Balance after {1} year/s: ${total1:.2f}")

total2 = principle * pow((1 + rate/100), 2)

print(f"Balance after {2} year/s: ${total2:.2f}")

total3 = principle * pow((1 + rate/100), 3)

print(f"Balance after {3} year/s: ${total3:.2f}")

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

I should... maybe it's mostly me that bothers me with doing this... I guess it's gotta do with the impulse with replying to everyone however I can...

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

You too as well! (just continuing the chain)

Hextubewontallowme OP ,


Hextubewontallowme OP ,

What’s a struggle session?

Sorry, that's just another term for, uh, terminally online political flame wars...

Hextubewontallowme ,

Wdym, via the law of the maximums au bon Robespierre?

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Yeah, I agree more with you, compared to others...

I honestly like my slop...

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

As expected 😞

Hextubewontallowme OP ,

Not necessarily something like that, but yeah they're fine, and prbly more often than have personality, compared to newer content

The newer A.I gen-ones where its text-to-speech and its about a full film, yeah, that's what I watch...

ajsadauskas , to Fuck Cars
@ajsadauskas@aus.social avatar

If you care about the planet, please make sure you sit down before you start reading this post about ExxonMobil.


The CEO of ExxonMobil just said this in an interview: "We’ve waited too long to open the aperture on the solution sets in terms of what we need, as a society, to start reducing emissions."


Who's the most influential voice on climate change? Who's to blame for inaction on climate change?

According to the CEO of ExxonMobil, it's environmental activists.

No, really:

"Frankly, society, and the activist—the dominant voice in this discussion—has tried to exclude the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies."

Oh, and the CEO of ExxonMobil also apparently thinks consumers are to blame for climate inaction:

"Today we have opportunities to make fuels with lower carbon, but people aren’t willing to spend the money to do that."

Gets better.

He thinks unnamed 'people who generate emissions' should pay for it. (Rather than, say, major transnational oil companies.)

"People who are generating the emissions need to be aware of [it] and pay the price. That’s ultimately how you solve the problem."


Worth including a quick reminder here that Exxon-Mobil made a US$36 billion profit in 2023: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/exxon-beats-estimates-ends-2023-with-36-billion-profit-2024-02-02/#:~:text=HOUSTON%2C%20Feb%202%20(Reuters),higher%20oil%20and%20gas%20production.

Not gross revenue.


So, remind me again. Who knew about climate change before most of the public?

"Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue... This knowledge did not prevent the company (now ExxonMobil and the world’s largest oil and gas company) from spending decades refusing to publicly acknowledge climate change and even promoting climate misinformation."


And just who, exactly, stood in the way reducing emissions all these years?

"ExxonMobil executives privately sought to undermine climate science even after the oil and gas giant publicly acknowledged the link between fossil fuel emissions and climate change, according to previously unreported documents...

"The new revelations are based on previously unreported documents subpoenaed by New York’s attorney general as part of an investigation into the company announced in 2015. They add to a slew of documents that record a decades-long misinformation campaign waged by Exxon, which are cited in a growing number of state and municipal lawsuits against big oil."



Hextubewontallowme ,

Where are the firing squads, when we need to put the fossil fuel moguls to death?

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