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HowRu68 , (edited )

FYI: medium credibility source
Factual Reporting; mixed
[mediabias link] (https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/truth-out/)
Any other source available?

added: being downvoted for pointing this out won't change the source and it's info, though. Just shows you are very biased.

HowRu68 ,

Land-grab has been ongoing for decades. (link guardian

This has been the most successful land-grab strategy since 1967,” said Yehuda Shaul, a prominent activist who is director of the Israeli Center for Public Affairs thinktank, and a founder of Breaking the Silence, an NGO that exposes military abuses in occupied areas.

Over the last year alone, 110,000 dunams, or 110 sq km (42 sq miles), was effectively annexed by settlers on herding outposts, he said. All the built-up settlement areas constructed since 1967 cover only 80 sq km.

It was also the biggest displacement of Palestinian Bedouins since 1972, when at least 5,000 – and perhaps as many as 20,000 – people were moved from the northern Sinai to make way for settlements, Shaul added.

HowRu68 , (edited )

You couldn't think of a better Propaganda Op for a state actor in the modern Internet age than setting up a centralized "media facts checker" that makes sure media sources

But I could, I could simply write articles which are simply based on half truth and publish them for a wider public. Which is happening already on a huge scale.

So, I was asking for a better source, and then you are suggesting that I'm the one advocating state sponsored propaganda?

So, I wonder, out of curiosity, how would you objectively review news sources?

Here's another media factchecker: groundnews: mixed factuality rating.
Also the credibility score is handed out by an external party Pointer Institute for Fact Checking , and I wasn't talking about the political left or right bias.

HowRu68 , (edited )

So, you claim lots of things, but I miss you backing up your arguments with substantiated evidence like a link. Instead of keeping attacking my argument it would be nice if you'd actually provide evidence based info.

For example, in addition to my earlier point via this article.

"As director of the International Fact-Checking Network, I’ve watched this movement label fact-checkers as part of a “censorship industrial complex,” claiming that fact-checkers are trying to suppress debatable information. Ironically, this deeply misleading argument itself is aimed at suppressing critique and debate."

Sounds familiar?

I am just critical about newssources with mixed credibility when we are already facing a very polarised situation.

HowRu68 ,

Condemning Iran because of attacking back but when Israel does it - it suppose to be okay?
Double standards.

No, you are wrong. The EU condemned the atack on the embassy in Damascus, see link

"BRUSSELS, April 3 (Reuters) - The European Union on Wednesday condemned an airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1 that killed seven people and called on countries in the region to show restraint."

Please respond in an informed way, instead of escalating things without any basis. Let's stay on topic.

An espionage scandal rocks Austria, laying bare alleged Russian spying operations across Europe ( apnews.com )

The case is special given its international dimension and the fact that it is not only about espionage but also about the infiltration of the Austrian political system and the weakening of the country’s internal security,” he ¹ said....

EU passes asylum and migration pact after eight years of deadlock ( www.theguardian.com )

Roberta Metsola, the European parliament president, wrote on X: “History made. We have delivered a robust legislative framework on how to deal with migration and asylum in the EU. It has been more than 10 years in the making. But we kept our word. A balance between solidarity and responsibility. This is the European way.”

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

to relieve the pressure from the supply side.

EU is for example paying or subsidising billions to some sort of called " external migration route " countries, to help shelter migrants ( I think Turkiya, Tunesia maybe some others). Also they came up with a kind of billions Euro European Aid program to offer third countries alternatives to the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.

Most measures seem quite complicated and sometimes controversial. Imo there doesn't seem to be one best simple solution as the world is facing multiple geopolitical problems and disorders.
I believe they are working with several policies simultaneously. Also, it's poltics and we do have a surge of right winged politics, so it seems a relative win for the centre.

EU’s historic migration pact passes amidst divisions and far-right fears ( www.euractiv.com )

Now, we must make sure that what has been agreed to is fully implemented in all our Member States, and that implementation goes hand in hand with the respect for our shared humanity,” Parliament’s President Roberta Metsola said after the vote....

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

Here some extra info:
link European Parliament with additional links to regulations

HowRu68 OP ,

My mistake, I thought you were looking for content and not for controversy.
Being critical is good, but I'm not sure where you stan when you label an official democratic EU website, like the one from EP, as a "salespitch".

HowRu68 OP ,

was more looking at analysis about what the effects of the legislation

Sure, I can understand that, but it's probably hard to find a good one.
The treaty leaves room for interpretation by memberstates. So depending on the implementation it will have it's effects. In due time we'll probably see.

Imo, the important bit here is that there finally is a much needed accord after all these years; and also, just before the expected rise of the far-right wing influence. So yes, it's good news.

At the end of the day it's a political choice between EP representatives Some are unhappy because it's too strict , others find it's too lean. Anyhow, there is an accord, and that's better then having none, and having (legal) uncertainties.

HowRu68 OP ,

Hopefully it gives right wingers less ammo

Yes, I believe that the timing was not a coincidence, as it is before the EP elections.
And, like you said, the idea of giving them ammo, although often used as an argument, won't matter too much as the claims by far right aren't based on the immediate reality but on fears.

HowRu68 OP ,

The Panama papers consisted of 11 millions documents, 214 000 offshore companies, 14.000 customers..
And now 27 are charged, and that's it.

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

A basis for the ruling was a breach of art 8 of the Human Rights convention"

"Today, the Strasbourg Court declared that Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights encompasses a right to effective protection by the state “from the serious adverse effects of climate change on lives, health, well-being and quality of life”.

It found that the Swiss Confederation had failed to comply with its duties under the Convention concerning climate change."

HowRu68 OP ,

I just hope this ruling, and future ones, will be used on a wise and right way. I mean one could rule that a certain country hasn't been upholding its own climate targets which sounds fair enough; it seems more or less measurable, accountable and executable.
I imagine that Switzerland will have to adjust its environmental policies to match their climate quotas.

HowRu68 OP , (edited )


Yips, that's the idea.

Here some DW background info of the youth protest, especially by the Portuguese youngsters.

HowRu68 OP ,

Unfortunate turn of events, can't see how a second Orban will benefit the people.

HowRu68 OP ,

This CNN article has a deeper, different take; and gives some context:

"The campaign was marked by concerns over disinformation, with Věra Jourová, the European Commission’s top digital affairs official, saying in advance the vote would be a “test case” of how effective social media companies have been in countering Russian propaganda in Slovakia. "

Seems there were plenty of protests as well.

HowRu68 OP ,

Interesting point. I feel that the role of disinformation as a whole, is being dowplayed in society, if that's what you mean. At the end of the day it is people /civilians whom are being influenced and they vote or elect a government.
Also, the EU is trying to cope with it, but it seems they are one of the few fighting this battle, and they aren't always backed strongly by national governments.

If you ask me, the mainstream culture ( media and bartalk etc) hasn't catched up with current events as they have been unfoldind for the last decade. People still want to believe that" all is well, and maybe we don't need to change too much".

But many, if not most people underestimate the power of propaganda/ disinformation. It is being used because it works. It's hard to fight it , but I 100% agree that more could and should be done.

HowRu68 , (edited )

Update Renew Europe MP:

"We urge you to launch an immediate and transparent investigation, in cooperation with national authorities, to uncover the scale of the influence operation within this house and allegations of potential corruption.

If sitting MEPs or candidates in the upcoming European elections have taken money from or been corrupted by the Russia Government or their proxies, they must be exposed."

Added: most corrupt Mp's name were probably already known across Europe. Usually they were also far right speakers at website "voiceofEurope" , now offline.

According to Moscowtimes :
The payments targeted politicians from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland, Denik N said, citing a Czech foreign ministry source.

In Beijing, Dutch PM raises cyberespionage with China's Xi ( www.reuters.com )

It was the first time the Dutch publicly attributed cyberespionage to China, as national security tensions grow between the two countries. They are also in a confrontation over restrictions of exports of high-tech semiconductor equipment made by Dutch giant ASML to China....

HowRu68 OP ,
HowRu68 OP , (edited )

prime candidate NATO chief.

Good point

Added: This gives his remarks extra perspectve and weight. Also this might explain that it's his first visit since five (?) years.

Thousands protest against Hungary's Orban after former insider leaks … ( www.reuters.com )

BUDAPEST, March 26 (Reuters) - Thousands of people protested in Budapest near parliament on Tuesday demanding the chief prosecutor and Prime Minister Viktor Orban resign after a former government insider accused a senior aide to Orban of trying interfere in a graft case....

Ukrainian navy says a third of Russian warships in the Black Sea have been destroyed or disabled ( apnews.com )

Pletenchuk said that with the latest attack, a third of all warships that Russian had in the Black Sea before the war have been destroyed or disabled. At the same time, he acknowledged that just two of about a dozen of Russian missile carrying warships have been sunk and pledged that Ukraine will continue the strikes.

Russian ambassador is a no-show after Poland summons him over a missile that entered its airspace ( apnews.com )

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Russian ambassador to Poland did not show up Monday for a meeting at the Polish Foreign Ministry where he had been summoned because of a Russian cruise missile that violated Polish airspace on the weekend, the Polish ministry’s spokesman said.

Understanding how Germany and Europe ended the Cold War ( www.dw.com )

It documents a time when tight borders ran through Germany and separated eastern from western Europe and how millions of people in former East Germany (GDR), Poland, Hungary and other Eastern European countries fought for freedom and democracy in 1989....

HowRu68 OP ,

Some more background from this article :
"Magyar has pitched himself as a centrist, focusing on domestic issues – combating corruption, improving healthcare, modernising the education system and aiming to unite Hungary’s highly polarised society.
Magyar, by contrast, has said he is in favour of a foreign policy that protects Hungary’s sovereignty while maintaining a constructive relationship with the EU and Nato."

HowRu68 OP ,

Yeah I saw that, but it was too bizar for me to accept it somehow.

HowRu68 ,

And the beats go on..( all seeing I YT).

One day we might know what happened, or not. Thing that has me worried is; what will come next?

Democracies under threat around the globe ( www.dw.com )

The hard facts are sobering: According to a new study, the quality of democracy has deteriorated over the past 20 years in 137 countries that are considered developing or emerging economies. According to the Bertelsmann Foundation's "Transformation Index," there are now 63 democracies compared to 74 autocracies. In other words,...

HowRu68 OP ,

"The key to combating authoritarian tendencies remains the civil commitment to free elections, freedom of the press, and the separation of powers. If there is ongoing public support in these areas, it may be possible to ward off autocratic tendencies. The study cites recent elections in Kenya and Zambia, as well as Poland and Moldova in Europe, as examples."

HowRu68 OP ,

Good point about the increasing crime rates and mafiastuff ( also hitmen murdering political targets), and the downsizing of the police force.

There seem to be several interprations of civil rights. The general definition ( safety& crime etc) and the political definition. But I'm no expert.

This report is more about civil & political rights, the democratic process & the checks & balances. Like how many laws were passed without consulting the cabinet/ public etc. And there seems to be a direct relationship between far right and infringement of civil/ political rights.

One could wonder whether the downsizing of police and the increasing crime rates, has led to far right (in whatever form) insurgency. One could even wonder that, if this fact was known beforehand, how much of it is happenstance. Because it's a classic scenario right out of certain books. But that's an elaborate more difficult discussion.

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