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▫️Pan + Poly

▫️Neurospicy & spoonie

▫️Warning: I'm a feminazgûl

▫️Ancom, antifa, xenofem, intersectional

▫️Intolerant to intolerance


▫️UI + UX + Graphic designer

▫️Aged metalhead and 80s goth


▫️Interested in poi chains, custom motorbikes, black / prog / viking / epic metal, popsci, books + audiobooks, IT, design, contemporary art, politics.

▫️Allergic to basic yte cishet men


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Manu , to Random stuff
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I've noticed a worrying trend in the USAnian fediverse: leftists using to describe voting for Trump to hasten societal collapse. Some think it's a strategy for a new future, but that's not how leftist accelerationism work.
I'm well aware that rightwing accelerationism do exist and I beg you not to give to the alt-right yet another gift. I'm so sick of leftists allowing fascists to appropriate every-fucking-thing.
Leftist accelerationism is about achieving a post-work society by demanding full automation, full welfare and basic income for anyone. Under no circumstances it's about voting for fascists. Only fascists vote for fascists, period.
Please read this book and stop shitting on accelerationism.

Manu OP ,
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Imagine the bully child in the courtyard stealing all the toys, and anyone letting him doing it because he said "that's mine!"
This is what we're doing with a number of cultural phenomena, from viking culture to tolkien universe, and now accelerationism too, allowing fascists to get their disgusting hands on them and ruin them forever. Please stop.

Manu OP ,
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I know right?
That's 100% not what accelerationism is about from a leftist perspective.
It's "Let's have machines perform all the labor and redistribute the surplus through welfare and universal basic income for everyone"

There's no place for "vote fasc" in that, nor for "let rich people exist and become reacher"

Manu OP ,
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w7voa , to Random stuff
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A former professor makes one of the largest charitable donations to a US educational institution and most likely the largest to a medical school. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/26/nyregion/albert-einstein-college-medicine-bronx-donation.html?unlocked_article_code=1.YU0.TAZN.P5k-IL9bq70p&smid=url-share

Manu ,
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Today in Dystopian late stage capitalism nightmares repackaged as wholesome stories

w7voa , to Random stuff
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(Reuters) - An Israeli medallist was booed by the crowd in a sour finish to the Doha World Championships today. Anastasia Gorbenko took silver in the women's 400 meters individual medley, but her celebrations were spoiled as a chorus of boos rained down from the terraces, drowning out her post-race interview by the floor presenter.

Manu ,
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I see nothing wrong here. I mean israel is literally committing a genocide, what do they expect?

Manu , to Random stuff
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Hi ,
I love your app but I'm encountering an annoying issue. The majority of the media cannot be loaded in my timelines, I'm not sure it's an app issue, but the load media remotely button definitely is! It's so low it overlaps on android icons and cannot be tapped without tapping them too.

Please fix the button (and the loading issue, if you can 😁)

Thank you!


Manu OP ,
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georgetakei , to Random stuff
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Welcome to the rest of your life.

Manu ,
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nixCraft , (edited ) to Random stuff
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Poll: How old were you when you first got unrestricted access to the internet?

Manu ,
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There literally was no internet when I was a teenager
Some of us are old 🤷

juergen_hubert , to Random stuff
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In my quest to learn , I feel I should not overlook the culinary aspects. Thus, I am looking for recommendations for Italian-language cookbooks. They should fulfill the following criteria:

  • They should be currently in print, to increase the chances that I can get them here in Germany.
  • The recipes should not too many region-specific ingredients, since getting these in Germany could likewise be a problem.
  • Finally, I am cooking first and foremost for my own, so recipes suitable for a single-person household would be best.
Manu ,
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The two must have classics are La Cucina Italiana by Gualtiero Marchesi, and La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene by Pellegrino Artusi. The second one is quite old (end of 1800), so the italian you find there is not the easiest to understand nor the most useful to learn, but as for the recipes it's kind of a bible.
I also suggest having a look at the GialloZafferano portal, and following the chef Pappagallo

georgetakei , to Random stuff
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Manu ,
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This is insane...

FediFollows , (edited ) to Random stuff
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picks of the day:

➡️ @SylvieAlvarezArt - Process-based biomorphic sculptor, abstract ceramic sculptures inspired by ocean life

➡️ @JamesAkers - Sculptor of glass, neon, electronics etc, interested in society’s unsustainability & commercialism

➡️ @bellowingtimber - Creating wooden sculptures, boxes, furniture, houseware etc

➡️ @berrefjord - Woodturner from Norway sculpting beautiful wooden objects

➡️ @LisaSaarloos - Needle-felting fibre sculptures, painting, sewing, crochet

🧵 1/4

Manu ,
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@FediFollows it does't work for me, when I search for any guppe account I have zero results like they didn't exist

nixCraft , to Random stuff
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What do I do now? 🤔

Manu ,
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@nixCraft let me introduce you to this fascinating concept: women.
Most women don't grow a beard, either because they naturally produce more estrogens than testosterone, or because they use hrt. Women can master linux too, and in fact some of them do master it! I know this is shocking, please take your time to digest this information.

voxel , to Privacy
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Ecosia, is it really so private?

A article about if Ecosia is really a private search engine.
I did spend a lot a time to analyze and investigate Ecosia, I hope this article helps people to better understand how private is Ecosia really and which are the downsides of it. Is the first article I ever written, so it isn't perfect. I'm open for feedback!



Manu ,
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@voxel @privacy very informative, thanks!

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