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honestly , while I believe this is random=funny, I think it is interesting to interpret:

I believe that the person is a transmasc individual , who had a supportive grandma , but she died and he has been sent to conversion therapy by his unsupportive parents

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I mean yeah it is very overblown , sorry I did not make it clear

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TL;DR: Grid<A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H> simplifies to true, if and only if it is a 3x3 magic square.

full explanation
  • Fifteen is an array of length 15
  • T<A,B,C> checks if an array of length A+B+C is equivalent to an array of length 15, thus checking if A+B+C is equal to 15
  • And<A,X> is simplifies to X if A is true, else it simplifies to false
  • Df<A,B,X> checks if A and B are Diffrent , simplifying to X if they are
  • Grid<A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H> first checks if every row, column and diagonal is equal to 15, then checks if every item is unique.
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note that it continues onto the next line

Just read Animal Farm by George Orwell and i loved it (No Spoilers)

I know it is a known Classic but i liked Animal Farm so much i had to share. Before reading i thought that it would be similar to 1984 or Brave new world which it kind of is but its also very very different. Right from the Beginning i was hooked. I really love Orwells Books but this one is my favourite. I did not expect that. So...

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Just as an FYI Orwell was kinda a horrible person. You can still enjoy his literature if you want but he couldn't help to find Hitler unlikable, was a colonial cop in India and didn't like how the Hindi people treated him because of it and and made lists of people who he accused of being leftists and Jewish.

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