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A case for preemptively defederating with Threads ( kbin.social )

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

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Mounticat ,
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I think corporate instances should be allowed only as hosts for accounts of their own employees. Letting large companies dominate the fediverse kind of diminishes the idea of putting control of social media back into hands of the people. If the companies really wanted to help the fediverse out they should be donating to fediverse projects rather than trying to monopolize it.

RTR#43 Break time ( kbin.social )

I just got back from a over five-hour walk with my dog. I had promised him that for a long time, and both of us really needed it ;-) Now, a quick lunch, and I still have an evening workout ahead of me. Today, I decided to take a break from coding, although I probably won't resist doing something, and at night I'll probably tweak...

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Mounticat ,
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Good that you're taking some time for yourself. Long walks are nice.

I'm starting to see some serious downsides to being able to see who downvotes you. ( kbin.social )

A few days ago I downvoted someone's comment, and the next day I happened to notice every single comment I've ever made had at least one downvote. All from the person I dared to downvote the ONE time. I straight up asked why they did it, and they seem to think I'm an "obvious" troll account that "apparently just exist to...

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Mounticat ,
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Hmm... I'm no expert, and probably not even competent at these sort of matters, but the thing that popped to my mind was "something something encryption something something trust". I wonder if this has a smart solution.

Mounticat ,
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My man, you're straight up fighting it up there with one of the largest websites on the internet with vastly more resources and you're delivering. You deserve the praise and encouragement.

Steam using CPU to process vulkan shaders instead of GPU? ( kbin.social )

Hey all, I have a RTX 3060 and a Ryzen 5600G and I'm on Ubuntu 22.04. Since Steam has shader pre-processing on Linux I thought I'd ask on a Linux gaming community about this. I noticed that when Steam processes Vulkan shaders, it uses the CPU (my CPU heats up a lot and the process manager shows CPU being used while GPU is not...

Mounticat OP ,
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Interesting! I think I'll keep it on and just deal with the fact that it runs on CPU and takes a while, then. I was just wondering if it running on CPU was a mistake or something wrong on my part.

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Thanks! Makes sense. I saw "shaders" and linked it to the GPU.

Mounticat , to Fediverse
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Just FYI: You can help promote the by cross-posting.

There's still a sizable userbase on and many Kbin/Fediverse users still use Reddit. That's fine. You can help in a small way by posting interesting content on both platforms, then mentioning "This post is also available on the Fediverse here:".

This will at the very least begin discussions about alternate platforms and I highly doubt Reddit can find any rule to fault you for doing so. This is also how Digg started leaking users to Reddit, so it works. Exposure is key. You may make a new user, or get a developer interested in contributing who wasn't aware of the Fediverse before, or didn't think it was significant.

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Hey @maskapony, thanks for continuously posting Singapore news on /m/Singapore. I hope we can convince more Singaporeans to get on the fediverse in the future. Keep up your posting and help promote the fediverse. I'm sure it'll pay off. (Making this a microblog because Kbin doesn't have a DM feature yet).

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