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My name is Sigurd Vie, I am an administrator from bookwyrm.world

Matrix - @sigvie:beeper.com

Bookwyrm - @sigvie

Mastodon - @SigurdVie

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The fediverse Goodreads alternative: Bookwyrm ( bookwyrm.world )

If you are interested in sharing book recommendations with other, or just manage your books, then bookwyrm is great for that! The .world team also has a bookwyrm instance up and running at bookwyrm.world with a community here on lemmy as well at !bookwyrm. Read Ruuds original post about it here: https://lemmy.world/post/5904792...

MrCenny OP Mod ,
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Bookwyrm is specifically made for booksharing and book reviewing. While lemmy is more general. For instance, this is a link to the "a game of thrones book" https://bookwyrm.world/book/8138/s/a-game-of-thrones. Here you have reviews of the book. You can also add that book to your "to read" list aswell.

MrCenny OP Mod ,
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Lol yeah. Would be nice. But I'll bet ya we'll make an instance for it whenever it gets made :P

MrCenny OP Mod ,
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Lol, yeah. It can be a little lacking for now, but knowing the fediverse, it won't be long until it also gets populated!

MrCenny OP Mod ,
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Yeah. It is kinda "lacking" in the terms of reviews. But for each goodreads people that join, the more reviews and books we get, as you can import your goodreads library. And knowing the fediverse, it won't be that long, I hope ;P

MrCenny OP Mod ,
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I think there is one on f-drpid. But using the website as is works great on mobile aswell.

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